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  1. There is no such thing, only warzone roleplay.
  2. God damn you really have some extremely questionable opinions here.
  3. Offensive roleplay should be allowed if consented by all parties involved. Admin jails are useless and do not result in behavioral change. Admins do not have any framework on what to do regarding punishments, leading to people breaking the rules maliciously and in a very serious manner getting warnings and upstanding people doing a mistake and being utterly destroyed in an administrative manner for it. This discord emerges from the administrator that issues the punishment and their affiliation with a specific faction/admin team. Admins are focused on punishing people instead of teaching them what they did wrong and why what they did is wrong. Roleplaying 1st generation immigrants should not be allowed unless specifically given permission for.
  4. The impact from Fast Vsync is like, almost none and definitely not able to be discerned by a human being. I saw it being tested on youtube and it was like 60ms with Vsync fast and 50ms with no vsync. There is no reason not to use this.
  5. Looking to buy a Pfister Neon.
  6. Everything from civilian, law enforcement, governmental to organized crime and MCs, never robbed once. And no, it's not weird as roleplay is a pretty big niche. Roleplaying a minor as a grown up man is hella weird though.
  7. Been playing since 2017 and never been robbed once. The reason I'm saying that roleplaying on minor characters is weird because it is damn weird for an ADULT to go around and roleplay a minor character in an online game. No rules will make that not weird.
  8. Catalogs make no sense, the mechanic system makes no sense. You do not go to mechanics IRL to browse a catalog for parts, it's incredibly stupid.
  9. These issues are not created by server addition, they are created because Ragemp is an incredibly bad multiplayer client. Texture loss is not caused by the mods we have but by Ragemp being shit. If we would run a vanilla server with 0 mods and have gigantic scenes, texture loss would still occur.
  10. I hopelessly pray that one day there will be something different to do besides going to shitty clubs and bars.
  11. I mean technically the RICO act exists on the server as it is federal law, but cannot be used by any agency in game due to that matter. It'd have to be handled by federal agencies and taken to federal court by US attorneys.
  12. Less clubs and more interesting businesses that actually provide fun and engaging roleplay. Also removal of minor characters on the server, it's fucking weird to roleplay a minor please get rid of this concept.
  13. Hello, does anyone know a fix for the missing textures in the Vinewood Hills area? Most of the time they don't properly show up, but sometimes they work.
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