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  1. Froge


    Here, I don't have a job. Been without one for 15 days. What do I do? no clue tbh.
  2. Juan Gomez needs to sell his house then. Take this far boys, just gimme some time to sell my house before you kidnap me ;)
  3. Definitely possible, but with the desync it's a no from me.
  4. Because a lot of people left the dev team, not sure if that's still the case but hopefully they'll be accepting applications *HINT HINT* Also probably because of priority.
  5. Gonna be making a better YouTube video on this - with a better download and what not since people have been having issues.
  6. Nope unless you do it via game files.
  7. ZTE Warp 7 - I am broke af
  8. A change would be nice but I don't think it's an admin decision it's more of a community/player decision. I still support tho
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