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Found 7 results

  1. Hi! There's been a few threads popping up on the forums that I've seen throughout my time here and I would like to make a guide to help diagnosing issues. When people have crashes and faults, often times they might decide to come on GTA:W's Official Forums to report the problem, but may miss vital and useful information that support members or general community members could use, my hope here is that providing this could speed up getting the right help, so here's my suggestion! What should I provide?: Computer Hardware OS (Operating System): CPU (Processor):
  2. Been trying to help my brother join the server on his computer, through RageMP obviously. GTA V loads into single player and RageMP shows this error "ERROR: Could not access game process. Shutdown Steam/RGS/EGS and try again." I've tried multiple solutions but nothing has worked. If anyone is able to help let me know. Thanks! Here's a video, the quality might not be great. 2021-01-05 15-19-19 on Vimeo
  3. Greetings I was away for a few months and a few days ago I decided to play again, but when I wanted to log in to my user panel, the website asked me to fill the application form again ( questions and answers ) This is very confusing and I don't know why it doesn't recognize my account. Besides, I can't connect to the server with my Iranian IP and need to use VPN ( it was one of the main reasons I stopped playing the last time, the problem would get fixed automatically sometimes and sometimes it would appear again ) and even with VPN, all I see is lost connection, reconnecting or s
  4. Hello. I made an application over UCP. Hitting the bank question is bugged. I typed my answer at answer form but it is not accepting. It shows "none". At first I thought this rule was removed. So I thought my answer was not accepted. But it was not so. Can you help me? Thanks.
  5. Currently as far as I know, there are one main job called Trucking (also referred to as Courier). This job has a decent payout, and a fair combination between the interactions to payout ratio. Meaning you do some interactions (besides from driving) and you get some good money. The more you do the job, the better the money. On the other hand, since the past few weeks we had seen an influx of new truckers - rushing to work and collect some hard earned money. This influx created close to none job, if you get on the wrong time of the server you might get 1-2 trucking offers with 6+KM o
  6. Short description: Establish locations where truckers can drive crates either at a reduced price or with some handicap if there are no deliveries available. Detailed description: Right now it's quite a pain in the ass to have this screen pop up quite frequently. Making the non player owned businesses buy crates every one in a while doesn't really help truckers as it is rather a temporary fix for a problem that requires a permanent solution. I am open for discussion on whether it should be on a reduced price or maybe the fixed location would be only available during major short
  7. Thank you for reading this! Now that GT-MP is compatible with the new update again, I wanted to get the new update for the game, too. I updated GT-MP without a problem, and I thought that I could get my GTAV to update, too. However, this was not the case. I'm playing through Steam, and neither Steam, nor the Social Club did any updates for me, even if I started singleplayer. I tried deleting my update folder, different files in it, because I saw it on a thread that that should help, but it didn't. It still didn't update anything. And I can't play with the downgraded version of my G
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