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  1. Missi

    Welcome to the 80's

    V A P O R W A V E
  2. I completely agree. We need to get people up to the same level of roleplay.
  3. The long awaited property update is now in! How does it work, you may ask? Take a look at THIS for most of your questions answered. But, since I know lots have people who have come to me with questions already on how it will be run. Here, I will try to answer most of your commonly asked questions. 1. Okay, so how do I get started? I want to make money and involve myself in this roleplay. I want a thorough explanation. A. 1. You want to get into real estate? This is how you will get into it as a real estate agent and behave as a real estate agent. 2. You want to get on the construction side with your friends? 2. How do I acquire a business with this new update? Auctions are gone? A. Acquiring a business is much like acquiring a house now. You must meet with a Dynasty 8 Real Estate agent with your intentions of creating a business, where you want it, etc. This will be the process for acquiring the business. 3. How do interior changes work with this new system? How do I get a new interior? A. You may get a new interior via these steps. (Please note, this doesn't mean someone making a custom interior for you via the blank interior- This is simply for those whom want to change the interior of their house or business. If you want someone to decorate your house with furniture, that will be coming up in a following update, or you may advertise that you are looking for someone to decorate your property ICly. ) 4. Does this mean new areas of the map will be added? Do I have to get my houses and businesses through this system now? A. YES! We are now adding Vespucci with this new update. You will no longer be able to just go up to a house and /buyhouse like in an RPG game. You must be in contact with a real estate agent who will guide you through the process, and get you set up with the house, just like in real life. Just a bit more touch of realism, and plenty of opportunities to be had! This server strives for heavy/serious roleplay, and this is just one of the many things we have planned to bring you the absolute best experience that we can. Feel free to ask any more questions that you may have in THIS thread . Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all. -Missi
  4. Just make it control f able with the words "misdemeanor" and "felony" to it, No need to dumb it down.
  5. Missi

    More 24/7 stores

    Once we expand out, yeah, I already added a new one just last week.
  6. ((Date/Time in Server Time GMT +1)) Come for free Christmas Cookies, Carols, activities, and Snow! And let's welcome in the Christmas spirit with the annual lighting of the Christmas Tree.
  7. Definitely glad to see this being taken far :)
  8. Missi

    UCP Admin Please

    Send me a message on discord and we can find a time to change your name.
  9. I suggest you all take a look at the new update as this will have a lot of effect!
  10. Yup. I’m working on it. I gotta build these interiors from scratch :(
  11. I don’t mind having this. @Crayons could you please write something up?
  12. Missi

    Enterable shops

    I’ve already added these in? Where are you having this issue?
  13. Missi


    I’m working on a casino interior at the moment.
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