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Found 13 results

  1. Ok so I can enter any car I want, but when I want to get on bike or motorcycle its different. Bought a bike from the stand, and couldn’t get on it. I was pressing F for sure, but I couldn’t get on. Bought a motorcycle from a shop, and this time I could get on. Only after I got off I couldn’t get back on. Its like the game doesn’t even know i’m trying to get in. If there’s something i’m missing, can someone tell me? Thanks.
  2. Beautiful custom Liberty Chop Shop cruiser. Stylish, fast, powerful. Long and robust body, short handlebars for great control, painted black with red brake pads. Custom modified turbocharged engine and transmission and highest quality brakes installed. Radio system and GPS installed. Low mileage; 311 miles on odometer. No anti-theft system installed besides stock alarm. Starting bid: $55,000 Buyout: $70,000 Leave replies with your information. You can reach me at: Sam Email: [email protected] ((forum pm)) Ph: 2616 8306
  3. "I mean, I know I'mma get got. But I'm gone get mine more than I get got though."
  4. BRAND NEW CONDITION!! Only 72 miles; I am the only owner! Never down, never dropped. Zero nicks or scratches. Truly perfect condition! Runs amazing. Loud and powerful! Never ridden in the rain and always cleaned and garaged. PERFORMANCE UPGRADES! Pro Performance Tuner Kit Installed. Detachable leather saddle bags. Starting Bid: $58,000 Please leave inquiries below, e-mail, or contact by phone at 783 3419. (( ))
  5. I'm selling my Hexer because I no longer use it anymore. The bike is currently in a perfect condition. Not accepting bids lower than 18k. Drop your offers below! Asking Price: 18k Buyout: 26k Current bid: 18k
  6. BID for Dinka Double-T 192.36 mi ((Engine 4/4, Transmission 3/3)) ((Lock:1 Alarm :1)) Starting bid: 35,000 Buyout: 45,000 Minimum increase: 500
  7. I'm buying a ruffian, because i need it for easy transport when i fish. It needs registration. Modded vehicles are accepted as well. You can send me an email or contact me with me phone number: 78970045 Please say your price in the SMS and or email.
  8. Looking for a superbike, preferably a Bati 801. Call me on #15696828 or email me ((Forum PM)).
  9. This vehicle is well-maintained, and it runs like lightning and looks like a dream. it can go up to 120 while riding and you can do manoeuvres easily so it's good for people who loves making speed. I spent 80 thousand on this vehicle and it's fully upgraded, (except for suspension) registered and insured.  If you are interested in making an offer for this vehicle, please reach out to me through email [email protected] ((forum pm)) ASKING PRICE: 62.000
  10. Selling my beautiful baby, couldn't get to spend even a week with it. It has Turbo installed, very few cosmetic modifications, and Level 2 locks. FCR1000 Custom aka the only true Café Racer available in LS, with a retail price of $27.000. Even though I spent quite a bit, the price is relatively cheap, and it's negotiable! Starting price: $27.000
  11. It's time to find a new owner for this beautiful bike She's probably the fastest land vehicle in all of Los Santos, so if you like speed, she's the dream. Extra info: Low mileage, pristine condition, beautiful deep-red color and matching rims MORE PICTURES
  12. ==Murica Chopper== Make Taxi great again Ever needed a taxi? Course ya did! Ya do remember that day, right-o? Heavy rain, cold wind, got turned down by yar date, not enough cash for a quickie with little Mrs STD-collection, too much booze and headache… You –DO- remember that horrific day. How did ya get home and wank yarself? Lookin’ forward to tha’ lonely solitude of your dirty motel room, ya tried to hail one of these ugly cab cars on the street! And what happened? None of these ever-complaining slackers stopped! And when one of them did, he charged ya a frak load by going the loooooooooooong way ‘round, drivin’ through all the bumps there was to drive thru, while imposing his savage third-world music… Why is that you ask? Ain’t no nice way to blurt the truth out. All them taxi-drivers are illegal Pakistani and the only customer they ever accept is a red-spandex-dressed pile-of-cancer antihero. You think this cannot be allowed to continue any longer? Ya’re right and, at Murica Chopper, we got the fuckin’ solution for y’all! What d’we offer? · A ride from wherever you want to wherever ya want, from Los Santos International Airport and all the way up north to Paleto Bay. · A ride on an iconic Western Motorcycle Company Nightblade, with a custom American-pride paintjob. · A real-American backwater Louisianan driver that don’t ship your hard earned dollars oversea to fund war or child labour in any of 'em disgusting third-world-godforsaken countries. · A radio tuned to Rebel Radio because Country music is in the heart of any real American citizen! · A cheap flat rate of seventy-five dollars. Yes, you read it right! Only seventy-five good ol’ US dollars and speaking of money… Guess what? We don’ take foreigners bills! Cause we’re just that American at American Chopper! So next time you need a lift? Call Murica Chopper at 6512359!!! Murica Chopper cannot be held responsible of any damage to passengers if they choose to breach basic safety rules and common sense. Murica Chopper reserves the right to offer one way trip to the Serano Desert to bad payers. Murica Chopper will not be held accountable for any illegal item you may carry. Murica Chopper shall not comply to any illegal directive given no matter how much you're willing to pay. Hopping onto Murica Chopper means you’ve read and agreed to the previous stuff in small
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