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  1. IMPORTANT UPDATE Company shareholders meeting to be held within two weeks. Date TBA.
  2. Maintenance Update A checks on all aircrafts have been completed on 3 November 2020.
  3. @effionSold now. Sorry!
  4. @effion Yes, still is as for now.
  5. @Bravebuckshot Contact me at 7778
  6. SOLD This brand new Dominator GTX in perfect condition is on sale! "Step one: take the best-looking muscle car the 60's ever saw, and introduce it to the greatest American supercar of the modern era. Step two: leave them alone in a quiet garage with a few dozen shots of high octane gas, plenty of axel grease and nothing else to do. Step three: the Dominator GTX is born, and it's hungry. When your pedigree is this damn good, there's nothing wrong with keeping it in the family." Details: Market Price as stock: $348,000 Insurance Days left: 18 Miles: 101 In perfect condition. Comes with aftermarket performance parts, re-built engine, turbo charger and the gps. MINIMUM BID: $250,000 BUYOUT: $320,000 Contact Phone: 7778 (Flippers don't bother calling) Photos: Specs:
  7. • COMPANY UPDATE • As of 15 July 2020, Diamond Airlines will be offering its services with 50% discount to clients that meet any criteria below: 1) Working at LSPD 2) Working at LSFD 3) City Council Staff 4) DA's Office Staff Discounts apply for each individual and package flights and are offered once a week for each client. Maintenance Update B checks on all aircraft have been completed on 13 July 2020.
  8. This Perfect Symbol Of 1980s Excess Cheetah Classic Is Coming Up For Sale There's a kind of charm that only comes with age, and in today's jaded world nothing's aged better than the Cheetah Classic. It's practical, spacious, understated. It oozes red-blooded panache. You open the door, and you catch the smell of brandy and cigars on its breath. It's eminently respectable, it's constantly groping its secretary, and it doesn't even feel the need to pretend it has friends from minority groups. Welcome to the old world. Market Price as stock: $550,000 In perfect condition. Comes with aftermarket performance parts, re-built engine, turbo charger and the security package with locks, alarm and anti-theft systems. MINIMUM BID: $485,000 BUYOUT: $530,000 Contact Phone: 7778 Photos: Specs:
  9. Some shots from one of our latest heli-tours.
  10. DIAMOND AIRLINES "Above the rest." Diamond Airlines offers affordable private jet charters, heli-tours and helitaxi on demand for its clients. We provide the passengers the smooth flying experience and the aspect of safety at all times. Our aircraft facilities are operated and maintained by highly qualified and civil aviation standards certified pilots and engineers. Their levels of competency are always maintained at the highest level with continuous and frequent training. "Flying private has never been this easy and affordable." ✈What We Offer • Private jet and helicopter charters •Leisure flights •Meetings, proposals, birthdays, surprises and many other events on demand at 30,000 feet ✈Our Fleet Buckhingam Nimbus "The cutting edge has always had its naysayers, "What about carbon emissions?" "Why shave 30 minutes off your coast-to-coast journey time in an age of video conferencing?" "Why is the toilet made of a rhino horn?" Fortunately the enemies of progress are completely inaudible when you and the other board members are daisy chaining at 40,000 feet." Nagasaki Buzzard "The Buzzard is a light, compact helicopter for millionaire use. With a 5-bladed main rotor and a top speed of 175mph, it's widely considered to be the best performing helicopter in its class. These hardly ever drop out of the sky like a stone. Helicopters are one of the safest ways to travel." ✈Booking, Prices & Contact The prices depend on various situations. To be able to get a quote, please reach us at #7778 or email ((forumPM))
  11. Name: Italia448 Comment: I'd like to say a few things. First of all, it's not easy to build something up in this crazy town. There are always people somewhere to make things harder for you. When I came to Los Santos years ago, I was not allowed in many places since they didn't approve my outfit. This is the kind of a town we're talking about. Years later, I've learnt one more thing about this town... When you do something god damn good, there are people and companies trying to sabotage it, let it be the jealousy as they cannot do it better or sick-minds. Forge Law, probably the first and only decent law firm we've got in the city, always puts 110% effort to help their clients. It is simply what they do, they always try hard and never let a client down. The bond you they have with us clients are professional and based on trust. I've also heard of pro-bonos they are taking for people who are in need of legal representation but don't have the financial resources. I cannot understand why someone would defame the firm. Oh, I got a few ideas... Some don't want any decent law firm as it means they are interrogable. It's all about that. Wish miss Forge and her partners the best in search of excellence in law. Because the city needs it.
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