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  1. np, and to highlight that again as it might have slipped: The majority of such ads is already banned (in theory). It's just not enforced. No one's arguing that. I am against this suggestion as it will also affect seriously roleplayed businesses that serve a specific sector. All it needs is stricter enforcement (If you think there was more escort ads than usually recently- not only you).
  2. it's ad hominem And I am not concerned, you're just trolling
  3. Your own wording here in this thread implies more than any ad ingame does, just stop it
  4. I feel uncomfortable with kids around but I deal with it anyway. And I take you as a troll because you define murdering each other, consuming drugs and binge drinking alcohol "Safe for work" content but pretend to be appaled by sexual intercourse (allegedly as you get none irl). On topic, as I said countless times staff needs to enforce their rules. 1 escort is 1 person looking for jerb is not permitted to use /ad for this. It is that simple. Don't give us "report it" thing please, plenty of staff is online all around to quickly put an en
  5. ~As broadcasted thursday, 22:10~ Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  6. I just had to pick this one out because you know lol
  7. Username: TheRealCarrySaunders Comment: I'm duely sorry, i some how sent the editorial the wrong image, corrected with the original image of the mob marching up Jamestown Str.
  8. The big problem with this in our nutshell setting is that exclusivity of a club setting dampens the atmosphere- a small exclusive crew can't fill a dancefloor here if the majority of characters are told off. While that might be realistic, in the club simulation it leads to less crowded clubs due to the much smaller number of overall residents in town, and thus, regardless how one defines it ic, any "exclusive elite" also being comparably small (and we're trying to simulate pre-corona clubbing, mind you, not social distancing crowds). That's why the big events that catered to m
  9. Mob of violent protesters storms Mission Row Police Station BY CARRY SAUNDERS Los Santos, SA - What started as a halfway peaceful gathering late Sunday night once again turned into a violent protest, when police forces clashed with partially armed and disguised protesters. According to several statements and publicly available sources, the core of the protesters organized themselves over social media, namely Facebrowser, which once again throws up the question whether certain actions, such as actively instigating
  10. Username: TheRealCarrySaunders Comment: If it wasn't for the cops being too soft on these kids we'd not have to hire private mall cops to keep our properties safe. Seek out the cause, not the symptoms
  11. When the fuck is my dealer finally online *gnaws on nails nervously*
  12. Someone recently asked me, I had to admit I had no full overview. So I asked Natasha, who estimates around 50-75% of females are either lesbian or bi. She must know. You're indeed likely right on this.
  13. Beg to differ: Not every character is created with a default and static sexual orientation. "He treated me bad and then I met a nicer woman" is a story you can regularly hear ic, if you bother to listen that is. Does this fit another cliché of the not-actually-convinced-lesbian? No question. However abstaining from men and hoping a woman might be more understanding, caring, interested in hard bdsm sex or whatever it is that did not work out, is in my eyes a rather legit reaction to an environment that can be overexaggerating the harassment same as anything else.
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