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  1. /mes are like literature. If you're just someone pretending to be more cultivated than they are, you'll end up with long /mes full of redundances, bad expression and poor choice of words, among other issues. And that's noted, even by not really cultivated people, and it's cringey. If you have read some books and have at least a slight idea of what techniques professional writers use to make emphasis, dramatise, or try to convey a feeling without expressely telling what that feeling is, you'll end up with /mes that, whether short or long, really transmit without telling explicitly what's being trasmitted, subtle and elegantly. And it's noted, and it's what makes legends. Either way, I don't see the point of this thread. While poor description in /mes will be always criticizable, I don't really think the QoL impact is so big as the OP says about being in a club and not being able to notice what's happening because some /mes are long. Learn to ignore them and to filter out what's irrelevant to your immediate scene. The ones making bad /mes today may be the ones making the greatest tomorrow.
  2. When it comes to the OP first comment in this thread, for me it should be fine to pull your gun even if you're already at gunpoint. People just think once they hotkey a quick aiming /me they're the owners of the person in question. Don't. Just be aware of what you're doing and don't lower your guard just cause you have an arm extended in some direction with a gun in hand. Let the other party pull his gun out so you can, as would be expected, squeeze the trigger n times, where n is the amount of shots needed for the body to go horizontal. That's not PG, that's consequences. If they think they can pull that trick, let them do it, whether they are aware of the consequences or not. Also, without intending to ditch voice rp servers, nah, text is better. If you just feel you're in a situation where they're gonna (poorly and with zero sportmanship) abuse the fact that you may have to type a long line, just don't. A good RPer doesn't have to be a samaritan with victim complex ready to put his head to be chopped as some form of "RP-demonstrating-self-sacrifice". A good RPer RPs well, doesn't spend the day in the reports forum section. Don't fall for it, you shouldn't get at their poor RP level as a response, but if you just put your head down and let the PGers abuse you, this won't be no RP server soon.
  3. Dude I use windows 10 too and this shit although laggy with big explosions and such, can run on a damn toaster. Look for some technical issues on reddit or expose your issue here.
  4. CM is actually fine but I prefer the good ol' antag SS13
  5. I made a thread for this too. Ah, SS13, with a learning curve that big that mostly only Dwarf Fortress is above it. Been playing it straight for a year or so. Only game after many, many years that haven't made me lose interest in it. It being community-driven, and all interaction arising from player contact makes all rounds to play differently. I learned to play on HRP servers and now I can't enjoy LRP at all, barely so on MRP. I recommend Aurora Station, the lore is really a well-thought and in-depth masterpiece and mainly runs on Bay code. My discord is Gangstafary#3216 if anyone has any doubts about learning the game.
  6. I'm finishing English philology and in the summers I work in a farm, picking peaches, pears, grapes, etc.
  7. Supporting. It'd be also cool that when someone yells at the phone, someone close to the phone on the other side could hear it too without the need for a loudspeaker.
  8. Some people ask for more illegal RP, others for more legal, I'll toss my 2 cents; Legal RP is scarce although on a stroll around one could argue the opposite. Compared to other servers (have in mind, GRAND THEFT AUTO servers) the ratio of illegal roleplayers is quite higher than here. The issue is that "legit" legal roleplayers are really low. Instead of the regular bar owner you'd expect, he secretly runs a death squad that will drive you out of the lane and kill you with high caliber assault rifles, and the same with the vast majority of "legal" roleplayers who aren't different from the average mallrat strain we all know. Concerning illegal RP, I guess I have less to say about it and for the good. My biggest concern was some factions, specifically some gangs, needing to chill their shit down and seems like they did so it's all better now.
  9. Damn my Spanish mate right here knowing the game. I mainly play on Aurora but I'd like to establish on somewhere with a less strict RP environment so things go a little faster. For example I usually play CSI so if you begin at roundstart you have to wait about an hour before the action begins.
  10. Lastly it seems that both Oney and Sseth youtubers have popularized the game. Pasting here one of their reviews as it perfectly nails the spirit of the game. Still after being a gamer for practically my entire life this game holds a unique place as a brilliant idea that managed to be pulled off.
  11. Server peak time is without any doubt at Europe's night. I'm GMT+1 and usually play after lunch or at nights.
  12. I have mixed feelings about it. Yeah you can't see if FD is coming although you can always hear the sirens. I always thought it was that way so you can't look around and MG your mates in case you died in a shootout and some of your friends are still alive.
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