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Found 13 results

  1. Contact Charles at 369284 to discuss getting paint with quality shown above on your bike now
  2. BASIC INFO If asking for a commission, the buyer should have an idea of what they would like. This Includes character, poses, expressions, etc. The more detailed you can be, the better I can make the art for you! I only accept payment through paypal/venmo. My character is an artist in game, we can rp IC if you like, it makes the commission process more fun! Rules/Regulations My prices are USD, if you don't use USD, you would need to look up the conversion rate. I'm allowed to decline an idea if I don't want to do it. No reuploading/posting without credit I start after payment. If you are in need of a refund at any point in the process, I will issue a refund depending on how far done the commission is. If it is halfway done, you will get half your money back. If you need a refund, that could also take time as well. TLDR; Refunds are a hassle but I will do them if needed. If the art is finished you will not get a refund. Last rule: Please be respectful and courteous. I love making art for people, do your best to let me continue enjoying making art. EXAMPLES: This art is traditional but now i've switched to digital! I can do either for you. I'm also aware of the lack of humans, but i don't have access to some of my more recent work. I have full confidence in my ability to draw people. Pricing: (ALL PRICES ARE VALUED AT USD) Sketches Headshot Sketch: 5 $ Halfbody Sketch: 10$ Fullbody Sketch: 15$ Lineart Headshot: 15$ Halfbody: 20$ Fullbody: 25$ Flat Colorless Shading Headshot: 20$ Halfbody: 25$ Fullbody: 30$ Flat Color Headshot: 20$ Half Body: 25$ Fullbody: 35$ Simple Shading Color Headshot: 25$ Half Body: 30$ Full body: 40$ Complex Shading Color Headshot: 30$ Half Body: 40$ Full Body: 50$ Fully Rendered w/ Complex background Headshot: 40$ Half Body: 55$ Full Body 70$ ADDONS Background: 5/10 $ depending on size of piece Additional Characters: + 1/2 original price Props & very complicated characters, we can discuss. CONTACT Discord: pwrglove#2487 Or message me on here!
  3. For Sale 1159 Palomino Ave Starting Bid $220,000 Gallery
  4. Beautiful custom Liberty Chop Shop cruiser. Stylish, fast, powerful. Long and robust body, short handlebars for great control, painted black with red brake pads. Custom modified turbocharged engine and transmission and highest quality brakes installed. Radio system and GPS installed. Low mileage; 311 miles on odometer. No anti-theft system installed besides stock alarm. Starting bid: $55,000 Buyout: $70,000 Leave replies with your information. You can reach me at: Sam Email: [email protected] ((forum pm)) Ph: 2616 8306
  5. Vapid Scout - Asking Price: $75,000 SOLD Bravado Gresley AWD - Asking Price: $70,000 Bravado Gauntlet - Asking Price: $75,000 SOLD Willard Custom Faction Donk - Asking Price: $75,000 SOLD If interested in a vehicle(s), please comment below.
  6. Droaajd

    Custom phones

    Short description: For some businesses like Digital Den that sell electronics a feature so they could create new Custom phone models. Detailed description: Since every phone looks the same in /phone, we could have even more models of phones available. Everyone could have their own unique phone they maybe own in real-life or something like that. The numbers would still be random. Just like createitem it would be something lile createphone. Commands to add: /createphone [value] [Model] Items to add: I don't think. How would your suggestion improve the server? More personalisation to people. I think i read a suggestion similar to this and the person said like FaceBrowser girls could edit it new phones, so i'm going to use the same as an argument. More phones would get more phones into the pawn shop, too. Additional information: I didn't find a thread like this, but it's a lot to search through. And this would probably make the suggestion for different mobile models in /phone visible more difficult to implement if this gets there first.
  7. Fancy apartment located on San Andreas Ave. very close to Vespucci PD Contains: - 2 bedrooms (main + guests room) - 2 bathrooms (main bedroom bathroom + separated one) - kitchen - living room - office - JACUZZI Photos: **expired link** ((OOC STATS)) Market price: >> $130,000 << Furniture price: >> $130,000 << Starting price: >> $250,000 << Bid step: >> $5,000 << Buyout price: >> $520k << In person visits only between: 2 PM - 8 PM ((server time)) Contact: 407-5365 & 2003
  8. Looking to sell my Moonbeam Custom. Comes with full visual upgrades, and full performance upgrades, excluding the turbo. Also has advanced audio system, advanced hydraulics system and leather seats! Looking to get offer on it or sell for $80,000. Email me on the address above for private inquiries. Only serious buyers! ((OOC Stats:))
  10. I got for sale this wonderful recording apartment in Rancho, Dutch London Street. It has been recently renovated to the highest standards. Kitchen Bedroom En-suite Large living room Enough storage space. Market price: 45.000$ Furniture: 15.000$ Starting Bid: 60.000$ Sold: 97.000$
  11. 3 Story Vespucci Beach Property 2206 Bay City Ave Luxury Home featuring One Bedroom, One Bath Entry Room with Coat Closet Open Floor Plan Kitchen and Living Area Security Cameras and Surround Sound Entertainment Two Balconies Starting Bid: 450.000 Buyout: 800.000 Min. Bid Raise: 25k *Auction will end on or before Dec 23rd at 12 PM* Exterior Interior
  12. 2604 Bridge Street A luxury ambiance has now been made available in the heart of Mirror Park. Blending the modest english chateau with modern art, the limited space that the house felt it once had to offer has been widened a bit. This home comes equipped with a driveway that can hold up to 10 vehicles, one bedroom, oversized living room, oversized bathroom, and a luxury kitchen. This home also features views of Mirror Park lake, Downtown Los Santos, and the Tataviam Mountains. Starting Price: $245.000 Buyout: $340,000 More interior pictures As auction holder, I reserve the right to end the auction at any given time without a reason being given. Any bids being submitted below the starting bid will not be considered, with no exceptions.
  13. Selling my 2017 Bollokan Prairie. Purchased a few months ago and barely driven, it's been in storage for the last two months. Looking to sell for $30,000. E-mail if you are interested in purchasing ((reply to this thread)).
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