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Found 14 results

  1. Courtside Gangster Bloods dates back to the late 1980s and was a product of the Cambodian Genocide in the 1970s. Many Cambodian refugees settled in the United States with many groups moving into the section 8 homes of the Vespucci Canals in Los Santos. These families were met with challenges throughout the years with their environment coming with struggles such as gang activity and money issues. Gangs that have already been established would often see these groups as an easy target to pick on. Fights, robberies, home invasions to even stabbings often occurred in their neighborhoods with them usually being the victims. This caused the beginning of a deadly and violent street gang to form in the 8100 section of the Vespucci Canals other known as Imagination Courts. The youth began to run the streets while building a reputation they could take pride in, they were in many beefs against surrounding gangs in the area but quickly fell in line when multiple males from the area would find themselves facing charges. They would build connections and quickly established a foot hold in Vespucci, they found themselves in an alliance with a Blood gang other known as the W/S Krazy Miller Boyz, an established Asian Blood street gang. This alliance caused the gang to have a falling out with many other neighborhoods, mainly Crip neighborhoods. Throughout the years they would adopt the Damu culture and claim to be Gangster Bloods. Members would be in an out of jail but maintained to keep a strong influence on the streets with a reputation of being violent. In the 2010s the gang began to deteriorate, its older members being arrested and charged for serious crimes, the youth falling apart as the structure was crumbling along with it. The blood influence stayed in the 8100 section with a couple of groups of the youth residing in the area started to band together to keep the reputation of their neighborhood flowing. Courtside Mobb was a small time clique formed by kids running around committing petty crimes in their neighborhood to keep their friends close to each other, following the formation of Courtside Mobb another clique showed up by the name of Ready For War. Both had strong ties to the Courtside Gangster Bloods. These two cliques were as tight knit as can be, the two new names posed a threat to other gangs in the area and they found themselves in street wars rather quickly. While the group quickly made a name for themselves in the drug trade of Los Santos, they also lived up to their roots and fought off rival gangs while keeping their neighborhood in tact. After the passing of a factor and close friend to everyone in the neighborhood by the name of Aiden “Gudda” Hyeong, the teens would quickly pick up the pace and were responsible for a string of shootings and robberies within the following weeks, even shootings involving the Los Santos Sheriffs Department. The noise they made would cause a shock in the city, they took their Blood affiliations more seriously which caught the attention of locked up members of the Courtside Gangster Bloods. Two high ranking members of both cliques were blessed into the Blood gang, taking their members along with it. Westside 81 Oriental Boyz is a newer name established by the youth in the Vespucci Canals, the name comes from their location being in the 8100 section of the Canals, Imagination Courts to be exact. The subset is known to be the main factor in most of the street crime in Vespucci, Los Santos. The Damu influence is being spread all across the area with its ties being directed back to CGB and the Oriental Boyz. They’ve picked up beefs throughout the years with all Crips in the area and stick to their “Crip Killer” roots.
  2. This thread will present the following of the life and character dialogue of Tyrell Suggs, a Davis native who’s affiliated with the 104 Hard Time Hustler Neighborhood Crips (104HTHC). Everything screenshot related or displayed is Tyrell showcasing his life at a standpoint where he is at the age of being 18 years old, a month fresh out of serving time of 3.5 years inside the Los Santos Youth Authority Juvenile Halls / Twin Towers Correctional Facility for having a Sig P220 was confiscated of him with 3.5 grams of marijuana. Tyrell carries a demeanor and attitude of always looking for how he can get over on the next person, rather it’s big or little gain. This personality resorted to his financial gains by doing things that vary from major scams such as card skimming to minor scams such as fake drug deals, gun deals, etc. He also has a public toxic relationship with his mother, that comes off to you seeing the two regularly arguing over how his lifestyle is currently, about his financial situation, him having problems residing at her residence and things of that sort. A partial look into his background story prior that led up to this position Tyrell is in is that he grew up in a household with just him and his mother. His father didn’t have a