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  1. Freweini looks at the website, tapping her chin with a finger. She lets out a "hmmm..." As she grabs her cell and sends a short text. ((In case that jig is still running, I've sent an IG sms. Feel free to reply there or with a forum PM))
  2. I do have to surface every 25 seconds... Missed that mark a couple times though... ^^,
  3. Update with more diary/portfolio entries, Updated relationships part
  4. Except that you actually crash and die when the game client crashes or timeouts?
  5. Crowded night yesterday at the Vault...
  6. Updated with plenty of stuff, namely: Portfolio and diary and... updated story and more tiny bits and that...
  7. We didn't save the world but that was fun...
  8. Quick memorabilia from the Vault's May 18th opening.
  9. Please, please! Tell me recruitment is open! I beg of you!!!!
  10. Portfolio & diary entries: May 13th, 2018: Arrived in Los Santos and managed to find employment in a restaurant for a certain Johnny. May 14th, 2018: Met Johnny again, he had that guy Andreas in charge of the restaurant. opening was real messy though. Only me doing service, plenty of customers... Few of them ended up being satisfied and I was apparently the only one realizing this was bad business... Money... You just mention it and people start acting stupid. They want money so hard they'd settle for getting small amount now rather than getting big money over t
  11. Identity: First name: Freweini (Erythrean origin, means Seed of a Berry) Last name: Torrente Nicknames: Fre, Mermaid Date of birth: 31st May 1991 (26 years old) Place of birth: Marin General Hospital, 250 Bon Air Rd, Greenbrae, CA, USA Nationality: US Citizen, by birth right Current address: 605 Cascabel Avenue, Paleto Bay, San Andreas, USA Previous address: 1036 Bridgeway, Sausalito, CA, USA Grandparents father’s side: Merhawi Torrente (grandfather; first generation migrant born in Massawa, Eritrea; sailor and fisherman) Birikti Afewer
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