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  1. I really don't understand why this was added. I wrote the command, why do I need to confirm it additionally?
  2. To be honest I really dislike these kind of emotes and I think they bring absolutely nothing to the table when it comes to the quality of the roleplay. I much prefer quality roleplay written with simple and to the point emotes which clearly convey everything over long paragraphs which contain for the most part useless information which does not improve the quality. Honestly, I feel like people doing this come off as pretentious, but that's just me 🤷‍♂️
  3. https://www.phpbb.com/customise/db/extension/readotherstopics/
  4. Name: jesus Comment: Noah Wade is the best politician and we are lucky to have him as our beloved Lieutenant Governor. Go Wade! Go GOP!
  5. Looking to purchase a Coil Raiden Z. Send me an email if you have one.
  6. Good luck guys, have fun and grow it big.
  7. Great job on everything. What is that raiden-looking car?
  8. Would love if we would be able to use our veteran badge on the forums, as right now it's a bit useless.
  9. But... no one discuses sensitive information on f chat or on the radio... I understand why some people might not want to send certain things, but you can easily just blur out your erp chat messages/texts and send the admin an unedited copy if he really wants it.
  10. Getting all the DLCs alone is worth it. Throw promods on top of that and you got an amazging experience.
  11. you already destroyed my hope once now you shame me publicly also 😞
  12. Well someone can just sue the state mentioning precedent from Bruen v. NYRPA I stand corrected by mister @H04X that the case is voided. 😞
  13. Name: equal_rights Comment: The Los Santos County Sheriff's Department is a criminal organization and all members of Operation Safe Streets should be added to the SanGang database.#213movement #stopasianhate
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