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  1. This is one of these problems that are a simple consequence of the RP medium: Seeing a handful of young, successful entrepeneurs? Absolutely possible. As always, the trouble is when too many people RP this, but the game currently definitely facilitates people with a basic starting capital to make a lot of money and be successful. As long as people are RPing how they got their start realistically, I see no issue as long as the server's playerbase is making them successful. The only issue would be RPing being from the hood but suddenly with no previous RP being able to bu
  2. Absolutely this: desensitization works fine, but this comes with also being more personally aware of how dangerous environments work, and how you survive in dangerous environments. You simply can't pick and choose. You might not get scared by shots a block away anymore because you've learned through exposure that the gunmen will soon drive off and that you're not a target, but in the same vein, you have likely been seeing dead bodies at least from afar on the regular for a very long period of time over the pettiest forms of street beef. If you live in South Los Santos,
  3. My character lives in Rancho and doesn't react to any gunshots not immediately near him anymore. Neither do any of his neighbours. Despite this, most of his fellow ULSA students refuse to come visit his apartment unless they have to because they're majority upper middle class and they're scared. Makes for good character portrayal.
  4. Strengths: I like to facilitate RP and like to create new scenes and vivid descriptions as well as inviting situations for people to join into. I'm happy to RP very basic pedestrian scenes and roles. I consider myself at my best in a large crowded environment or in 1 to 1 RP. Weaknesses: I bounce off of the RP that I'm given, and if people around me are stiff or don't vibe with the RP bait I offer I tend to freeze up. I struggle in small groups especially if the conversation doesn't flow naturally, and tend to zone out unless I'm being personally engaged, remaining in the sidelines
  5. **Username Dezzy joins the stream. He leaves and rejoins several times in rapid succession.**
  6. I adhere to realism with some artistic licenses (mostly because I am absolutely incapable of juggling alts): I take certain liberties with things like time to assume that many things happen which are not always RPed (and which only affect myself). I am lenient with myself in some aspects of my RP because I like to maximize my level of interaction with the environment. In my head, essentially, GTAW time simply is NOT equal to real world time. This is also represented by relationships and characters around me. Despite the search for realism, GTAW is simply faster and operates under different rul
  7. To add to the discussion, by the way: if bouncers RPed realistically and club owners weren't lenient on drug vendors in their establishment for "mood" or to pander to drug RP, realistically a bouncer IRL can spot a drug dealer roaming around a club pretty easily. It's also stupidly easy to spot in-game. The realism argument doesn't work for me because if realism applies then most of the herds of drug dealers that come around clubs acting completely conspicuously would be kicked instantly in anywhere but a seedy, openly drug friendly rave or after hours kind of dive spot. In any mid to high-end
  8. We do buy it. There's just dozens of players in your same position trying to sell it like it was the morning paper, riding around in bikes, cars and sometimes even high-end cars to stop a random bystander to offer them drugs. I usually keep a stash of about 50 units/grams of Marijuana (as a legal character) and I simply can't keep up with the amount of people that push their phone number on me or chase me around, calling me up to several times a day to see if I need more. Walking around South LS on foot, if you look over your shoulder it just looks like this:
  9. I find it a bit disingenuous that people are commenting on the lack of interest in buying drugs in the Club scene as a fault in portrayal as if having a squad of drug dealers walking around suspiciously and routinely spamming /w "Looking for a pick me up? I got the best snow" or whatever to every person in the club is realistic. Yes, drugs are sold in clubs. They're taken in clubs. But you'll find that most people buy their drugs before they go anywhere, and that if they don't, you don't get someone coming at you like the Merchant in Resident Evil 4 and offering you drugs at random
  10. I don't know what clubs you people have gone to, but in the area I grew up in it was pretty common to pay to get inside a club and get a drink with your ticket, and a lot of people would simply not drink after inside the club because prices inside are insane (or would drink outside). I personally have my character drink because I want Clubs to be profitable and because I think it's fair to use a businesses services when you go there, but that's just me. Also, let's be real, a lot of the time there's one bartender for upwards of 12 people in the bar, and a lot of people don't want t
  11. Oh yeah, you're definitely right, I run the food truck in the Jamestown Projects, I know for a fact that there's a lot of character development among many groups, and that illegals have nothing if not passion for their concepts, perhaps I sounded a bit dismissive of that side when it's not the intention. I've been at my happiest RPing around illegals with a legal character.
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