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  1. the boys, i hear that crook fella is a bad guy
  2. I could definitely see where you're coming from because this happens with most things. People notice that one person is able to get away with something and take it upon themselves to do the same thing and it just becomes a repeating cycle of never-ending bullshit. I could see where that'll get very annoying, very quickly.
  3. I feel as though this should be taken ICly even though I know it won't most of the time. For instance, going to meet up with someone from Craigslist to sell something that they want. You don't know this person from a can of paint and you have something they want, there's some people who would go to such lengths such as robbing you because you don't have any information on them except for a phone number maybe? There's a easy work around when it comes to things like this such as using a fake number because there's plenty of apps out there. I personally haven't done this in-game nor will I but again it happens in-real life so I don't see why it shouldn't be able to happen in-game if we're roleplaying a strict roleplay server; if it's done right of course.
  4. @Anselmi and @MrsHamster been solid.
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