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  1. This is my business, and we absolutely do have time to do so and do it all the time. This is up to the customer as well. If you come in knowing what you want to get then not much RP can be provided there, but I've taken 30 minutes upwards to an hour of rp to help people pick out scents, make gift baskets for loved ones based on the individual person etc. If someone is willing to let us do so, we always do, but people can become very impatient in shops like this and we often get yelled at IC and sometimes OOCLY for taking too long. Also, if even you come in and do a quick exchange to buy your items, RP is provided based on what you do afterwards. Do you give it to a loved ones because the scent reminds you of them, set an infomarker in your home afterwards with your new candle to let guests know what your home smells of and make a conversation around it etc. There's plenty of ways to get RP out of unique businesses, you can also walk around in these stores and explore the stock, in our case we have scent descriptions on our site, people come in with groups of friends and rp smelling them and picking them out, seems like they get good rp out of it.
  2. Buyout. Will send my characters name. My number is also 8509.
  3. Still hiring! Also looking for barbers and massage therapists.
  4. Still seeking staff! Please reach out VIA either of those phone numbers or the email if they are unavailable.
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