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  1. Curiously roleplaying looking over a whole group that exits a car and then get talked down to like I'm trying to cause shit when in reality I'm just sat by my car, watching several people step out of a car and then posting up on the sidewalk acting gangster.
  2. I found my situation more funny when I genuinely desynced cause my internet was being weird. I got pulled over by a cop, the person behind me pulled up behind the cops, I said it was desync but just couldn't be bothered and went with the flow cause everyone seemed to just be willing to RP it out.
  3. Username: thatrandomperson. Comment: so we are going to straight up move on to backing G6 just because bobcat security had two guys arrested. Then there's G6 that run to try and kill innocents as soon as someone says shots fired over the radio. Then even more so the countless of people that have been arrested in G6. But I guess this news article is just to start a bunch of shit so shrug. Let hell break loose lmao.
  4. Would you be accepting of 105k for it?
  5. this is a dumb suggestion, strip clubs and sex shops would become extinct if this actually goes through, why.....isthisasuggestion...why...
  6. GT-MP was the worse............... 15fps doesn't matter what pc you have..
  7. Don't wanna jump in really but. GOOD VEHICLE SYNC. No more desync across most things.
  8. What Geo has said here. The only other issues I can see are really minor and not really that bad towards gameplay. Floating cars are an issue that can be fixed and honestly. Stability, Sync, Clothing. Reliability. I think honestly to just push 1.1 right as it is. Course some bug fixes here and there but please. We all need this really.
  9. I am not changing my view. Sadly GTA.W should not be any different from Game Lore. Unless you change every poster and etc to make it look like in real life you cannot change the fact there is people invested in the lore and want it ever so bad. Sure it isn't story but either way. I'm sure everyone else is putting input. Also I'm just going to add.. How is Los Santos an Island. I get there is water but it's called a short river.
  10. The worse thing about this is. In the GTA V Singleplayer story if you all have played it. You have characters from Liberty City in GTA V which is LS. They talk about Liberty City and Niko Bellic in one of the missions. So how is Liberty City/Vice City not apart of GTA V lore. This is an actual break away from general lore. I thought this is supposed to be about bringing the lore from games into one. I get it works if your just using GTA V lore but then how are people who are immersed with lore actually supposed to RP that. I get it's just changing the names but still. It doesn't make sense to me. Personally.
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