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  1. Wow, what a trip down the feel train, I wasn't prepared for this, at all. I just want to say, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. I'll probably never forget this. Thank you, everyone, for everything. This community definitely got a special place in my heart. I love all of you. Reading this thread legitimately made my month. This is too wholesome. Thank you, I will be back one day <3
  2. Never mentioned anything about forms? The whole thing should be done IG through commands/menus.
  3. Valid point indeed, perhaps to keep it in the sense of "fairness", a vehicle could auto un-register and have the insurance canceled after a period of inactivity instead. Same result but a more realistic/fitting way to reach it.
  4. This is the third time you've posted the exact same suggestion. You've got an answer each time Archived.
  5. We're currently seeing a huge increase in sports- and supercars being bought and owned. They're everywhere, even in low-income areas. It's unrealistic and it's immersion breaking when you see high-end cars abandoned in a crime infested hood. We also have a similar issue with players owning 10+ high-end cars, while at the same time RP'ing as a poor person. Increasing the purchase price of the vehicles won't help, so simply making them more expensive won't make much of a difference. I believe adding re-occurring expenses would mitigate the issues. While this idea may not be original or new, I think now would be a good time to bring up the subject and have a discussion about it. -Vehicle registration Each vehicle should cost a percentage of the initial price to register. Say a vehicle costs 200.000. Within 24 hours of the purchase, you would need to visit a DMV (license place) and register it. Should cost a percentage of the initial price, say 20%. Without a vehicle registration, the vehicle would have no license plate and therefore be ICly illegal to drive. If caught, the vehicle should be impounded until registration is paid + a fine. -Road tax Each week a vehicle owner should be auto deducted an amount from their bank for owning a vehicle, regardless if they use it or not. In a perfect world the price should depend on C02 emissions, safety and horsepower, but to keep it simple, it should be a percentage of the original price. Perhaps an additional cost if the vehicle belongs to the "Super" or "Sports" class. A player can choose to unregister a vehicle to avoid that tax, but the vehicle would then be IC illegal to drive on public roads. -Insurance Each vehicle should be insured to be fully legal. A player can choose not to insure his vehicle, it would however be ICly illegal not to. First-time offense would be a high ticket, say 10k. Second-time would mean the vehicle would get impounded + a larger fine. As you’d still have your license plate without paying insurance, it may be a risk worth taking as it would require an officer to actively check if the vehicle is insured or not. -Pros -Encourages players to pick low-end cars, or cars that actually suits their characters -Encourages selling off unused vehicles, as they will have a weekly expense. -Increases the opportunities for illegal vehicle RP, as you can still drive without paying either of the things, however risking IC punishment. (Perhaps introduce fake plates?) -Discourages having a garage full of high-end vehicles, as they will have weekly expenses regardless if you use them or not. -Discourages the use of "stash-vehicles" -Removes money from the server -Renting out high-end vehicles for events would become financially viable -High-end vehicles would become more unique, as fewer players would keep them -Player-owned scrapyards could become a thing? -Cons -Some development time. I don't think it would be too hard to script, as it wouldn't require any menus or complicated processes, just math mostly. (and an MDC integration) -Let me have it in the comments below
  6. Beast RP skills and just being a top tier dude (Y)
  7. There's no reason not to add them. We've always implemented everything from the DLC's that's technically and practically possible. I have closed this suggestion for now as there's nothing to discuss. The update isn't out yet, nor is any images besides the short teaser-trailer.
  8. I like the font, scaling could be a bit lower though
  9. Hey, happened to me as well. It's Cloudfare (anti DDOS) that bans if you open too many tabs / click on too many threads within a short time span. You should be auto unbanned within 24 hours, if not, send Nervous a forum PM and he'll be able to unban you.
  10. http://vanillaworks.weebly.com/downloads.html https://imgur.com/a/MlZsM
  11. I'd much rather see a livery pack for our current vehicles instead of adding new vehicles.
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