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Found 14 results

  1. @[email protected]@Static To start off, this is not a rant thread. This is a cry for help thread. Trucking is in a huge dead zone, seemingly from the last change of crate prices and capacity. Crate prices were doubled and their component capacity increased from 50 to 100. The increase in crate price caused a surge of truckers because base income was increased. Fixed the trucker drought. The increase in crate capacity gave businesses double the amount of components, without any change to how many components are used by the business. Twice the amount of the supply, but same demand. The problem we have now is this. This is an every day occurrence going on almost a week now. Orders trickle in but there's nothing left for trucking businesses. Trucking has long been on a suggestion list and discussion forum with countless people chiming in on suggestions to improve / overhaul trucking. It's time that someone takes these suggestions to heart and help fix the system entirely. I understand that truckers get a bad rap, but a lot of us truly enjoy it for the RP of trucking itself and other surrounding events (employee events, spending time around HQ, etc). However if the main trucking script continues on this path, trucking is going to die a slow death. https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/47478-make-trucking-job-interestin/ https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/40340-realistic-trucking-job https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/43629-trucking-suppliers-overhaul https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/56270-allow-managers-to-pay-insurance-on-biz-vehicles https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/56944-improve-trucking-startshipment-uiux-in-game https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/68682-chemical-trucking-job https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/72157-minor-change-searchsorting-system-for-startshipment https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/71228-add-new-suppliers-to-fill-the-gaps-and-help-businesses https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/43386-trucking-overhaul-realism-class-a-b-c-repairs-and-more Several suggestions over the past year or so that have been garnered great discussion. These are just a few, but you get the point. It's time to fully address this issue. Please voice solutions like these threads above. This is not meant to be a rant thread, more a cry for help. Let's find a solution, not create more problems.
  2. Hi, I am having issues with my keyboard bindings in GTAWorld. For example my ‘x’ key will only pull up that menu for a second and won’t stay on when I hold the button down. It was working the first time I launched it.
  3. I'm looking to use the XMR in game to play live improv using an MPC through a mixer. I've used Icecast stations in the past and usually it's as simple as having the source password, IP & Port, and you're set - just set the input on a tool like B.U.T.T. or another encoder and the noise gets pushed to the station. I can't seem to figure out what IP is the correct one for the server - or if it's even possible to accomplish what I'm trying to do at all using Azuracast in it's current config. Is there something simple I missed or is this impossible?
  4. Korzulmon

    Ped skins?

    Is there no way to rolplay with a ped skin anymore? Can't seem to find them, have they been removed? and if so is that permanent?
  5. Hi! There's been a few threads popping up on the forums that I've seen throughout my time here and I would like to make a guide to help diagnosing issues. When people have crashes and faults, often times they might decide to come on GTA:W's Official Forums to report the problem, but may miss vital and useful information that support members or general community members could use, my hope here is that providing this could speed up getting the right help, so here's my suggestion! What should I provide?: Computer Hardware OS (Operating System): CPU (Processor): RAM (Computer Memory): GPU (Display Device): HDD (Storage Device): Grand Theft Auto Installation GTA Version (Steam, Rockstar Launcher, Epic Games): Are you running any mods?: Have you ever had mods before?: Fault with game Description of issue: When did this start to happen?: How do I find out about my computer specifications?: Windows: Press the Windows Key + R Key on your Keyboard, you will be met with a run screen, typically it looks like this: CLICK HERE! Type in "DXDiag" without the quotations and hit the enter key, here's an example: CLICK HERE! You may be asked if you want to sign drivers, hit yes or continue if this pops up. DirectX Diagnostic Tool will now flash up, it will look similar to this: CLICK HERE! You now want to open the notepad application or a word processing tool (Microsoft Word, Wordpad Etc). I have DirectX Diagnostic Tool open, what now?: Now that you have the DirectX Diagnostic Tool open, there's some important details you need to write down, the following pictures should help guide you through this process to begin populating the list of useful information above. First, you want to note down the Operating System, this can be found here: Next up, you need to identify and note down your Processor (CPU), again, found