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  1. 😌😢 @Dominykas. @taylor @HypnoSe
  2. I feel like if you wanna push boundaries and aspire for the utmost realism when it comes to withdrawals, every drug should have a lower or higher withdrawal time depending on the drug. Harsher drugs having a lower time-frame until withdrawal hits, making them hooked on it even more for an example, and harder to withdraw from. Will put the fact of consequences in more consideration in my opinion.
  3. Looks very promising, but what if a player takes Crack Cocaine, taking advantage of the effect and logs out an hour before the withdrawal effect kicks and logs back in three hours later. What does happen then? Will there be exactly 12 hours until the withdrawal effect kicks in? I feel like this opens a lot of room for abuse knowing there is a fixed time for the withdrawal to kick in, usually the withdrawals are the result of the come-down from your high and it depends on how long's the high. Is the withdrawal time the same for every drug? As they usually vary from each and every drug. @Nervous
  4. this thread will follow the life of an addict on two wheels
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