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Found 19 results

  1. ((Vehicle Stats: https://ibb.co/W25BC4r ))
  2. ASKING 35K OBO (WILLING TO NEGOTIATE) EMAIL ME!!! [email protected] ( @Skarriss Forum PM) OR CALL ME! Phone #: 258-2374 - RICO ROSE
  3. GTA:World vehicles / My take on realistic vehicle portrayal guide! Credits: Welcome to my vehicles guide! There's two parts to this guide: Part 1 - Showcasing all the vehicles on the server and which dealerships to find them at with pictures drawn from the server, so you no longer have to run from dealership to dealership to find the vehicle you want! Part 2 - A guide on what vehicles are suitable for lower class/young characters, with pictures, prices, and a short description for each one. Disclaimer: I have written the names of every vehicle under the dealership's name so you can use ctrl + F to search for a vehicle's name and see which dealership it's available in. So, let's get this guide started with. Part 1 Noun's Motors "Vapid Chino Classic - Bravado Youga Classic - Gallivanter Baller - Albany Virgo - Vapid Torrence SSO - Obey Tailgater - Declasse Granger - Dinka Thrust - Albany Washington - Annis Hellion - Declasse Yosemite - Albany Presidente - Ocelot Jackal - Vapid Scout - Benefactor Streiter - Obey Rocoto - Benefactor Schafter - Benefactor Schafter 2010 - Gallivanter Baller II - Vapid 4x4 CaraCara - Annis Kawaii - Vapid Executioner - Albany Presidente C-STR - Vapid Cara 2020 - Gallivanter Baller LE - Gallivanter Baller LE LWB - Lampadati Felon - Dewbauchee Exemplar - Lampadati Felon GT - Benefactor Schafter V12 - Dundreary Stretch - Ocelot F620 - Dewbauchee Rapid GT - Benefactor Schafter LWB - Dewbauchee Rapid GT convertible - Enus Cognoscenti Cabrio - Lampadati Furore GT - Grotti Carbonizzare" High End Autos "Albany Manana - Declasse Tornado - Declasse Tornado Convertible - Vapid Peyote - Flash - Declasse Yosemite - Fathom FQ 2 - Benefactor Serrano - Shitzu Hakuchou - Albany Cavalcade II - Pegassi Bati 801 - Inverto Coquette Targa - Albany Alpha - Benefactor Dubsta - Mammoth Patriot - Benefactor Dubsta Sport - Benefactor XLS - Annis ZR-380 - Bravado Gresley Hellhound - Enus Huntley S - Lampadati Novak - Obey 9F - Bravado Banshee - Obey 9F Cabrio - Annis Elegy Retro - Dewbauchee Massacro - Obey 8F Drafter - Dinka Jester - Grotti Bestia GTS - Enus Paragon R. - Obey Argento - Coil Taranis" Mirror Park Dealership "Maxwell Asbo - Dinka Blista Kanjo - Vapid Uranus - Vapid Victor - Cheburek - Fagaloa - Burgerfahrzeug Club GTR - Obey Omnis - Declasse Sabre 550SS - Clique - Ubermacht Seraph - Savestra - Deathbike - Issi Classic - Sentinel Classic - Riata - Canis Kamacho - Tulip - Lampadi Michelli GT - Retinue - Streiter - Dinka Sugoi - Vapid Ellie - Karin Everon - Impaler - Classic Gauntlet - Vamos - Lampadati Komoda - Karin Sultan Classic - Bravado Gauntlet Hellfire - Comet Retro - Comet - Ubermacht Rebla GTS - Flash GT - Jester Classic - Vapid Dominator Classic - Z190 - Rapid GT Classic - Deviant - Comet RS - Vapid Dominator GTX - Albany V-STR - Overflod Imorgon - GT500 - Raiden - Pfister Neon - Classic Cheetah - Pariah" Sanders Motorcycles "Pegassi Faggio Sport - Western Rat Bike - Dinka Enduro - LCC Hexer - Shitzu PCJ 600 - Western Zombie Bobber - Western Zombie Chopper - Western Slave - Western Bagger - Shitzu Vader - Principle Nemesis - Pegassi Ruffian - LCC Templar - Pegassi Esskey - Western Wolfsbane 2010 - Principe Diablous - Western Wolfsbane - Western Wayfarer - LCS Lycan - Western Hellfury - Western Daemon - Western Diabolus - Western Angel - Western Freeway - Nagasaki Carbon RS - Western Revenant - Dinka Double-T - Western Daemon