chance to have a presence in his life as his father was gang affiliated with the 105 Underground Blocc Crips, and died in a fatal gang shooting that happened during the time Tyrell mother was pregnant with Tyrell. Long story short, finances dwindled and this forced his mother to go out into the world getting money anyway she could some disgracefully. Tyrell was old enough to remember the struggle he was going through with money. Plus without any father figure playing a part, led to him being laughed at and sometimes clowned on by other kids and would fight back with the kids because of their snobbish & hateful nature towards him. This led to a hustling motivation for Tyrell too, as that pushed him to start pulling sudden acts that he was influenced by his uncle that started coming around in his early teenage years that did things such as scamming, minor scams and card skimming acts for financial stability. His uncle was from the same neighborhood as well that is a gang affiliated neighborhood belonging to the 104 Hard Time Hustler Crips, which his uncle was affiliated. So hanging out with his uncle more in his early teenage years, led to him being outside more frequently and hanging around the neighborhood, pulling stunts such as playing dice games with the older homies in the set, playing basketball and hanging with the fellow kids in the neighborhood. Doing all of this while being around his uncle, led to encouragement that set his sort of looks on things like always looking on how he can get over on the next person, rather it’s big or little gain on things. This led down a crucial path in Tyrell’s life, leading for him to build more involvement around in the streets and becoming more aligned with affiliations with 104 Hard Time Hustler Crips and taking up under his uncle with that and stuff of that nature. Tyrell started building more of a reputation, that convinced other reputable affiliated members to initiate Tyrell into the 104 Hard Time Hustler Crip, which he accepted initiation and was put onto the the 104 Hard Time Hustle Crips under his ties in with his uncle he earned the general spot from his uncle “Rampage#2” to him being “Rampage#3k”. Tyrell’s mother eventually became more sequenced into what Tyrell was doing on the outside and started not to accept him as much as her own due to his actions, this has led to continuous problems between him and his mother such as arguments, and stuff of that sort. From one instance, a memorable incident is when Tyrell supposedly pointed a firearm at his mother in a specific incident of a loud argument that transpired between the two. Authorities were called to the scene, and nosy neighbors stood outside witnessing the verbal altercation. When authorities arrived, they caught up with Tyrell that attempted to rush from the scene when he attempted to jump out the window of his bedroom. Authorities arrested Tyrell without incident, no firearm was found due to Tyrell ditching it. He was then sent to the Los Santos Youth Authority Department until his mother dropped the charges on him two weeks later. But this didn’t make anything any better. Later that year, of February of 2020, Tyrell was hanging out at Lucky Plucker off Strawberry and Innocence with Keonte “Blitz#4” White, Makaila “Chunc Em#3k” Cherry and Reina “Lady Lil Fab” Carter. At the time, Keonte “Blitz#4” White was on Facebrowser Live. Not even 20 minutes into the livestream, a silver Asea appeared and opened fire on the group, letting off over 100 shots. By the grace of god, only Tyrell was hit and sustained minor injuries to the upper shoulder. It was later found out that this attack was in the hands of 107 Hoover Criminals after members were bragging about the situation on social media. Was arrested minutes after being shot in 2020 during the Lucky Plucker incident, after multiple dispatches were forwarded to the scene of the shooting. A Sig P220 was confiscated with 3.5 grams of marijuana. Tyrell was sentenced to three years, and was just released early April. Facebrowser Westside 104 Hard Time Hustler Crips
  3. This thread will follow the character life & development of Miguel Lara, a 16 year-old kid from South Central, Los Santos. Background Story: Miguel Lara is 16 Years Old, and currently resides in the heart of the Jurassic Park Brims, specifically the Madd Ass Gvngsta Brims clique. He's the only child in his family, and was raised by both his mother and his father. His father died to the LSPD when he was just 6 Years Old. Miguel is an outstanding athlete in the community, which he both excels in football and basketball, along with getting good grades. Lara is fully Cuban, which means Spanish is his first language and English is his second, he still speaks both of them fluently. Miguel has never been into any serious trouble with the law, the most he's been in trouble for is a few fist fights, nothing too major. Social Media(s): https://face.gta.world/bluestripchaserr
  4. "I mean, I know I'mma get got. But I'm gone get mine more than I get got though."
