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  1. Happy to elaborate privately! I'm working the weekend but I'll reach out, appreciate it greatly.
  2. Regarding criticism and hopes for a better SD: all I can hope from the current leadership is to not protect and hide OOC sexual misconduct from senior members in positions of power, followed by the removal of the persons affected for their "attitude". Not a big ask but an important one.
  3. It's not allowed, no. If I remember right the old owners of the Davis LTD were either banned or removed from it back when it became a 24/7 DM fest, but otherwise 24/7 stores to my knowledge have script-wise a character owning them, since I knew the owner of the Koreatown one.
  4. I could understand this in certain cases as an interesting development, but isn't it hard to justify parole for the average lifer considering the amount of murders and assaults that are (as far as I can see) regularly orchestrated by these characters in TTCF? Who would realistically be released on parole like that when they are involved in prison gangs and consistently are at least accessory to more homicides and assaults while locked up? I think the lifer characters that would be able to apply for parole without making the whole judicial system look like a joke considering the level of violence of TTCF would be exceptionally low, unless you're talking months of IC rehabilitation RP, but that's already a niche within a niche. At that point everyone would have to RP a sudden and shocking technicality or new evidence found that somehow made the case against them crumble, or all these one-in-a-million situations.
  5. First one that came to mind: Someone getting shot in the back of the head execution style in the middle of the day in a crowded area because they were caught trying to sell weed in the neighborhood twice (the seller was obviously a relatively new player). Most bad escalation I've seen comes from people who can't help but see the PK system as a reset button. Which to be honest it might as well be. Just a thought.
  6. You could host all those guides elsewhere, at the end of the day Discord just promotes too much OOC interaction among the community imho. Whenever I can I have no OOC contact with people I RP with and it leads to just focusing on the story and interactions as they are. Making friends with people you RP with over the years is one thing, but GTAW has slowly been becoming a Discord community network where RP happens almost incidentally.
  7. Most of the people saying that they want things like IC interaction, heavy roleplay, immersion, and to be IC 24/7 are 9 times out of 10 doing it for some weird OOC elitist clout-chasing on Discord. The fact that Discord is integrated into all aspects of this community's way of interacting with each other is already pretty damning.
  8. This is the only way to do things. Most businesses in the game at this point are a front or the hangout of some illegal organization. The streets are mostly populated by small groups of thugs or members of organized crime. A big majority of these players don't know how or simply won't RP the normal aspects of their lives where they're not trying to intimidate or belittle people 24/7. Any character that wants to be out in public around young adult characters (not just in interiors/clubs/events but rather the open world) has to be able to mingle with criminals, and everyone RPing characters 30+ end up in their own bubbles because GTAW lives under the assumption that past 25 you're essentially geriatric. It's either that or be left as literal prey to be farmed for screenshots and script assets, or to be memed about OOCly for no reason.
  9. As someone who loves dystopian/cyberpunk genres I would've loved it there. All I want is to RP an old but lovably gruff man in a stinky wifebeater past his prime with a scummy bar for bounty hunters to look for work. Can we just stop pretending GTAW is a representation of real life and just go Blade Runner?
  10. Username: oro Comment: two weeks since yall posted this and kept it boosted on FB and u still have the details and address of the house that got hit, lmao sure the owners feel real safe with their address out like that
  11. As someone who RPs pretty normal, everyday characters, I feel your pain. I think that if you only just started, you might want to look into some employment, or try aspects of work that focus on sociable, everyday casual RP. ULSA is good for college RP and they always need professors as well as general faculty members. I know the Hospital and most LEOs are also usually looking for staff beyond being a cop or a doctor. It's hard to make connections for just casual, everyday RP, so while you get acquainted with the server and where different people and groups hang out, legal factions are a good safety net even if you don't want to be a cop or a firefighter, because they offer auxiliary jobs as well that people love to see. Otherwise, you'll just have to learn to navigate the server + Facebrowser to make connections with like-minded people, sadly. Out in the street it's all just too obnoxious most of the time.
  12. The suspects in the footage (which I can only assume includes you seeing how you are defending this situation so aggressively despite admins having ruled on it) start attacking without even emoting first, proving that it was a premade emote with the intention of stealing a gun and not to have any significant RP. If sync in the clip is to be believed too they even hit each other before they ever hit the man outside the store once (was that RPed if that's the case?): Anyway, it really is dumb to keep commenting on this. Assuming you knock someone out because of one emote you throw late into script attacking is clear PG as per the wording of the rules. An admin already ruled on it and it was voided, nothing is really proven otherwise you wouldn't be trying to prove the case for a resolved scene on some random thread in General Discussions.
  13. So many variables exist here but the short answer, as someone who IRL works in a profession where I am regularly attacked with either hands or potentially weapons: yes. The three suspects threw a premade emote and purposefuly hit him while turning to the script without allowing a response. His fear RP response was to run back and pull a gun out since the attackers denied him any chance at an RPed response by not even giving time to read their emote before they were swinging. I don't know how hard you think it is to draw a gun while running but it's definitely easier than to swing a bat while running.
  14. Babies and dogs are so rare that people will drop what they're doing to look at one. They both also have pretty much the same average lifespan of 2 months before they're never mentioned again.
  15. Because the prices on the server are all over the place, it's not about money, it's just portrayal. It's weird to see so many 21 year olds who aren't rich kids managing to have their first car be a modern sports car instead of having a second hand, older car.
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