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Found 7 results

  1. OOC Information: Island Pride hopes to portray a realistic and immersive (albeit fictional) crew of native Los Santos residents with Pacific Islander / Polynesian heritage. Characters in this faction are local teens to young adults from a background of poverty. Appropriate ethnicities for this faction include: Samoan, Hawaiian, Tongan, Māori, and similar. We strive to ensure high roleplay quality and realistic character development. If you are interested in joining or want to learn more about the faction, contact @Sass or @KFA Discord: https://discord.gg/mXFgMZHVwF
  2. This thread follows Inmate Setu Fanene, former S-O-S Gangster Crip member and current member of the Others Car in the Twin Towers Correctional Facility.
  3. Overview The Sons of Samoa (SOS), is a predominantly Samoan/Polynesian Crip gang that emerged in Vespucci during the early 1980s, being one of the first Polynesian gangs to populate in the area of Vespucci. Many refugees immigrated from Samoa to Los Santos, during this time there wasn’t much of a Polynesian presence in the gang life. This changed soon as the unity and pride of the Samoans took over, the gang came up with big numbers in no time. Although they were seen by most as the friendly Usos of the neighborhood, the Sons never backed down from any established gang in the area. The Previous Generation As the gang outfit gained more light through documentaries and other media, matters only got worse. RICO cases were being built on Vespucci’s Sons of Samoa Gangster Crips (SOSGC). In 2017 the gang took tremendous blows, losing many key figures. Just like many other instances of gang violence around the world, there was retaliation. Jordan Tuigamala, a member formerly known as Uso Temper, was one of the few masterminds behind the gang. However, he wasn’t able to stay under the radar. Tuigamala found himself in a heated argument with an East Side Longos member, Oscar Garcia. The squabble turned to a shooting that left Garcia dead in front of a gas station. Tuigamala’s arrest was made in 2018. Another member of SOSGC that took a fall was Benjamin Tupua AKA Boxer. His arrest was made in the beginning of 2021, where he was caught only moments after a shooting in Vinewood that left Darren Cooper dead in his home. The Start of The Strong Beach Samoan Crips Clique The Strong Beach Samoan Crips (SBSC) clique was initially a tagbanger clique known as Strong Beach Tiny Usos, established by Davon Leiato. As teens, he and his childhood friend Richard Lafaele mobbed around Vespucci throwing up tags with others that would come and go. Eventually, the duo ended up brewing beef with the local gang Krazy Miller Boys. Davon & Richard turned to the Asian Boyz gang who also resided in the area and helped them to properly strive in Vespucci. Davon’s recklessness landed him in jail, this worked in Leiato’s favor for him to establish connections with The Other Car. All the while Lafaele was outside actively recruiting for their clique, Davon pulled his weight for the Others, gaining some rep in the jail system. He’d proven his worth to the Reps, even gaining the attention of Jordan Tuigamala, Keyholder for the Islanders. Tuigamala noticed Leiato’s drive and even heard of his tagger clique from the inside. Leiato was soon blessed in and given the moniker Trigger. The tagging clique formerly known as the Strong Beach Tiny Usos had evolved as Strong Beach Samoan Crips. Upon Trigger’s release he immediately approached Lafaele and broke the news to him, adopting the moniker Sliccy. From there on, the duo continue to grow throughout the streets of Vespucci with their new Crip affiliation. 32nd Street Culture Samoans may be big and brolic, but they’re friendly to most locals. Oftentimes Samoans hold cookouts where they make traditional recipes passed down from generations. SOS throws many functions that can bring even more life to Vespucci Beach, which they refer to as “Strong Beach”. OOC INFORMATION: Our group aims to portray a realistic Sons of Samoa set within the area of Vespucci, we prioritize quality over quantity with our portrayal and expect such from each member. This group is an auxiliary to the Other Car and is ideal for members to familiarize themselves with both concepts before considering joining. Feel free to inquire through forum PMs @TheFlippa @CJ
  4. This thread will follow development of Grove Street resident Patrick Gaos
  5. SSP E/S Segundo Samoan Piru is a fictional, predominantly Samoan and Polynesian street gang, located in Segundo Village, East Davis. With the influx of Samoan American immigrants during 1962, Polynesian youth gangs and cliques did not take long to form. These youth gangs made up of local Samoan Americans and other Polynesians occurred as a result of the racial division and targeting from law enforcement entities that were all so common for the poverty stricken neighborhoods at the time. Starting as a clique of local kids, "Little Uso's" was formed, it was only after the murder of respected member of the community and "Little Uso's" clique Aleki "Uso Lekki" Tuigamala that the Segundo Village youth decided to form SSP, E/S Segundo Samoan Piru. The group decided to take on the Piru name due to their close relations with Neighborhood Piru, located nearby on the East Side of Roy Lowenstein Boulevard. The street gang indulged in a variety of criminal activities, ranging from vandalism to violent home invasions. With the Segundo Samoan Piru's being primarily Samoan, they are often used by the API car in TTCF as a vessel for street politics, and a way for them to branch out into the outside world. Due to Polynesian's overwhelming sense of unity and familial connections, it is not uncommon to mistake a Samoan Piru member for a civillian, on account of their typically friendly nature, only changing upon provocation or intoxication. The Segundo Samoan Piru's, despite being extremely Americanized are still in-touch with their Polynesian heritage and underlying culture, heavily Christian and it is not uncommon for some members to speak Samoan, being taught by their parents and community members. Due to the gangs Piru affiliation, the Philadelphia Phillies are used as the main identification among the Segundo Samoan Piru's. It is extremely common to see members sporting the red 'P' on baseball caps, shirts and accessories. The Segundo Samoan Piru's are represented by a maroon flag, also typical of Piru sets. SPP Segundo Samoan Piru's allies include Neighborhood Piru, Jurassic Park Gangster Brims, and Avenue Piru Gang. As with any Samoan Piru street gang, Segundo Samoan Piru rivals include the Sons of Samoa Gangster Crip street gang and Tongan Crip Gang. OOC INFORMATION E/S Segundo Samoan Piru is a fictional street gang, loosely based on the W/S Carson Piru, a Samoan Piru street gang. We are aiming to portray realistic Samoan American gang-bangers and a accurate portrayal of a fictional Los Angeles street gang. Upon joining, it is expected of members to be well informed of LA gang politics, as well as a good understanding of the W/S Carson Piru street gang and Polynesian culture. Reach out to @SupremeUso with any questions or an invite to the discord
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