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  1. just ordered Humankind: A Hopeful History to brighten the mood~
  2. hi hi hi i dont think there's a topic about books! at least I didn't spot one at first sight (and tbh I didn't even look further) but maybe there are some ppl out there who're also into reading, possibly more passionate than myself, which aint too hard since I only manage to read a few books within a year :shrug: i kinda struggle to find the right book I'll enjoy reading though maybe some of you can recommend some nice stuff, preferably with a happy ending if not that's fine too! this topic will probably get locked and archived and I'll end up ordering a random book from Amazon, which I'll dislike :shrug: :shrug: :shrug: so far I can recommend: - The Fault in Our Stars - All This Time - The Giver - To Kill A Mockingbird - Pride & Prejudice - Diary of A Young Girl
  3. Department of Finance Employee Performance Reviews
  4. New Year Ball Would you care to dance?
  5. Click here to visit the City's Administrative Network. And here to visit the City's Procurement & Logistic Section or here to visit the e-Notification for Graphic Design Services.
  6. Outstanding work! Can't wait to see more.
  7. The test shouldn't be removed entirely in my eyes. Every user should have to go through the exam once with their very first character which they attempt to have the driver's license with. All future characters should be allowed to have it without any sort of test. I support the idea of revamping the exam with no actual driving instructors. There should be a theoretical part as well as a practical one.
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