Custom - Western Sovereign 2010 - Western Sovereign - LCS Nightblade - LCC Avarus - FCR1000 Custom - Western Wintergreen - Western Nightblade - FCR1000 - Nagasaki Chimera - Dinka Akuma - Western Cliffhanger - Gargoyle" Premium Motorsport "Vapid Radius - BF Surfer - Benefactor Panto - Karin BeeJay XL - Bravado Paradise - Emperor Habanero - Albany Buccaneer - Declasse Stallion - Imponte Dukes - Vapid Blade - Alamo - Declasse Tampa - Declasse Sabra Turbo - Bravado Buffalo - Karin Sultan - Bravado Gresley - Bravado Gauntlet - Ubermacht Sentinel XS - Ubermacht Sentinel Cabrio - Ubermacht Zion - Ubermacht Zion Cabrio - Bravado Buffalo S - Bravado Gauntlet Classic Custom - Ocelot Lynx - Maibatsu Penumbra FF - Inverto Coquette" Downtown General Motors "Dundreary Regina - Vapid Minivan - Declasse Rhapsody - Benefactor Glendale - Karin Dilettante - Vapid Stanier - Vapid Tow Truck (Slamvan) - Dinka Blista - Bollokan Prairie - Cheval Surge - Vapid Stanier 2 - Vulcar Warrener - Declasse Merit - Cheval Fugitive - Bravado Bison Utility - Bravado Youga Classic 4x4 - Bravado Bison - Zicronium Stratum - Albany Cavalcade - Bravado Rumpo - Karin Intruder - Vapid Dominator - Canis Seminole Frontier - Declasse Gang Burrito - Albany Landstalker G - Vapid Huntley - Imponte Beaker Dukes - Vapid Gauntlet - Declasse Burrito Sport - Karin Kuruma - Benefactor Schwartzer - Hijak Khamelion - Vapid Contender - Benefactor Surano" Downtown Autos "Pegassi Faggio - Bravado Rat-Loader - Emperor (Rusty) - Declasse Asea - Declasse Rancher XL - Albany Emperor - Chavel Picador - Karin Asterope - Willard Faction - Albany Primo - Dundreasy Admiral Classic - Vapid Stanier Taxi - Bodhi - Albany Esperanto - Vulcan Ingot - Vapid Slamvan - Declasse Voodoo - Willard Faction Custom - Dinka Hakumai - Weeny Issi - Maibatsu Penumbra - Declasse Premier Classic - Dundreary Virgo Classic - Vapid Bobcat XL - Karin Rebel - Vapid Sadler Retro Sport SWB - Burgerfahrzeug Furzen - Vapid Slamvan (Lost) - Dinka Blista Compact - Declasse Premier SS - Bravado Youga - Brute Pony - Declasse Moonbeam - Dinka Chavos - Declasse Voodoo Custom - Imponte Ruiner - Vapid Sadler Retro Sport LWB - Ubermacht Oracel XS - Declasse Vigro - Declasse Premier - Vapid Sadler Retro Sport Crew Cab - Karin Futo - Bravado Recursion - Schyster Fusilade - Imponte Phoenix - BF Club - Ubermacht Oracle - Moonbeam Custom - Benefactor Glendale Custom - Dundreary Landstalker XL - Vapid Razor - Albany Manana Custom - Classic Ubermacht Zion - Willard Faction Custom Donk - Virgo Classic Custom - Buccaneer Custom - Vulcar Nebula Turbo - Declasse Yosemite Rancher - Vapid Chino Custom - Hermes - Vapid Peyote Glasser - Weery Dynasty - Sabre Turbo Custom" Fly'Out Helicopters "Nagasaki Buzzard - Buckingham Maverick - Maibatsu Frogger - Buckingham Swift - Buckingham SuperVolito - Buckingham SuperVolito Carbon - Buckingham Volatus" Sea Seagull "Speedophile Seashark - Speedophile Seashark (Two-Tone) - Shitzu Suntrap - Nagasaki Dinghy (2 Seater) - Nagasaki Dinghy (4 Seater) - Shitzu Squalo - Tug - Shitzu Tropic - Pegassi Speeder (Painted Body) - Pegassi Speeder (Wooden Body) - Shitzu Jetmax - Dinka Marquis" Bicycles Shop "BMX - Cruiser Bike - Scorcher C - Scorcher Mountain Bike - Tri-Cycles Race Bike - Whippet Race Bike - Endurex Race Bike" Bilgeco Industrial Vehicles "Deludamol Rumpo - Vapid Speedo Express - Bowboy Burrito - Construction Burrito - Vapid Speedo - Bugstars Burrito - Human labs Boxville - Public Utilities Boxville - Go Postal Boxville - Post delivery Boxville - Maibatsu Mule - Maibatsu Mule - Meteorite - Clown Speedo - Maibatsu Mule Armored - Pony - Vapid Benson - MTL Pounder" LS Airport Aircraft "Buckingham Vestra - Buckingham Nimbus" Airport Leases "Karin Dilettante - Maxwell Asbo - Benefactor Panto - Dinka Blista" Freight Sales "Taco Van - Vapid Tow Truck (Large) - Scrap Truck - Brute Shuttle Bus - JoBuilt Hauler - HVY Biff - Coach - Bus - MTL Packer - MTL Flatbed - JoBuilt Phantom" Utilities Vehicles Sales "Nagasaki Blazer - Declasse Tornado Junker Convertible - Declasse Tornado Junker - Bf Surfer Rusty - Nagasaki BF400 - Bravado Duneloader - Zirconium Journey - Maibatsu Sanchez - Karin Rebel (Rusty) - Nagasaki Street Blazer - Maibatsu Manchez - Canis Seminole - Brute Camper - Vapid Sadler - Canis Mesa - Vapid Sandking SWB - Vapid Sandking XL - Dundreary Landstalker - Declasse Burrito - Canis Mesa Offroad Package" Sandy Shores Aircraft "Western Duster - JoBuilt Mammatus - Mammoth Dodo - Western Cuban 800 - JoBuilt Velum - JoBuilt Velum 5-Seater" Part 2 In this part, I will explain what vehicles make sense for lower class characters, whether they're criminals or legal characters. These cars are suitable for anyone living in South Central, Blaine County, or any other generally lower class characters. That is not to say that everyone in South Central or Blaine County is poor, but the majority of the characters would come from low income backgrounds, so these cars would be a good choice for them. I will cover vehicles from every category (Pickup trucks, SUVs, sedans, etc.): 1 - BMX - $1,200 Without a doubt, by far, the most used vehicle by young gangbangers and young people in general, for good reason. Your young hood character is most likely not going to be able to afford a car at 16, so this is what they'd realistically have for transportation. It allows for so many roleplay possibilities and opens up a lot of avenues for your character to explore. 2 - Dundreary Regina - $21,000 This car is cheap, old, and is one that your character could borrow from their parents, grandma, uncle, etc. And that way, you don't have to RP your poor hood character owning a car at 18 or however old they are, and instead, borrowing a family member's car. 3 - Karin Intruder - $66,000 The Intruder is a great option for someone who's in their twenties, works a low income job and can afford their basic needs and has a humble living. This car is also popular among gangbangers and is a great four door option. 4 - Declasse Asea - $20,400 The Asea is another fantastic option for a low income character who is maybe on the more legal side. A bartender, a young security guard, a store clerk. This car is small, compact, but also a four door. It's fitting for most people and realistic for someone who is getting their career started. 5 - Albany Emperor / Emperor Rusty - $24,000 / $18,600 The Emperor is a very popular car in South Central and is fitting for any character who's from the "hood", regardless of their age. The customization options on it are extensive too, which makes it suitable for the young characters who realistically would want to pimp their car out. 6 - Declasse Rancher XL - $20,400 The Rancher is a great option for people roleplaying any lower class character in the city or in Blaine County. It's an SUV that's fitting for people who are on the older side but still part of the lower income population. 7 - Karin Asterope - $26,400 The Asterope is very similar to the Asea in terms of aesthetics and performance, just a bit bigger but essentially serves the same purpose and is a great option for anyone looking to get a car for a young character who is still kickstarting their career. The Asterope is also a very popular option with Slavic immigrants in the US. 8 - Emperor Habanero - $49,200 The Habanero is what could be referred to as a "soccer mom" car, and is suitable for any lower class family. That isn't to say that it's only restricted for those people, but it's definitely an option worth considering for such characters. 