here: After this, we're going to move on to Memory (RAM), taking note on your word processor (Notepad, MS Word, Wordpad): Once we've achieved everything required on the first of two pages for the DirectX Diagnostic Tool, we can now move on to your display device, to do this, there's a small tab at the top of the Diagnostic Tool that says "Display" which can be found here: You'll then find this screen, which is slightly different than the initial as the information populating the fields is related to your Display Device (GPU), typically it will look something like this: Take note of the "Name" field on this screen, as this usually relates to your display device, it can be found here: Following the steps above, you should now have your Processor (CPU), OS (Operating System), Memory (RAM) and Display Device (GPU) populated on your notepad document, you will still need to find out what Storage Device you have. Windows: Press the Windows Key + R Key on your Keyboard, you will be met with a run screen, typically it looks like this: CLICK HERE! Type "devmgmt.msc" and press enter, here is another example of this: CLICK HERE! You will then be met with the Device Manager, it should look fairly identical to this: CLICK HERE! Navigate to Disk Drives, as seen here: CLICK HERE! Note down any Disk Drives you have available on this screen on your word processor of choice (Notepad, MS Word, Wordpad, etc.) Okay, I have the information written down, what now?: This is a good time to make a thread about your issue using the format provided above, again, these fields should now be populated with everything you have found out about your computer, and should look similar to the example I have provided here using my own installation of GTA and my own computer hardware. Computer Hardware OS (Operating System): Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit. CPU (Processor): AMD Ryzen 7 3700x. RAM (Computer Memory): 16384MB. GPU (Display Device): NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070. HDD (Storage Device): Sabrent Rocket 1TB NVME. Grand Theft Auto Installation GTA Version (Steam, Rockstar Launcher, Epic Games): Steam. Are you running any mods?: Yes, NVE, Reshade and ENB's. Have you ever had mods before?: Yes. Fault with game Description of issue: A general description of your issue should go here, if you are crashing on startup, if you are experiencing freezes during gameplay, if you are stuttering and so on. When did this start to happen?: Provide a timeframe of when they issue started to occur here, it may have been after a new GTA Update, or yesterday after a GTA World update, or after a Rage Update etc. Final Thoughts: I hope the above helps you to understand your computer a little more and provides some useful information which you can keep for the future if you experience problems with your machine later down the line. Many thanks, and good luck! Hopefully a helpful member of the community can give you advice, solutions and knowledgeable guidance now that they have a better idea of how your PC is built and what the installation of your Grand Theft Auto is like. Cheers, Crisis.
  6. Been trying to help my brother join the server on his computer, through RageMP obviously. GTA V loads into single player and RageMP shows this error "ERROR: Could not access game process. Shutdown Steam/RGS/EGS and try again." I've tried multiple solutions but nothing has worked. If anyone is able to help let me know. Thanks! Here's a video, the quality might not be great. 2021-01-05 15-19-19 on Vimeo
  7. Adexo Recruitment is looking for businesses and organisations to join its repertoire of potential employees for the citizens of Los Santos. We aim to provide a sustainable recruitment system throughout the city, providing not one, but many different opportunities and roles for our fellow citizens. Many people often look for work on a day to day basis, some with real talents and skills that often go under-looked as they fail to have the necessary means to establish themselves with real professionals and opportunities. This is where we aim to help ! BUSINESSES AND/ OR ORGANISATIONS We connect with businesses and organisations, trading contact details. We then add them to our database as potential clients. Upon needing staff, the business or organisation will contact a member of ADEXO Recruitment HQ staff. A supervisor or manager will be sent to consult face-to-face, taking details of the work required, amount of staff needed, staff payment etc. The team at ADEXO HQ will proceed to search through our list of agency workers, finding the best 'fit' for the postion. One of the ADEXO Recruitment supervisors or managers will then deliver the employees to the place of work, signing a contract with the business/ organisation regarding the well being of our employees as well as agreed payment. AGENCY RECRUITS/ POTENTIAL EMPLOYEES Upon contact being made with ADEXO Recruitment, a meeting will be held between a supervisor/ manager and said potential employee. The skills, talents, qualifications and personal job requests will be stored in out database. This is to provide the best match possible. Once an business/ organisation has requested personnel, if you meet the criteria, a call will be made to you, asking you to come to the HQ for pickup. You will be delivered to the place of work, will meet with the