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  1. You can't always offer maximum interaction. When you open a garage after a drought, which was the case through much of last year, you get SWAMPED. When you have eight cars waiting, you simply can't walk up to each one, wait for them to reply if they alt tabbed, then exchange your RP lines. That's on top of juggling all the orders, verifying what people actually ordered ("yeah just tint and wheels" when they ordered 8 things), then actually trying to RP all the mods as well. More mechanics isn't the solution either. Three people on shift makes it pointless money-wise, even more so after the components nerf. Plus, you can't just pull (good) mechanics out of thin air. A /createscene for a stack of catalogs or these other adaptations just streamline the process. A lot of people view it as a chore or are spoiled by shitter garages, which I can't blame them for, so you don't want to make it tedious for them either. Mechanic RP is mostly redundant and not social, so the interactions are what make it. It's just not always feasible. These garages aren't necessarily lazy, the system is just imperfect.
  2. I haven't personally dealt with much shit criminal roleplay in a long time. It peaked for me earlier in 2021. However, the server does absolutely tilt in a cops/robbers direction from what I've seen. There's constant LEO updates, yet we can't so much as get a working group chat. We can't get a working wheelchair (for the 2nd time). Hell, people bought $15/mo dogs when the update was announced, and the update was pulled. Cops don't seem to give a shit about boring scenes. I've seen cops drive past dumbass drivers and people drifting several times. As much as I hate the traffic laws, the high expectations of driving in an empty city, robocops that play cat and mouse with racers (two sides of the same coin imo), etc., traffic enforcement seems to be nonexistent in 2021. Might just be me but I'm actually struggling to get a ticket this year, and I don't give a fuck about how I drive, other than checking intersections so I don't get t-boned. Recently, I heard of 3 cop cars driving past a car flipped over from a crash in Alta, something that's HARD to miss, while no FD is online. I've seen LEOs tend to scenes only to leave dead bodies, weapons/casings, or blood spots. That might be because no coroners or even FD are around, but that's the problem. That shit is boring compared to getting into gunfights with carbines. BF400 robberies got banned so now I guess the new meta is burglaries, because someone actually put forth the idea of 500k house alarms to make them easier for criminals. Why? For the sole purpose of getting guns. Swiping them from legal holders is the easiest way because there's a steady supply, and everyone has them, ironically because criminals are such a problem. I'm sure you've seen the recent report where a mapper nicked a stockpile of PF guns like he was ever going to get away with it. People get punished for looting and metagaming gun drops constantly. Why are guns that much of a commodity that many people seem to be willing to risk any punishment for them? You can't tell me there's a lack of them, the sheer quantity of gun crime says the complete opposite. All I can deduce is that there's a lot of shit criminal roleplayers that constantly get into shootouts, and that's likely all that they do. This could all be the result of people getting bored and the server losing steam as COVID ends. Creative efforts get dropped and it devolves into basic gameplay. It is what it is, but it doesn't make for a fun game mode when doing anything cool on this server already required jumping through hoops, writing applications, meeting seemingly arbitrary portrayal standards, and possibly even clearing IC regulations. To top it off, these applications are fucking closed half the time. That leaves us with a stale interior-based dating sim.
  3. It affects more than plateholders. Illuminated lowrider plaques don't work because the new menu doesn't have the color option, but apparently the old menu did. Would be nice to have the choice like we do with clothes.
  4. Annis Kawaii Fun little car. Surviving low VIN, high mileage example with tons of upgrades. Photos Information ✅ Performance upgrades performance brakes, ECU tune, adjustable coilovers, performance clutch, turbocharger ✅ Security upgrades heavy duty locks, police alarms, long-range antitheft Plate: NAO157 VIN: 44840 Mileage: 3900 Starting: $50,000 Buyout: $95,000 (( OOC ))
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