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  1. Alright! She is all yours! feel free to sent me an email of the contact information so we can finish the deal and do all the necessary paperwork!
  2. @Phallanx Are you going to bid 1.5, if not, it'll be sold to @D3adSh8t for 1.4
  3. If there has been no other bids at the end of the day, it'll be sold.
  4. Luxury house in the heart of Vespucci, comes with a spacious living room, Two Bathrooms, one includes a small hot tub. Three bedrooms, and a multi functional garage, this house has everything you need! Starting bid: $1,000,000 Bid increase: $100,000 Buyout: $2,000,000 Current bid: $1,400,000 We're not accepting or even considering trades!
  5. Someone offered them 2.25m - 2.5m, A friend of them... so good luck!
  6. Hey! I'd like to ask if you'd be interested of a property that is in Vespucci, stand-alone house, two stories with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, one that comes with a hot-tub installed, house is spacious, and has a garage that can fit two vehicles if properly space used, right now it is equipped as home office and little personal home gym, Money will also be put on-top of the offer Pictures and information of the property can be discussed more over Email (( Forum PM ))
  7. Muffincake


    Stainer has been sold!
  8. Muffincake


    Alright! contact me via email [email protected] (( PM )) to exchange numbers and so on!
  9. Muffincake


    How about... 37,500, it would just be 2.500$ more.
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