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  1. * Name: Nessa Knight * Phone number: 4369 * Email: [email protected] Comment: Young couple interested in the property, our current appartment too small for any future plans and looking for somewhere that we can grow our family.
  2. Bidding closing 24 hours from now.
  3. Noted. Bidding still open.
  4. BID for Dinka Double-T 192.36 mi ((Engine 4/4, Transmission 3/3)) ((Lock:1 Alarm :1)) Starting bid: 35,000 Buyout: 45,000 Minimum increase: 500
  5. Really interested in this post. My main character atm is a bartender and always argue this with myself. Usually, I try to do the whole thing, putting a whole /me and backing it up with a one liner /do to continue. Then again, I do try to get as many orders at once as I can. Bit too shy to ask my customers if they'd just rather me doing quick /me 's and just get them their drink. "/me grabs a bottle of tequila and pours it into the shot glasses." And be over with it. I do all of my bartending interactions on /l and /melow . Thoughts?
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