9 - Vapid Radius - $20,400 The Radius, similar to the Habanero, is another family SUV that is affordable and is a great option for someone who is a little older but still relatively living in a low-middle class family. 10 - Vapid Minivan - $30,000 Once again, the Minivan is another family alternative that is similar to the Radius and the Habanero in the sense that it's suitable for any old character who has their own family. 11 - Dinka Blista - $45,600 The Blista is a compact hatchback that resembles the Volkswagen Golf, a German car that is favorable by the younger population. It is by no means suitable for a family or someone who plans on using it to transport people often, but it's a great option for any young person who is looking for a cheap car to get them from Point A to Point B. If your character is someone who is struggling to afford a car while getting their career started, this is an option they'd consider. 12 - Karin Dilettante - $36,000 The Dilettante is another compact hatchback, similar to the Blista with the main different being the fact that it's a 4-door instead, which makes it more suitable for someone who is going to be traveling with large groups often. 13 - Bravado Bison - $60,000 The Bison is one of the cheapest pickup trucks on the server and is a fantastic option for a multitude of different types of characters. It isn't a flashy truck such as the CaraCara, which it makes it a realistic option for any lower-middle class characters, and is favorable by most suburban people. However, that isn't to say that this isn't a fantastic option for anyone who's looking to get a starter pickup truck. 14 - Vapid Bobcat XL - $48,000 The Bobcat XL is another pickup truck option that much like the Bison, is cheap and fits a more suburban / county setting, but is a great option for anyone else who is interested in getting a pickup truck. The Bobcat is a car favorable mostly among Americans, and not so much by Europeans, Asians, or other ethnicities. 15 - Vapid Sadler Retro Sport SWB - $48,000 Last but not least when it comes to cheap and low end pickup trucks, we have the Sadler. Again, the Sadler is used mostly by Americans, especially up in the county, and it's within the same price range as the other two pickup trucks mentioned in this guide, which means it comes down to preference when choosing one of them. There is a lot more cars that are fitting for lower class characters, however, the 15 vehicles shown above are a good starting point and should give you a well-rounded idea about the types of cars that would be affordable by criminals, young people, or generally anyone who isn't on the wealthier end of the spectrum. More vehicles may be added in the future, and if there are any suggestions to improve this guide, please add them in a reply to this guide, I'm more than happy to edit and continue to improve this guide for a long time.
  4. Vapid Flash GT Asking price: $155,000 * Custom Plate, Performance & Security INCLUDED If interested or would like to offer, please comment below.
  5. I'm selling my Hexer because I no longer use it anymore. The bike is currently in a perfect condition. Not accepting bids lower than 18k. Drop your offers below! Asking Price: 18k Buyout: 26k Current bid: 18k
  6. Fund my new whip Attention! Daniel Foreman is in grave danger, and he needs your help to get himself a nice whip to impress the chicks.But to do this, all he needs is your financial contribution.
