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Found 5 results

  1. Hoppin' off the porch The 'Get Down Goblins' is a group of predominantly Mexican-Americans who erupted and had light shed on them due to the group becoming a "nuisance" to the community. Even with neighborhood/community giving them backlash on news articles, making several complaints on the damages made done to mostly private properties. These damages range from graffiti, seen across El Burro, and along South-Central, acts of minor vandalism, and much more due to the fact they're just being a group of a bunch of reckless youngsters. Because of the way the 'clique' acts together, they decided to end up going by 'Goblins' and also additionally wearing/sporting green gear, or even sometimes seen sporting any of the NFL teams Green Bay Packers gear. This clique of teenagers are always on the move, riding out together on BMX bikes and never settling themselves down.
  2. "The Ramp House": A Thrilling Paradise for Extreme Sports Enthusiasts The world of extreme sports just got a whole lot more exciting with the grand opening of "The Ramp House," a state-of-the-art BMX skate park that promises to be an adrenaline-fueled haven for riders of all skill levels. Nestled in La Mesa, Del Perro Flyway by Supply Street, "The Ramp House" is set to revolutionize the BMX scene, offering a thrilling experience like no other. With its awe-inspiring features, cutting-edge design, and commitment to fostering a vibrant BMX community, this park is poised to become the ultimate destination for extreme sports enthusiasts. The Ramp House had their grand opening on the 9th of June in 2023. Sarah Byrne, the creator and implementer of this wonderful project, set it up together with the support of a number of friends. It all started six months ago when Sarah Byrne was introduced to BMXing, and taught how to do tricks on a BMX bike by her f friends and a professional coach. Over the course of months as they got involved more, they realized that the outdoor skateparks in Los Santos were often unsafe. They wanted to create a safe-space for all the skaters, BMXers or just people who want to enjoy the vibes and draw graffiti art without worrying about safety. Show your inner urban artist, “Draw Everywhere” motto where you can spray graffiti on any and every object you see, on every wall. State of art and intricate designed ramps for the best tricks you can perform on your board or BMX. Dedicated snack bar with awesome food and chill spots, overlooking the entire park where you can relax, vibe and eat. They even record their customers doing tricks sometimes, by hiring a private photographer. The Ramp House are planning to dynamically change the skatepark every other month with new ramps. They also plan to expand on the community front, more competitions, fundraising for causes, getting the locals involved and making sure that people find a safe place to do what they enjoy doing. As riders step into The Ramp House, they'll be greeted by an expansive playground specifically designed to cater to the demands of BMX riders. The park boasts a diverse range of ramps, jumps, and obstacles that have been meticulously crafted to challenge riders and inspire them to push their limits. Whether you're a freestyle rider looking to perfect your tricks or a seasoned professional seeking new challenges, "The Ramp House" has something for every BMX or skateboard enthusiast. One of the standout features of The Ramp House is its commitment to rider safety without compromising on the thrill factor. The park has been constructed with high-quality, durable materials that ensure a smooth riding surface, reducing the risk of injuries. Additionally, safety measures such as strategically placed padding, well-maintained rails, and proper signage provide riders with peace of mind as they explore the park's various sections. "The Ramp House" also goes beyond providing a thrilling experience; it aims to create a vibrant community. The Ramp House is not just a skate park; it's a testament to the boundless spirit of BMX riders and their unwavering dedication to their craft. It stands as a sanctuary where riders can come together, challenge themselves, and create lifelong memories. With its world-class features, commitment to safety, and vibrant community, "The Ramp House" is set to redefine the BMX landscape and become an iconic destination for riders seeking an electrifying experience. So, grab your BMX or skateboard, strap on your helmet, and get ready to embark on an exhilarating journey. The Ramp House awaits, beckoning riders to test their skills, conquer new heights, and embrace the thrill of extreme sports. It's time to experience the rush of "The Ramp House" and witness the incredible moments that will unfold within its boundaries. Get ready to defy gravity and unleash your passion at The Ramp House.
  3. Who are we? Vespucci Skate and Surf utilities, is a retail store located on the Vespucci Beachfront near the skate park and a stone's throw away from the water.Here at Vespucci Skate and Surf we deal in the retail sale of products related to skating, surfing and BMXing, having been started by a Vespucci local and aavid surfer and BMXer with a need to give back to the community. We strive to support the local community and offer helpful advice and support to our customers. Should you be so unlucky that your products break, we also have a small repair stuff in the back, and we should have you back out there in no time. Ask in the store about repair our repair services. So come on down to the beach, and let’s see if we can’t help you find what you are looking for. What do we sell? - Surfboards and related articles - Skateboards and related articles - BMX and other after market bike parts - Different brands of streetwear - Wetsuits and dry suits - Repairs services in our own repair shop - Swimming and Surfing lessons by Ray and Blaine - Special/Custom order skateboard decks by 7SA Where can you find us? We're the last store in the blue building. More than enough parking spot. Try out your new gear nearby. How can you contact us? Should you need it, you can reach us here. Facebrower Click me! Phone 170-582-16 Email [email protected] (Forum PM) Physical store Palomino Ave, Vespucci Beach *Licensed 7SA reseller.
  4. This is a story of young, 16 years old American-Tongan boy. This thread will follow the daily life of Nako. Nako Pulefaasisina is a 16-year-old teenager who was born in Pillbox Medical center, along with his twin brother Niko. Nako is a Bikelifer, he enjoys riding his BMX bike and has been hitting the local BMX park daily since he was a kid. He also enjoys video games and hanging around with his friends. He's brave and smart but also he's violent and unstable which isn't out of the ordinary for someone with his unsettling past. He was born and raised in a poor family in a criminal community, He never lived free of trouble. His father divorced his mother when he was 4. He was still united with his twin brother who is completely different than him, personality wise, They're both a lot different in their actions and they fought more than usual but still they had to survive in a criminal world and they had each others back no matter what. They managed to fight what they were going through and this has turned them into the men they are today. His mother did not work so he had to drop school and work when he was 10 in order to live and not to starve to death. He started to work in a clothes shop where he only mopped the floor and cleaned the place daily. He was not satisfied at all with the money behind the job so he had to find another. Legal jobs didn't work out so well so he had to do it the other way. He got himself into a small criminal gang and started to sell drugs for living when he was 11, making a lot of money his mother was not satisfied with his work at all but he was still a kid who did not understand what's right and wrong, blinded by the money he made so he continued. He was never a drug user or was involved in any gang-activity. His mother died when he was 16, so him and his brother had to move to another place. Nako was always looking for respect and a family to be with. They both agreed on moving down to Grove where most of their homies hang around perhaps they can hook them up with work to do.
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