  5. Alec Sibrian (Born May 7th, 1998) - Known by his friends as "Ali" is an Armenian American born and raised in the Morningwood area of Los Santos, otherwise known as Little Armenia. Alec is a criminal associate of the Armenian Power gang, having close family connections to the group through his cousin Arto “Kaz” Kazarian who is a member of the gang. Alec had a fairly normal, but poor upbringing. His parents were Iraqi-Armenian immigrants who moved to the Morningwood area to be near their Kazarian relatives who had moved to the area sometime before. A strict and old fashioned Armenian run household living paycheck to paycheck left a childhood with much left to be desired, leading Alec down a road that would lead to his criminal lifestyle. Alec has been involved in delinquency from his early adolescence, trailing after his cousin with his tight knit group of friends and getting into trouble with authorities for petty crime and antisocial behavior. Whilst having little interest in most aspects of education Alec took a keen interest in school with anything computer or technology related, though his real interest lay with the hustle on the streets of Morningwood. While he was still in school he would take any small errand he was offered by the older AP members such as Kaz or Rouben “Camel” Sevacherian, though he was never trusted with anything important as is custom with Armenian Power and younger kids on the block. Alec continued his schooling whilst running messages for his big cousin, until the day the police raided Morningwood. Arto Kazarian, Alec’s cousin, was arrested for drug possession charges and was sent off to county jail, leaving Alec left with just his friends to rely on to continue his hustle on the street and get himself through school. Alec got his high school diploma, even going as far as to be considering going to college to study computer science. Alec however turned this down in order to start a real hustle on the street, obtaining petty amounts of drugs from other criminals in the area and selling them on to his friends and other acquaintances. Later with his childhood friends, Matevos, Yahir and Marat. Alec began to get involved in housebreaking and robbery, scrapping dollars together from their theft to help their parents pay rent and live it up with the rest of their friend group. Now a grown man Alec has been reunited with his cousin after his incarceration, getting deeper into the criminal life of Little Armenia and using his knowledge of technology to build a fraud scheme that he intends on growing into an all-out racket.
  6. "If it's the last thing that I gotta do, if it's the last point that I gotta prove, to my fuckin squad I'ma keep it true and represent the gang till I'm restin in a tomb" - Young Dopey Left to right; Florencia Echegoyen, 2015 @ Decker Park before MS13 RICO indictment ~ Florencia Echegoyen, 2020 @ Lindsay Park after release from Bollingbroke State Pen BACKSTORY: Florencia Echegoyen a/k/a La Greñas was a W/S Mara Salvatrucha 13 gang member, originally born into a mid-end family in West Los Santos; a couple of them being affiliated to the W/S Mara Salvatrucha 13 themselves. Florencia Echegoyen was a good girl up until she was 14, when she was placed under the observacione role within W/S Mara Salvatrucha 13; meaning she was being observed for membership status. She became a chequeo at the age of 15, ironically being the same year that the Federal Bureau of Investigations and Los Santos Police Department RICO indicted countless W/S Mara Salvatrucha 13 affiliates, her being one of them. She was sent to a juvenile detention center where she was officially inducted as a member of the transnational criminal organization at 16 years old by other young affiliates, and was given a 13 second beatdown to get jumped into the gang; in private away from juvenile security. At the age of 15; Florencia Echegoyen and several other Mareras jumped a rival female gang member from Drifters 13, where it resulted in Florencia Echegoyen hanging the rival female with a rope; essentially lynching her. This is where Florencia Echegoyen's street name; La Greñas comes into play, since it translates to "Tangle", and the rope tangled multiple times during the lynching; Florencia Echegoyen's homegirls nicknamed her La Greñas. Once Florencia Echegoyen hit 18 years old, she was officially transferred to the women's facility of Bollingbroke State Penitentiary where she served a remaining 17 months before being released back into the general population. Once released back into the public, she spent roughly two years in the W/S Mara Salvatrucha doing countless things to keep ship afloat, until Gabriella "Feisty" Delgado was released after being made keyholder of MS in the state of San Andreas. Once "Feisty" Delgado became the acting keyholder, just before her reigns came to an end she gave Florencia the go ahead to walk away from the W/S Mara Salvatrucha. After walking away from MS13, Florencia got deeper into the underworld of Organized Crime instead of going legit. In her mind, getting away from MS13, and removing the tattoos; were only going to help her go far in the underworld. Due to being a woman in a man's world, her Mexican uncle from the Badiraguato region of Sinaloa helped line up a connection for her to get in touch with some people, and directed her to the most infamous street crew under the Border Brothers 22 in San Andreas; Blood Money Inc. Anything used in character from this thread will be reported, as it'll be considered metagaming. Everything on this thread, pictures and backstory are for the aesthetic and vibe and also to give people a short little insight to Florencia Echegoyen's life.
