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  1. Yeah but with the coquette you can't actually convert it on the fly, with the Tornado Convertible, you can.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GavHKm1fmm4 at 00:48 you can clearly see it's actually be able to be converted. It could be an issue with the new headlight syncing additions. Try changing your converting key to something else than H.
  3. This is a known issue with RAGEMP and programs like MSI afterburner, it's best you don't use it if you want to have a stable performance.
  4. @Lomadias @theghost_13 It should work now, since Nervous posted a bug fix about it last Friday.
  5. I think it totally depends on the number of current active suppliers, so it could be once a year or it could open tomorrow. Just keep your eyes peeled on the topic and on the announcements channel on discord. Last time they were open from late January to early February.
  6. How are you hosting the station? Is it through GTA W or are you hosting it somewhere else and just using the slot on GTA W.
  7. You need to go to the mask shop again and buy a new one. Since you already have a mask, it will only cost 2k to change it.
  8. I agree to remove this. Combat rolling makes no sense and by the time you are mid roll you'd be shot dead
  9. stringer

    Pharmacy Script

    Well there isn't a specific script for pharmacies, the Custom Item Shop can be used to create the required items as a pharmacy.
  10. I would play it in first person if the first person mode wasn't so badly done.
  11. I honestly think the driving test should be removed as it's just a chore and RPG-ish.
  12. I don't play on here to see "gangster screens" I play on here to roleplay, I don't care 1% about screenshots.
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