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  1. Keep in mind that examples might not only serve to shame people (Pointing fingers), they could serve as valuable precendence cases to define to us players what's wanted and what not. After all, beyond the common-sense approach to not buy ghetto as rich business person and vice versa, there's not too many explicit guidelines. While the upside of this is it gives staff a lot of freedom to lay out rules when distributing property, this is also the downside as it demands individual decision finding for each and every single property handed out, massively slowing down the process opposed to a system where one would have to fulfill certain defined elegibility standards to apply for X (Which in return staff could then apply simpler on applicants to handle the process faster). The question is: Does this have to an option? I get that the current split setup is a sort of compromise to not "take assets of players who worked long to get them" but this sentence alone is highly concerning (as it mixes ic assets with ooc effort already which to a degree should be granted for everyone playing, not just property applicants, while at the same time it is characters defining what properties suit, not players behind them). In practice, however, the currently developed system leads to the absurd situation that cheap ass Sandy Shore trailers are desired speculation objects -as one is allowed to sell them freely- while in parts of the town where this'd make sense to leech off rich people, let's say Vinewood or Rockford, it can't happen as all houses there are hidden behind applications. Consequently, the idea of keeping prices from inflating doesn't work out fully as the strict (pm) regulation only covers properties one has to apply for- We effectively have two separated markets, one being applying to pm for a property and the other as the , at least in comparison, "free" market that typically allows people to buy for money, regardless any background. To pick up above: The problem is that county houses, for nothing more than historical reasons- i.e. them already being tradable when house apps were made a regular thing last winter- fall in the second described category of the "free" market still up to day. Consequently, besides people who do wanna rp in the county, it is these properties that attract speculators- for the sole reason that it's possible with these properties within our rules. As long as county houses allow an investment strategy while others don't, this phenomenon will not cease, 100% guaranteed.
  2. Name: Carry Saunders Phone number: 11 6666 Bid: $250,000
  3. I'd recommend staff to consult targetted parties to verify claims rather than adding to the public drama. However there's zero reasons to NOT do this. At all you lot screaming "no", if you can't play your role casually just because some people are out there to get you ic, joke's on you. As for the "problem of metagaming": If I let my character do something that is such a grieveous offense as that it warrants people really hunting their head (ck apps are usually that), I - and my character with me- will be aware anyway. The one thing that could really cause issues is when a character potentially has a multitude of enemies and ONE of them decides to go ahead. That's why, as mentioned initially, staff verifiying information without to give up directly who requested it would be the sensible solution. In general the idea to consult with to-be-killed parties is good, however. Keep in mind one of the main issues the community complains about is how long staff takes usually to handle apps (exceptions stating the rule). Getting the other point of view WILL lead to faster decision finding, regardless if in favour or against. It just eases up staff work, opposed to have to go on claims made by one party.
  4. This is a must-have. Automatic low applied to everyone who does not BOTHER to raise their character's voice (/t, /s) will massively increase rp in crowded scenes (clubs and any others that are highly frequented). lsrp had this introduced on the samp server in I think late 2018 and it made club scenes much much better. Precicely, there automatic /low as default speech range was applied inside all business-properties which mostly did the trick (as exceptions stating the rule, it was businesses who gathered to crowds). Obviously a system like suggested here that allows property owners to pick a fitting stance for their scenery is an even better solution, and it should be done right this way. As a general concept, this is tried and tested and should be implemented as soon as possible (and where I also would have said so of the news count or other stuff, this is much less niche and will enhance rp experience in crowded scenes server-wide!). Furthermore, this would partially counter the current issue of the chat auto-scrolling, by reducing the overall chatload each player receives in such scenes. Just ensure that /t gives normal range so one can talk without to keep the voice low, but also without to outrightly shot.
  5. While we're at it prepare for the hit-and-run-case 🤣i gotta tell you of that ic if you've not yet heard
  6. 20 people in a bubble reassuring each other one's opinion matters aren't "A lot of people" in a community with 1000+ (conservatively estimating) active players. Not limited to country rp but just had to point that out.