  7. The Culver City Boys 13 (CCB13) is a vicious Mexican American Sureño street gang that was founded in the area of Bay City Ave in Vespucci on the Western side of Los Santos in the late 60s. The gang has expanded all over the district of Bay City Avenue and Vespucci during the early 80s. Due to the gang’s expansion, the Culver City Boys 13 accepts members of all races due to the lack of Hispanics in certain areas in Vespucci. They have been known for terrorizing the area of Vespucci since they became into existence in the late 1960s. The gang’s main income comes from several illegal activities, with cliques extending from Bay City Avenue to North Vespucci, the gang took advantage of their turf’s location to sell narcotics in beach parties, extorting businesses, racketeering, armed robberies, and grand theft auto. THE NAME Even though the red color is worn by the Norteños, the Culver City Boys identify with red. The Culver Boys have been known to wear red before going under the Mexican Mafia and still identify with red to this day, nowadays, the Culver Boys refer to themselves as the “red ragging Sureños” and the “City Gees”. Before the Culver Boys became Sureños, they were known as the “Bay City Boys”, the gang took its first steps in front of a famous and well-known market in Bay City Avenue in the district of Vespucci called Gregory Culver & Sons market, the market’s location was the kick-off to the Culver Boys. The posse’s illegal activities kicked-off from the Culver market, drug dealers from the Culver City Boys took advantage of the market's popularity and sold narcotics to those who exit the market. The gang adopted the name “Culver” off the market’s name and replaced it with “Bay”, calling themselves the Culver City Boys 13. VESPUCCI Culver City Boys 13 were founded along Bay City Avenue but expanded their turf as time went by. The gang has developed cliques from Bay City Ave all the way down the alleyway attached to Melanoma street. The organization's rise in power can be traced back to the growth in Mexican immigration in the late 1900s. Many of the immigrants chose to settle down on the south side of Vespucci together in order to preserve their culture. Vespucci is the perfect mixture of wealth and poverty. Half of Vespucci’s population is living in a five hundred thousand dollar mansion while the less fortunate half barely manages to make ends meet. The social divide has only gone up in recent days and in turn, the groups rarely interact, leading to the formation of small neighborhood-based communities. The groups are typically formed on the basis of race and social class. The less wealthy communities quickly turned to crime to make up for their poverty. The crime soon was organized into small cliques, and cliques into gangs. Gangs began to control Vespucci in around 1980, the Hispanics being the most frequent of these members. Vespucci’s gangs rarely get along with each other as a result of the constant drug turf disputes. These disputes occur when a gang decides to spread its market and push into another cliques’ territory. Territory disputes are often solved by one gang conceding the turf or being forced out of the area, but occasionally the conflict gets so large that it requires a third party to who supplies both of the gangs with drugs to define who gets what turfs. An example of conflict based on turf is the war between Vespucci 13 and Culver City Boys 13. The tension started when the Culver Boys pushed local teenager Jose ‘Oso’ Avila to sell drugs on a corner located in Vespucci’s turf back in 1994. The teenager was jumped and all of his possessions were stolen, but this wasn’t the end of the conflict. Culver City sent the same boy to the same corner but this time he had nothing in his pockets and five of the Culver members were watching from afar. The kid, yet again, was assaulted and robbed but this time only seconds after the first hit the Vespucci member was rushed by five Hispanic teenagers, who proceed to take everything on his figure. As time went on the conflict only grew larger and more deadly. Even in the modern-day, the intersection is claimed by both groups and a cease-fire has not been negotiated.by both groups. CULVER CITY BOYS 13 The Culver City Boys 13 gang was formed back in the late 1960s in Bay City Avenue in the district of Vespucci, like many Hispanic street gangs, the gang was born as a group of young Mexican-Americans that offers protection to the Mexican immigrants and other people of the Hispanic descent who live in the area of Bay City Avenue and Vespucci. The Bay City housing projects became the gang’s main hangout area by the late 1970s. The Culver City gang was known to be one of the most dangerous gangs on the westside. During the 80s and the 90s, the gang’s cliques conquered other territories in Vespucci, one of the most active and recent cliques is called the Project Boys, the Project Boys territory extends from Bay City Avenue in La Puerta to Melanoma Street, cliques like the Diablos (DBS) and Melanoma Locos share territories