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  1. "how to survive in south central" a guide by a skinny drug dealer teen that lives on grove street Background Story: Keontae Gates was born and raised on Grove Street with his mom and his drug dealer dad. From a young age he showed aspirations towards school and learning but as he started to grow up around gang members and drug dealers he started to get jealous over nice clothes and their popularity in the neighborhood. Keontae started to sell fireworks and small objects that he stole from his classmates, but it didn't take long before he got caught and got suspended from school.
  2. a gun is 40 bands because the demand is high and they supply low
  3. Hey man. We are on the scene of a shooting you just died at on Cougar Ave, Del Perro. We are LSPD and we have CSI here. Did you manage to shoot one of the guys that shot you? If so, where would we find the blood on the scene?

    1. Wolfyy


      Yeah I shot him with the micro smg multiple times in the head, as well as another dude that got shot with a combat pistol.

  4. crazy thread, take it far!
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