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  1. The Park Rangers are unique in the fact that they offer the incentive of more people going out to State Parks and Forests, and being able to interact with LEOs that for the most part (if you aren't doing anything weird) are just going to stop and have a chat with you. There's been a definite increase in outdoors activities going on in recent weeks since SAPR has been more active, with people going on hikes on Chilliad, County residents calling the SAPR landline to deal with boar and coyotes that walk into residential areas, campers that go to pitch up tents in the wild to spend the night...
  2. Park Ranger's primary function isn't to arrest you, as demonstrated by the fact that the faction's LEO powers have been limited severely within the server to not step on the toes of other factions (and all members seem happy with it). For most intents and purposes all LEO work is done as support of primarily SD but also PD, and chances of being arrested by a Park Ranger are really slim unless you did something very dangerous and very stupid in a State Park.
  3. Alamo because it's reliable for just about everything you need and if you paint it white people think it's an unmarked and leave it alone.
  4. Just want to reiterate that I agree with this, regardless of what my posts may convey. If you can portray it well, anything might go. But yeah, it's also an IC issue for sure. Which is why places like K-Town have driven off gangs because they had a no-tolerance approach to things like tagging or drug dealing.
  5. We're fully in agreement then I think tbh. I have no issues with people playing gang in gentrified neighborhoods, but yes, you have to internalize whatever history that neighborhood had beyond your gang. The world is trying to push you out and tbh many places have been quite successful, and you have to portray that you are actually trying to survive, and not show a disregard for your history and potentially dwindling numbers just because you happened to pop up 2 weeks ago in a server. Your character has a history that spans longer than your GTAW life. And yes, your alternatives are
  6. I agree, but this clashes with the idea of having a gang that has "deep roots in the neighborhood". American police IRL has access to really cheap loans just so they flock to particular areas because it does deter crime. If you're a new gang on the block you don't have to know this, but you don't get to play an oldschool set without knowing about the gentrification process of your area and the long-standing efforts to push you out, imho.
  7. Because if your character is banging in Mirror Park and knows the area, they'd know this. Are you really going to be messing with cops in their home over close to nohting, when there's high chances that the people either side of someone's house are also cops? If you don't see how it matters that you probably have the biggest density of police officers per capita living in Mirror Park when you consider your approach to crime in the area, then honestly I don't know what to tell you.
  8. Graffiti in areas of K-Town has lasted for weeks if not months. The alley down Lindsay Circus had tons of MS13 tags and you now see HxC popping up every so often. There's simply just an obsession with tagging certain very visible walls in obviously residential parts or business sections that are pristine. And I get why, of course, it's part of the culture to want to tag something like that. But people out the Dream Tower for example go into weird chains of tags answering to tags and it reads like a horrific Facebook wall discussion. K-Town has been fostering IC forever the philoso
  9. You really have gone through the whole spectrum of bad takes on crime through this post, tbh. Your original question was "what are some valid levels of escalation with “legal” roleplayers?", and "my character is just dumb" isn't even really close to acceptable, particularly when it's a pretty well-known fact that a big percentage of Mirror Park homeowners are COPS to begin with. We already suffer a plague of criminals who are selectively dumb as it is, with people who justify their actions by not being very smart while they then have the cold blood and know-how to clear all evidenc
  10. I'm all down for gangs being in gentrified areas, but I also agree with the sentiment that they can't expect the ruleset to be the same as in gang-infested areas. For one, if you're a set in a more upper-class area you probably don't have a lot of competition going on locally other than the beefs you feed across the city, which allows you to have a different approach. You also have to take into account the population that lives where you are and also the fact that you're trying to survive and grow, so you need to do things different and recruit differently.
  11. The problem is that GTAW as a community tends to find these opportunities as encouragement rather than a deterrent. This is why K-Town's gas station (in a neighborhood that prides itself in giving opportunities and encouraging ped RP) often feels like a light version of the old Davis LTD.
  12. Mirror Park is based on what's currently a heavily gentrified suburban area known for Hipster cafés and houses that cost $750,000 in real life (Echo Park & Silver Lake). Both areas are the 20th and 22nd most walkable areas of Los Angeles. Additionally to this, even when not taking real life LA into account, the server has also made Mirror Park into the ultimate suburban dream: people are fighting to pay top money for Mirror Park property. You can RP wherever you want but that also includes other people RPing what they want (which is to push gangs out of their neighborhood). You
  13. This, to be honest. I think that people who are heavily involved in Gang RP, read up on it extensively and make their RP revolve around gang culture seem to expect every civilian to be terrified of a lone gang member or that their tattoos are universally recognizable as gang ink when in reality in the real world every other young person in a metropolitan area in America has a full sleeve of nonsense and most people aren't inspecting random people's ink IRL unless they're deep in gang. That and the fact that gang iconography and stylings have pretty much been absorbed by mainstream
  14. It's an unfortunate time window to be available, to be honest. Most factions, areas and the general server seems to start really moving from 19:00 when it comes to random RP. Otherwise try and connect with people via Facebrowser, and propose plans or stuff to do, see if you get a core of people in your timezone who show activity during those times.
  15. Mirror Park (a completely gentrified, expensive suburban area, sought after by well-off people who generally have a more settled life, which is what you specifically used in your example) is not exactly the place for people to assume hood social practices to apply , if you're asking me. As someone who's lived in "gang turf", I'd argue most people wouldn't snitch, but they'd call you out even if you're in a gang for robbing your own community. At least growing up, criminals in my neighborhood generally went to other places, they didn't rob their neighbor (save for people who were do
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