  7. Looking to purchase a Vapid Scout Cash or Bravado Gresley + Cash on top Contact info 7739544 [email protected] ((FORUM PM))
  8. Short description: A simple description for your vehicle. Detailed description: The same way you examine a person (ex: /examine Luka) except it can be used on a vehicle via the license plate (ex: /examine LAK325). After the command, you would get a text description of that character, but for the vehicle instead. You can write out your description for your car. Example: - /vattributes The car's front headlights appear to be smashed in and no light coming from them, the car's windows are down and the inside would smell of weed. /examine LAK325 The car's front headlights appear to be smashed in and no light coming from them, the car's windows are down and the inside would smell of weed. - Commands to add: /vehicle attributes (or /vattributes) [description] /vattributes clear /examine [license plate number] (I am not saying that the commands have to be exactly what is listed, if you have a better idea than an license plate number for identifying a vehicle, then that's awesome! Maybe there would be some issues with the license plate number being the command with distance, but then again in my own opinion, you'd have to be close enough to the vehicle to see the details on it, though different details can be seen from further away, like you could tell that a car's headlights were out from quite far away, but not that there's a scratch on the door.) Items to add: N/A How would your suggestion improve the server? I think this would help a lot with immersiveness without having to put a ton of coding and implementing (simple commands, copied from an already existing idea instead of attempting to perfectly sync vehicles or more complicated ideas/though I do think adding an license plate number thing might be more than "simple"). I have often wanted to RP in a better way, for example... While my character was out driving around on a rough road, she busted her headlights. A police car rolls by, but doesn't pull her over nor even go in for a "check", they cannot tell if the headlights are out or not unless the driver does a /do within that time, but with this addition, they could make the choice to "check" the car and then pull them over. I think it would encourage some interaction... Character driving around with busted front headlights, this would be in the vehicles description, the police car can get within reasonable distance and use the command (/examine [license plate]) and see that the lights were out and therefore turn on their sirens and start RP from there. I have also noticed many people who RP on GTAW enjoy vehicles, customizing them to their liking. They could use this to help make their vehicle more their "own", such as art or special paint jobs, maybe even adding "The exhaust sounds like a straight pipe". This could even add to mechanic RP. A person uses /attributes [character] with tattoos and then describes it even though it is not truly shown on their character. The same with a vehicle's paint could be described, it could also say if the windows were rolled up, cracked or fully down. If the vehicle is rusted or beautifully waxed. Additional information: This is quite hard for me to post, I am very shy, I post this with all due respect, I would love to hear all of your input and thoughts on this idea, thank you. Edit: Wow, I'm surprised at all the responses my idea has sparked and let alone those that are supporting it, never thought it would be looked at; at all, thank you to everyone. (Sadly, I haven't received any updates for my idea though.)
  9. [4SALE] Name: Ocelote Jackal Insurance: 29 days Price: $88,000 #: 1995 Description: Enjoy premium quality at an affordable entry-price. With a full performance package, this car turns into a proper beast and not merely luxury. With the security package, which includes disabling the engine remotely, you will be able to park your car anywhere with a peace of mind.
  10. Pretty much it, kindly send an email or text me at 1995.
  11. Looking to purchase an Albany Alpha. Performance modifications preferred. Cosmetically, I do not care. Drop offers below containing asking price, vehicle information and a picture if possible. Always open for emails [email protected] ((Forum PM))
  12. Liam!

    [SOLD] Rebla GTS

    Ladies & Gents, I have a Rebla GTS for sale. Photographs of the vehicle are listed below. The vehicle comes with Body Modifications, Upgraded Security, Tinted Windows, GPS, Turbo & a Private Plate! Starting Bid: $185,000 Buyout: $210,000 AUCTION WILL END IN 24 HOURS FROM THE TIME OF POSTING
  13. Hygh

    Unique Vehicle RP

    Short description: Create more unique vehicle RP, specifically in terms of performance, Establish a team to deal with such RP and adjust vehicle accordingly. Detailed description: A little bit of background, me and plenty of friends are "backyard mechanics." We've built our own cars out of our garages and backyards. What I am suggesting is is creating a team dedicated to handling only vehicle RP's as this would allow players to RP working on their own cars, but also allow more extensive and realistic RP when it comes to modifying your car. These days its very common to find people who work on their own cars out of their own homes. In terms of implementation there are handling editors such as "https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/real-time-handling-editor" that could be implemented and limited to only be used by previously mentioned vehicle team. A sub-forum could be created in which people submit their RP of working on their cars, and if it is found to be realistic the vehicle specified can be adjusted by the vehicle team using this handling editor. Commands to add: " /vehedit"(Vehicle Handling Edit) - specifically for the vehicle team only Possible a"/vehreset" command to reset the handling of a vehicle back to default just in case a car is over-modified Items to add: A generic item that can be renamed by staff that way car parts can be RP'd and installed. How would your suggestion improve the server? With the growing popularity in car culture across the world, this could bring many people into the server who want to live out dreams of building cars for a living or just for enjoyment because in reality it is very expensive and sometimes unachievable by some. This also increases realism and it gives people incentives to actually work on cars in the game and RP working on cars properly. When you consider vehicle related events/competitions this could lead to a new level of interest as people would strive to RP building the best car possible and make a name for themselves or a shop as a well known mechanic and car builder. In real life you could have 2 of the same car, but one could be set up to drift and one could be set up for off road use, possibilities are endless and people can have a Unique vehicle experience. Well known mechanics could make business of building vehicles that people desire at a certain specification. This would go beyond what LSC can offer and bring in bigger things like dyno tuning and many more things instead of just pressing ENTER on a turbo and instantly being faster within a matter of minutes. Things take time, tuning, precision, and planning with cars. Additional information: A vehicle team can be made and people can be recruited for this team by showing IRL evidence that they are in fact knowledgeable and experienced in cars. For example I could show a pay stub with my name and previous work place on it where I was a mechanic, or just photos of me working on cars in general, along with a basic knowledge test that most mechanics should be able to pass. I am not saying a pay stub is the right way but there are other ways of showing proof. This could also lead to the creation of a sort of "Postal Service" that delivers these specifically made items for the vehicles to shops to install but that's not the point of this topic.