with the Project Boys, other Culver City Boys cliques like the Pee-Wee Locos (PWLS) recruit young members and is known for sharing territories with other several cliques such as the Puerta Locos and the Winos clique that is active on Rub Street. The Culver City cliques are known for dealing in a wide range of crimes. The gang’s activities include drug trafficking, robbery, extortion, and murder for hire. The Culver City gang is also one of the active gangs in prison, the Culver Boys would clique up with other Sureño prison gangs to obey the Mexican Mafia. Despite being an anti-African-American gang, the Culver Boys recruit African-Americans and accepts members of all ethnic groups due to the lack of Hispanic immigrants and Hispanic-Americans in Vespucci. The first African-American gang war was conducted by the Culver Boys against the Vespucci Shoreline Crips. The two gangs were sharing Rub Street Housing Project in Vespucci, the war escalated between both gangs when the Culver Boys claimed controls of the Rub Street projects. Numerous members of Vespucci Shoreline Crips drew back into the Tug Street projects for protection. Despite the rivalry with Venice 13, the Culver Boys and Venice 13 united against the Venice Shoreline Crips who eventually took control of the drug trade in Tug Street. The Culver Boys were responsible for the 1993 Thanksgiving fire bombings of the African-American homes and cars. One of the gang’s largest rivals was the Del Perro 13 gang, the Culver Boys had this long rivalry with the Del Perro 13 over territories. During October 1998, series of shooting in Tug Street and Del Perro has been allocated by LSPD to a war between the Culver Boys and Del Perro 13. On June 4th, 1999, Del Perro’s Superior Court judge issued a preceding injunction that bans the Culver City gang along with other street gangs like Vespucci Shoreline Crips from involving in what the authority described as the gang’s La Puerta drug trafficking turf, the court hearing, which was stocked with over 40 gang members, maintain that the gang itself and 75 individuals specifically listed in the suit, were a threat to public safety. The injunction created a safe zone between Vespucci, La Puerta, and several neighborhoods surrounding the district of Vespucci. This injunction brought the war with Del Perro 13 and the Vespucci Shoreline Crips to halt, even though the Culver City Boys suffered during the injunction, they remained active and kept their business going under the shadows CULVER CITY BOYS TODAY Even though the Culver City Boys 13 gang suffered from an injunction during the 90s, it remains strong and active to this day and is still considered one of the largest gangs on the western side of Los Santos with active cliques scattered all over the district of Vespucci and several in Del Perro. The Project Boys is one of the active and recent Culver City Boys cliques, the clique shares their hood with several Culver City Boys cliques and white gangs in Vespucci. The Project Boys clique oppose being an anti-African-American clique, the clique actively recruits teenagers from of all ethnic groups and races from Vespucci.
  8. This thread follows the story of tag banger turned gang banger Nathan Arias.
  9. The Varrio Del Perro 17th Street, also known as Del Perro Trece, Del Perro 13 or DPG(for Del Perro Gang), are a vicious Mexican American street gang based in the Sandcastle neighborhood of Del Perro, San Andreas. The Del Perro Gang was the first gang to originate on the Westside of Los Santos in the 1920's. They are mostly known for their decades-old rivalries with neighboring gangs in Vespucci, Del Perro, and West Los Santos. Even though Del Perro 13 is a Sureño gang, they wear their traditional black bandanas. The acronym DP17 refers to Del Perro 17th Street, which is the Del Perro Trece's primary subset or "clique". They write up "DPG" or "Del Perro Gang" to show solidarity. History of Del Perro Gang The creation of the Del Perro Gang dates back to the aftermath of World War I. They were originally known as the Del Perro Tomato Patch Gang. At that time, Mexican nationals tended to group up to provide fellow Latinos with protection against both other gangs, racial persecution, and ultra-nationalist groups. They were organizing neighborhood patrols, which were slowly turning into gangs. The heightened number of Mexicans who came to the United States to work in the factories built to fuel the war effort made it easy to find people willing to cross the line in order to survive. The Del Perro Gang wasn't known until the 1950s. Following the birth of La eMe, the group notoriously known as the Del Perro Tomato Patch Gang would soon be known as Del Perro 13. The band of criminals included both Mexican and Mexican-American members. It is known that the gang eventually expanded beyond its original border, managing to reach and conquer territory in Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. Some gangs, such as the Del Perro 13, resorted to the production of methamphetamine to fund their