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  1. From my findings and personal experience, RageMP consumes more and more memory as you play. So an hour in, it could be fine, half an hour later it'll start stuttering or drop frames significantly. Restarting the game and/or your PC is only a temporary fix since it resets memory in use, up until it's all consumed again. Regardless of the settings I played on, I'd always start stuttering once 7900/8000 MB of memory was being used, almost all of it by Rage. Nothing I tried fixed the issue, except upgrading my PC to 16 GB of RAM. Since the upgrade I've gotten rid of the stutters and reduced crash frequency. Bottom line is, Rage as a client is super unoptimized, GTAW has lots of custom mapping and server side mods that it has to load, unload and maybe even store in the memory. I find the only fix is getting more memory for your PC.
  2. I suggest checking out the Power Options of your laptop in Control Panel, make sure there's no efficient charging/power saving option enabled. Try plugging your laptop in before opening RageMP, does that still fail to show/connect to the server?
  3. This would be a really great addition, supporting.
  4. $65,000. Contacted on listed medium.
  5. Offering $550,000 for it. Offer valid through to Friday the 27th. Email me for more information.
  6. Offering $400,000, slight negotiation possible. Email me for more information if interested in the offer (( Forum PM )).
  7. very good suggestion, we need this ingame
  8. Could try installing RAGEMP onto the same drive that you have GTA V on. If they are already on the same drive, you could try installing RAGEMP on the other drive (fresh install). Additionally, RAGE seems to use up every last bit of resources available, so if you have anything else running in the background, such as YouTube, Spotify, etc, close them and allow the full extent of your CPU/memory to be dedicated to RAGEMP. Adding on to the point above, while the game is loading, tab out (this might be easier to do if you set your game to run in Windowed Borderless from it's graphics settings) and open Task Manager. Under details, find the GTAV.exe process and set it's Priority to High.
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