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  1. Pickle

    [SOLD] Seashark

    Please send over your number.
  2. Seashark yellow - 0.85 mi Price: 15.000 18 days of insurance (as of day of posting)
  3. Username: EH Comment: I called three minutes after they were open to place an order and no answer? Rating: ⭐️
  4. No thank you. Need a little bit more.
  5. Selling my beloved and pretty heavily used Mesa. 634 MI on the odometer, no performance upgrades, GPS installed. Looking for 35. Comment below or text at 2436978. *WILL BE WASHED BEFORE SELLING*
  6. No. I don't think permission should need to be given, but the amount of kidnappings just to get a few bucks or a phone is absurd and it should really be a last resort. Just kidnapping someone to rob them in a quiet place is ridiculous, scope out your locations better. If there is a well developed reason sure, but I feel like this should really be more frowned upon, you're forcing people into role-play for like an hour because you want to drive them across the map because you're scared of being caught.
  7. Looking for a interior designer to turn a room into a small home gym ASAP! Call or SMS: 2436978 Email: [email protected] ((forum PM or Alexia#9907)) ((Must have the extra furniture slots))
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