operations following the introduction of stricter laws in San Andreas. All the other prominent cliques in Del Perro 13 had gone defunct due to either severe gentrification or because they have decayed because of police presence, injunctions, or the arrest of important key figures in the gangs operation. Other than that the only active and remaining clique in current times is the "Little Locos". Little Locos Clique Little Locos (LLS) were a small tag crew that first appeared on the walls of Del Perro in the 1980's. This crew was noticed by older members of Del Perro 13, and taken advantage of to distribute drugs. The solidification of the crew occurred in the 1990s during the height of the bloody gang feuds that happened then. As a result of that, the Little Locos became more involved with the "front line" of the gang. After that, the Little Locos gained further notoriety for their relentless methods of distributing drugs such as methamphetamine, marijuana, cocaine, and crack cocaine throughout the neighborhood. However, this function had been put to a strong halt after the arrest of one of the most prominent figures within the Little Locos clique, Hector 'Sleepy' Garza in the early 2000s. This had sent the clique into an intramural power struggle as several people put themselves forward for the position to hold the keys. In more present times, the Little Locos clique re-built their ill-famed stature within the region of Del Perro by continuing what allowed them to rise to fame, dealing narcotics. Whilst the crew still was not structurally sound from the feud that had brewed beforehand, they had settled their differences once the prospective leaders liaised and put an end to the internal dispute. This then allowed the group to continue expanding their market by moving onto the exchange of firearms, the theft of automobiles, extortion, and robberies. Nowadays, they resume their operations, some of which could be considered a form of crime that can be monetized; murder, assault, and tag-banging. Del Perro Gang Today The gang continues to grow despite the ongoing gentrification. The gang primarily finances its operations through methamphetamine trafficking. The gang is known to beef with the surrounding gangs. Del Perro 13, much like the other gangs in the area, has gone through numerous gang injunctions since the 1990s.
  10. Seoul-Side 213 청소년 (Y.R.C/213) Description Seoul-Side 213 was a set of the "Asian Criminals/Y.A.C" street gang, majorly consisting of Korean-American youth from the Little Seoul area. The earliest trace of its activities date to 2008, when a member of the gang named "Freddy Ha" robbed the Vespucci 24/7 at gunpoint, injuring three people in the process and thus recieving life in prison. Origin In the mid-to-late 2000's , Little Seoul birthed a group of asian teens that formed together to protect themselves from opposing Hispanic and African-American gangs in the immediate and surrounding areas. Originally beginning as somewhat of a "Neighborhood watch" in the area of Palomino Avenue/Little Seoul, soon enough the pressures of living in an impoverished area with no youth clubs or community centres turned the group into a violent street-gang that contributed to a large amount of the crime-rate in Little Seoul. The loosely-organized street gang was identified by the area code of Little Seoul (213), a number scattered around Little Seoul in the form of graffiti, tattoos, vandalism and slang. Little Seoul (Areacode 213) The group operates in West LS, Little Seoul, a region dubbed "Koreatown" by the locals following an influx of Korean immigrants in the 1960's. Little Seoul is a diverse region, with a high number of east-asian residents making up majority of the Little Seoul population. Although Little Seoul today is a sprawling business hotstop that attracts investors across Los Santos, lack of community resources and investment into housing, aswell as a tight community culture that makes "snitching" tabboo, has overtime transformed Little Seoul into the perfect boiling pot for crime. Modern Day (Prime) As the group was open to diversity and allowed a variety of teens from different asian backgrounds to join them, it quickly grew in size due to its inclusivity. Following rivalries with red-ragging street gangs and because of their close alliances with crip sets such as the Capital Gangster Crip, they considered themselves bK, associating with mostly crips and asian/polynesian sets. But after building an alliance with the Palomino-Side Wah-Ching, the group dropped their "bK" mindset, as-well as the name "Seoul Boyz", associating as "Seoul-Side 213" instead. Members of the group mainly partook in petty crimes, including but not limited to: Robbery, drug trafficking, vandalism, prostitution, and minor fraud. Defunct Timeline: After the death of Tohyon "Teezy" Kang, the remaining members struggled to uphold their street activity. Following several homicides in Little Seoul, including the shooting of an Officer of the Los Santos Police Department, the resulting incarceration