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  1. Ask someone to move their bike off the beach, get threatened to be gunned down on the spot.
  2. Was on lifeguard duty and we got called by PD for assistance with this guy clearly having some sort of mental episode. The guy hated being near PD and would only talk to me, calling me 'Red shorts'. We had to keep following him around trying to keep him calm whilst he said the most random stuff ever. In the end we had to sedate him to calm him down finally otherwise he was going to end up hurting himself or someone else. I just remember cracking up at the roleplay, was really enjoyable. Sadly I never saw him again 😪
  3. Rest easy. We knew each other from another community a long time ago but we lost contact. You were one of the sole reasons I ever even ventured into Medical Roleplay.  Thank you for all the laughs, for the debates on roleplay and for genuinely being a good person.  You'll forever be missed.

  4. I had VDE for instance and kept randomly crashing, after removing it it seemed to help a ton and now I just use reshade. So it's a big possibility maybe a graphic mod may be causing the issue
  5. Hey is this a vanilla game or do you have any mods at all?
  6. Check rage and see if you've enabled CEF acceleration by accident
  7. Currently doing Deliveries! Call 72231350 now and we will deliver food STRAIGHT to your door for no extra cost. Card payments only!
  8. Folks rolling to get those points. Great thing to start!
  9. Thanks to everyone who came out for the opening! Place was packed.
  11. OUR MENUS Leave a review in our comments section:
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