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Found 18 results

  1. - one of the unmarked black cabs, circa 2021 BLACK CABS - FastTravel Ltd. The Black Cabs company was founded early 2021 by a freelancer cab driver. The company works on a system similar to car-sharing, but also as a traditional cab company. The calls will be picked up by our drivers and once the customer is picked up, we'll input the address and let them know upfront what their ride will cost based on the distance to the destination point. We do not monopolise the so-far trademark livery. Officially registered "black cabbers" will be listed on ou
  2. Marie Maple Name: Marie Maple Street Name: -RETRO- Crew: [REDACTED] Religion: Catholic, Agnostic. Age: 29 Hair: Brown Eyes: Green Occupation: Driver - Graffiti Writer - H8TR Workplace: IMEX Logistics. Languages: English, French Respect is a Word. Love is a war. Style is a mission. Graffiti is a message. Bombing is a religion. -RETRO- VOCABULARY Piecebook: A graffiti writers most valuable possession, It displays all of their artwork. Passed and Present, Even artwork of fri
  3. M0netti.


  4. The beginning is always tough.
  5. INTRODUCTION Nedeljko Ljubic is a Caucasian man in his late thirties speaking with Eastern European, so-called, Russian English accent. Born in Croatia, a small ex-yu country in Eastern Europe, mostly known for its beautiful Adriatic Sea and disgusting corruption. He was raised in the Christian family as the only son to mother Marija and father Branko. His childhood was struck by the Croatian War of Independence in 1991. Where his and the majority of other fathers died serving and protecting their homeland. Mother's support and Nedeljko's persistence and de
  6. The one to trust with your transportation needs. Now also hiring experienced chauffeurs with progression opportunities. Call 3746 or forward an email to ihi.transit.org to schedule an interview. You will be required to have a driving and taxi license.
  7. Short description: We need more more options to accept calls from whoever you wish to pick up and a better money system in which official taxi companies could benefit off of the percentage too Detailed description: Our current taxi system works but it's not great.. it'd be nice if it could get a lil more work done to it, for example by adding a /taxiaccept [number/playerid] - right now, you /taxiaccept the first person that requested a taxi and 9/10 times they either forget to /canceltaxi their request and the person that comes after has to either wait for quite a while or the taxi
  8. Short description: Good quality of life change, to an already commands overfilled script. Detailed description: Remove the command /starttaxi and include the taxi shift under /startshift (without the government funds). Commands to add: Remove /starttaxi. Include taxi workers in /startshift (without the government payment) Items to add: None. How would your suggestion improve the server? Additional information: This will decrease the amount of commands a player must remember on the sever. Also it’s an easy implement a
  9. 1. Fix taxi callings. Automatically after 2-3 minutes cancel a taxi order from a call base with a massage: * Unfortunately, there are no available taxis * To avoid situations when a person orders a taxi, but you accept other order that was made 40 minutes ago and is no longer relevant, which also hasn't been canceled. 2. Fix taxi meter. Sometimes it's bugged and at the time of a taxi stop, for a short time (To drop a passenger or type a message in the chat box) taxi meter stop working and you need to turn it on once again. The fare is erased and starts anew.
  10. I am looking to sell my taxi company (The Walrus Business Taxi). The company comes with 4 Vapid Stainer taxis and an office. Everything is located in Pillbox. The company currently has 11 drivers and Employee percent share is currently set at 90%. (( Yes you get the cut after every taxi fare paid with /paytaxi )) I am taking offers over private messages! Also if you have any question feel free to contact me. Pictures: Office building: Office interior: Vehicles: Map location: Dashboard: Drivers:
  11. The Walrus Business Taxi is an emerging Taxi Company which offers professional and affordable Taxi Services in Los Santos and Blaine County. The company was founded in June 2019. by Nedeljko Ljubic, a newcomer from Croatia. The idea was born on a driver's seat in the white-blue Vapid Stanier Taxi when Nedeljko realized that this job can earn decent money if approached the right way. The name comes from a childhood group of friends called The Walruses. Office and Parking space are located on Strawberry Avenue, Textile City, just across the Ten Cent Hotel (1003 Strawberry Avenu
  12. The Walrus Business Taxi is now HIRING! Whether you're coming to us to be a full-time professional driver or a part-time driver, by joining us, as a driver you will have the unique opportunity to step into the role of being your own boss while helping us define our success across Los Santos and Blaine County. Apply HERE
  13. The Walrus Business Taxi is an emerging Taxi Company which offers professional and affordable Taxi Services in Los Santos and Blaine County. It is located at Hawick Avenue, between the Power Street and Elgin Avenue, just across the Fleeca Bank, Alta, Los Santos. The company was founded in May 2019. by Nedeljko Ljubic, a newcomer from Croatia. The idea was born on a driver's seat in the white-blue Vapid Stanier Taxi when Nedeljko realized that this job can earn decent money if approached the right way. Call 910 and we will get you anywhere you like, with qu
  14. Suggestion: Improving the current taxi systemShort description: Several ideas to have an improved and enhanced taxi systemDetailed description:Useful features: • There should be a command to list the last recent calls to the taxi hotline. This can be used to find people's names & phone numbers who who ran off without paying in the end. • A command that pushes a free advert to notify players that there is a taxi driver on duty. This should be protected by an anti-spam delay so that multiple taxi drivers can't use it at the same time, like the normal ads system. It should air somet
  15. Buying a couple of taxis. Vapid Stanier Taxi Post or email with offers. [email protected] ((FORUM PM))
  16. ==Murica Chopper== Make Taxi great again Ever needed a taxi? Course ya did! Ya do remember that day, right-o? Heavy rain, cold wind, got turned down by yar date, not enough cash for a quickie with little Mrs STD-collection, too much booze and headache… You –DO- remember that horrific day. How did ya get home and wank yarself? Lookin’ forward to tha’ lonely solitude of your dirty motel room, ya tried to hail one of these ugly cab cars on the street! And what happened? None of these ever-complaining slackers stopped! And when one of them did
  17. Download our app today! Radio in to channel 1006! LUBER is a free decentralized peer-to-peer open-source ridesharing app that enables riders and drivers to connect to each other on a free market. Simply load up the app, request a ride from your location, connect with an available driver, negotiate your fare, and get to where you need to go! LUBER by definition is not a taxi service, which means anyone with a car and a smartphone can drive others and get paid. There is no barrier to entry--anyone can drive as a LUBER driver. No more pesky taxi-medallion regulations getting in the way! Be
  18. LUBER IS LOOKING FOR DRIVERS Get a ride, earn money, save time and meet people! Join now on channel 1006(loob)! Drivers needed - got a car? Join the channel and start making money! Riders needed - need a ride? Join the channel and request a ride! ZERO BARRIERS TO ENTRY. Do you have a car? Is your radio on channel 1006? If both of those are yes--congratulations! You are now a LUBER driver! For more information click here
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