of several members (Ryder Jeong, Jordan Park (deceased), Freddy Ha, Samuel Pheakdei, Kenneth Cheoung (deceased), Ect) also factored heavily in the set going defunct. It is believed that a confidential informant gave crucial information which resulted in the case that brought down several of the key members of the Seoul-Side 213. Even after the gang's street-activity completely faded, two of its deceased members "Lee" and "Teezy" remained in Little Seoul in the form of graffiti across the alleys and parks of K-Town. The Seoul-Side 213 going defunct greatly aided in the growth and expansion of the Palomino-Side Wah Ching, making them one of the only remaining active street-gangs in the Little Seoul area. The only remaining trace of the Seoul-Side 213 in modern day is in prison, due to the incarcerated members grouping together with asians and polynesians from other sets in the Twin Towers Correctional Facility to form the "Other Prison Car" for protection and to increase their numbers. Seoul-Side 213 Wiki: https://wiki.gta.world/index.php/Seoul-Side_213
  11. The Westside Innocence Family Gangster Bloods (WSIFGB) or W/S 92 Innocence Family Gangster Bloods is a gang located on the eastside of South Los Santos in the district of North Rancho. They originated in the 1970s, originally known as the Chain Gang and feuded with the West Side Crips, a street gang founded by Stanley "Tookie" Williams. The Chain Gang had been around long before the formation of the “Crips," along with the LS Brims. Their controlled grounds stretch from N. Roy Lowenstein Blvd to Little Bighorn Avenue, they claim the 9200 block of Jamestown Street as their primary territory. The Innocence Family Gang have two primary cliques such as Flamin 90s and the Ransom Gang. Allies of the Innocence Family Gangster Bloods have a close alliance with the Avenue Piru Gang, and is identified as the Family Ru's. They also share a close alliance with the Mad Swan Bloods, known as the Family Swan Bloods. Other allies are the Carson Mafia Gangster Bloods along with the Carson Mafia Family. The Innocence Family Gang formed a truce with the Eight Tray Gangster Crips, due to their mutual rivalries with nearby street gangs under the Neighborhood Crips (especially the Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips), Rollin 100 Crips, and all (Rollin Os Crips). Other rivals of the Innocence Family Gang are the Hard Time Hustler Crips, S/S Park Village Crips, and the Lowenstein Asian Boyz Crips Gang. Despite being Bloods, the Innocence Family Gang are also known for their past feuds with other blood gangs such as the Neighbor Hood Pirus along with the Queen Block Bloods as well as the Davis Lane Gangster Bloods. In 2013, a deadly war between the Innnocence Family Bloods and the Davis Lane Gangster Bloods erupted claiming the lives of respected members from both sides. In 2015, Rancho Monster, a rapper affiliated with the Innocence Family Gang released a song titled "Suppose To Be Bloods" featuring June Dawg (of the Damu Ridas) with gang ties to the Davis Lane Bloods and Redrum 781 (Avenue Piru Gang) as well as G-Nutt (Brims). The song was inspired by this feud and other blood on blood rivalries that has spiked since the 2000's. Despite the gang's involvement in the rap scene, the gang has a very prominent appearance in the streets drug scene in Los Santos and various other cities across the United States. In recent news, there was an indictment on 13 members of the Innocence Family Gangster Bloods' older members. The gang was pumping guns and drugs throughout the US to smaller subsidized cliques of the gang. This situation was duly notated on the FBI's website and took a toll on the gang's livelihood in Los Santos.
  12. BACKGROUND Chamberlain Hills has not had a particularly well off history. In fact, it is known for its poverty and crime rich history. The Enterprise started off as a trap that thought, "We could make more money selling drugs and prostitutes together than we ever could alone." From that day forward, the 'Enterprise' was born. They didn't start off as the Chamberlain Hills Enterprise though, originally they were the Westblock Enterprise. It was named because they originally trapped out of apartment 107 on facing the LS river. Once more of Chamberlain was invited however, they changed their name to the Chamberlain Hills Enterprise. MODERN DAY Now the Enterprise has enforcers watching the corners of Forum/Carson, Forum/Davis, and Forum/Strawberry. The heart of the empire is Crystal Heights. Their territory has Expanded to include the majority of Forum Drive. Notable locations include BJ Smith recreation center, All Swell Apartments, and Crystal Heights. HOW TO JOIN Contact me on discord @elgroucho, same name on the forums. There's no interview or anything I guess just give me your contact info for in-game and you'll be in.
  13. Original Gangsta Gangsta Original Young Gangsta - OYG Young Gangsta - YG Original Baby Gangsta - OBG Baby Gangsta - BG Hoodrat
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