  7. Panda points stay in custody sorry. No free Panda Pointz!
  8. As someone who sold beer ic so people can complain about it being shit or too expensive I second this
  9. Let me rephrase: Not every call (I don't have insight but I'd assume there's quite ridiculous ones too where the caller is lucky no units are free to get at them for pranking or being outright stupid). But calls that are about serious concerns for public safety (i.e. shootings reported in public). And as already evaluated above that doesn't mean an insta-response, or a fully armed team- a simple call back "units are occupied and will arrive as soon as possible" is a response too, mind you. That ic documents are tailored to give police officers leeway to not respond is, well. Questionable? Then again I'll abstain from this debate here and get at my own ic part on this behalf and question it there. And yeah that's why I mentioned numbers- I have no insight here but the problem is not new. And not necessarily unrealistic- to a degree. Safe to assume it's far overexaggerated in our nutshell where a significant number of residents are engaging in -more or less- organized crime
  10. Problem here: In character they do have this obligation. Obviously what you describe isn't the solution- more officers/deputies are. A lack therein won't improve roleplay quality, it will if anything cause those trying to do their job as good as they can ic to behave as described, to be able to respond to as many concerns of citizens as the departments as a whole should. In regards of waiting times, that is an issue that can arise just as much irl- gathering a squad for a high threat situation takes time, units can be occupied elsewhere and so on, plenty of potential reasons. The issue with this (refering to the op example): Not responding at all makes the life of people who happen to play witnesses miserable- they're forced into a scene where - I had that too- you go to a club, find a corpse infront as someone fought with the door guy or anyone else, and as any normal person don't just walk past. Not to mention the detail that you'd incriminate yourself- unironically for this there'd be lots of understanding. I strongly believe that many of the frequent complaints from the side of illegal side stem from this very detail- chances to escape unseen are already high, specially if (which they certainly do, even when claiming to be committing stupid acts) criminals too act tactically (and naturally try to gain tactical advantages through this, who doesn't). with murder- which should be the absolute high end crime- being fairly easy to succeed in and a high chance of it going undetected, the main motivation for criminals- escape the law enforcement - is often unavailable/feels unrewarding. To clarify here, "escaping the law" not as in evading a traffic stop (lame!), but in general getting away with crime.
  11. Thanks for clarifying, but yeah the base point stands- what's needed to provide more law enforcement is simply more cops (and Sheriffs' Deputies) to be able to respond to more scenes simultaneously. After all doing a lone traffic stop bears risks sadly- people blasting at traffic units to then evade (may it be for the sake of evading or as they also got drugs) is frequent, I'd also certainly abstain from doing such on my own in that role. The bigger the playerbase, the more crime will happen to respond to.
  12. Correct me if wrong- but don't we have limitations in place for LEO-factions as to how many people they deploy on duty simultaneously? Given total server player numbers -and naturally hand in hand with them, criminal activities- fluctuate strongly it might be worth looking into this (I'd be the first to demand more cops on the streets ic, obviously. Law and order yeehaw!). I get the historical Los Santos Angst of an overpowered police department, but examples like the one in the op (of which I could also recount some over the past year which had a large influx of active players) display the opposite. Not to speak of investigative parts even, just for first responders that as much as assure people they'll try their best- Arguably not even unrealistic this is done but nothing comes out of it 🤭
  13. The problem is, with the 6 months regulation it takes ages until such issues become visible- the recent shack being a prime example ,but there's others too (some people prefer not to list their properties as they know perfectly well it's absolute bs aka "ic speculation" what they do). I can't just assume my neighbour doesn't use their property as I don't run into them daily, so reports typically will only happen when such stuff- after 6 months- ends up on the market and it suddenly turns out the system doesn't quite work as intended since, as mentioned, it encourages to hold onto properties one doesn't actually need ic as this is rewarded monetarily (unless again pm takes action, but even then- we don't know what happened to the million dollar shack).
  14. got issues with launching recently again too. Somehow it works suddenly when I close discord and my browser to make sure gta can use all available resources during launch.
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