employer and be debriefed on what is required from you. At the end of your shift, you may leave the area of work alone, or request pickup. You MUST report back to HQ at the end of a shift. FEES AND CHARGES At ADEXO Recruitment, we will charge on a basis of the work being held, amount of employees sent, amount of time on shift and recurring clients. ADEXO Recruitment employee client fees are as follows: $1000 sign up cost to ADEXO Recruitment registers and systems 10% of income made whilst on shift for ADEXO Recruitment will be taken DIRECTLY from your wage through the employer. ADEXO Business and Organisation client fees are as follows: $2000 sign up cost to ADEXO Recruitment registers and systems $500 fee per ADEXO Recruitment employee sent Charge for the amount of time ADEXO Recruitment staff are required to work. ((PRICES WILL VARY)) To contact ADEXO Recruitment, please contact one of the following. Daily Phone Number - 6839590 Out of Hours ((OOC Contact)) - Discord - BowcieTT#0677 ENROLL YOUR BUSINESS HERE! SMALL PRINT - EXTRA INFO Before agreeing to send the required people to fill the position, a contract must be signed with ADEXO Recruitment as for insurance and liability purposes. This will be done when meeting to express details of required position to be filled. The wage that will be paid to the ADEXO Recruitment sent employees MUST be confirmed on the face to face meet to express details of position to be filled. Once agreed, the contract will be NON-waivable. If the person/s sent to you meet any requirements that give you the impression of wanting to hire them full time (outside of ADEXO Recruitment) a fee is placed on the transition as the person was sent by ADEXO Recruitment. Any grievances MUST be reported to ADEXO Recruitment HQ staff, who will compensate and deal with the issues appropriately. Any more information can be provided with a face to face meet with a member of ADEXO Staff.
  8. Knowing


  9. Good afternoon, everyone. I recently made an application to be able to rent one of Arcadius Towers' offices in order to be able to create a taxi rental company and/or a first job for those who are new to the server, being a taxi driver a good profession to get to know the city, the request was accepted and I proceeded to make a script request to be able to make a taxi depot. That request was denied quoting that in my original lease request I hadn’t mentioned that I would want to make a taxi-depot in the Arcadius garage’s. This is where I come to a small question, not understanding what I can do then, if I rent an office don’t I have the right to a parking spot? What was the purpose of my renting in the first place then? Can someone tell me if I'm doing anything wrong?
  10. Humm hello, first of all I'd like to appologise if this doesn't belong here, from what I understood it does but I'm new I might be wrong. I searched the forums for a similar problem but didn't find any. So basically I just created my very first character on the server. When I first got in I tried to go in pause menu so that my cursor could leave the gta window to close the other game I was playing while rage mp was installing. What I didn't realise is that the character creation screen was supposed to happen at this precise moment. So the character creation menu ended up on top of the pause menu, making it impossible to see my character while making him. I tried numerous times to close pause menu, but it was impossible. In the end, my character looks like Deadpool without his mask but black... Kinda not what I wanted... Is there a way to recreate your character? Should I delete him and create a new one, is that possible? I know that there's plastic surgery but I'm pretty sure you have to pay for it, if it's the case I doubt it's an otpion for a character that was just created. I really don't know what to do, I'd like to just delete him and recreate him but I doubt I would be allowed to name him the same twice... Can anyone help me please? What should I do?
  11. While I wait patiently for my application to be accepted, I wanted to share some info related to a bug I experienced while loading into the server. Issue: Unable to move mouse / pointer stuck in center of screen on loading menu. Mouse Input was set to "Windows" Present on all servers, not just GTAW Solution: The issue is related to your client settings, specifically mouse input. Launch GTA 5 and go to Settings > Change Mouse Input to "direct input". Hopefully this helps someone in the future.
  12. Hey all, I'm going to be applying for my Guard Card in the next couple of days, and would like to know if anyone has a link to the weapons we're allowed to use whilst carrying it? I've searched all over the forums and can't seem to find it. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks
  13. Soooo my friend's truck went into the lake, and we're curious on how to get it back? he pays insurance on it.
  14. When I joined yesterday I noticed that the map was missing some things and that the vehicle dealerships didn't work. But when I first join the server I had no problems at all. I think I have all the folders and files that I need but i'm not too sure. This has been going on for a day now. Can anyone help me with this? I tried deleting and reinstalling Rage and Gta 5 but it didn't work.
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