  14. Short description: Almost all items except fish can be put into a vehicle's inventory. Detailed description: I have a BF Surfer. I'd like to park at a pier, catch fish, then place into BF Surfer inventory. I'd like to open a fishery eventually. Commands to add: unneeded Items to add: unneeded How would your suggestion improve the server? N/A Additional information: Also, when I go to the location to do /sellfish could that command also sell the fish inside the vehicle's inventory.
  15. Short description: More vehicle menu (/vehmenu) options for vehicle damages Detailed description: This new option inside the existing vehicle menu (/vehmenu) would made it possible for people to roleplay their car's health, and cleanliness or even to lock a boat in place so that the boat won't float away suddenly while roleplaying in the middle of the ocean. So in this you would be able to Detach Doors on every vehicle with doors. Then there's this Engine Damage where players would able to set their vehicle to Misfire, Smoking, Stalling or make their Fuel Leak without ramming the wall for half an hour to get to this condition (this would make player vehicle's engine actually damaged without any small dent or damage to the body). Then Cleanliness option, is for a player to set their vehicle cleanliness manually and so everyone in the server would see it and not client sided as usual. Last one is Lock in place (boat only), so the boat will freeze and stay in a place and players would be able to stand on top of it without falling off the boat because the boat is moving client side. Commands to add: Just add "More Options" inside the existing /vehmenu and inside contains: Detach Door > Front Left, Front Right, Back Left, Back Right, Trunk, and Hood Engine Damage > Smoking and Misfiring, Stalling Constantly, and Fuel Leak Cleanliness > Clean, Dirty, and Very Dirty Lock in place (Boat only) with a warning saying "Do not abuse this feature!" Items to add: This suggestion requires no items to be added. How would your suggestion improve the server? This suggestion would improve the existing car and motorcycle community or even firefighters. Not just that but this will improve roleplay for mechanic garages and players with old or rustic vehicles. People will start seeing actual dirty vehicles cruising around the city meaning that they're from sandy shores or such. Additional information: The Engine Damage option could be just a bunch of percentage to choose instead of just Smoking and Misfiring. For example; 25%, 50%, 75% and 90% I mean anything could be changed to be as simple or as detailed as possible. I'm up for more discussion towards this.
  16. Bought from stock - Low milage - 1st user - No dents or damages Stockprice w/registration, roadtax and insurrance = $ 325.000 Stockprice w/o registration, roadtax and insurrance = $ 250.000 - Taking offers -
  17. Since I'm really into photography and specificaly automotive photography, here I'll show some of my ''shots''. These are from a small car event I attended a few weeks ago called ''Chill and Ride Summer Opening'' which a car club I'm in hosted. It was sure fun and eventful. Comment what you think, what could I improve and which picture or car is your favorite. The camera I'm using is a Nikon D3300 with the original lens. Only a few are post processed, the rest are just as they were straight from the camera.
  18. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Iao4LdDjAAYNfEgo1koTKC3SyHR_FrDVBsPYbESCrGM/edit?usp=sharing
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