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  1. APRIL'S HIGHEST SCORE! 💥 Will you be able to beat JUN's 1099 decibel points?! All scores have now been fully reset for the upcoming month! https://face.gta.world/posts/117252
  2. Will keep you in mind if anything pops up in Paleto, but for now It's just a trade! (( Note: Keep in mind that the furniture price isn't added, this will sum up if asked to be remapped! ))
  3. Sent to DMs and replied. I'm sorry, but I'm looking for something specifically in Paleto Bay, as that's where my job is located.
  4. Hey there, for job reasons I've had to move up north, I'm currently hanging around my friend's apartment to save up from so many trips up and down to get to my working place in Paleto Bay, the apartment's in good condition, I'm just in a rush to fully move out! What I'm trading: Original price, unfurnished: 115.000$ ((not counting the furniture atm as It's unmapped)) Location: Next to Hawick's Ammunation, a second floor apartment ((standalone apartment, no floor system!)) Personal parking space for up to 4 vehicles! 2 large bedrooms ((Or even 3 could
  5. Heya, I know it's not Mirror Park, but I currently own a large apartment in Power Street, a second floor without the floor system, personal 4 vehicle parking included. I'm willing to trade in if you're interested, I'll happily offer more details and images through DMs if required!
  6. AUNTIE FUENTES has joined the game.
  7. I'm so glad for you guys, It's show time!
  8. NOSTALGIA (27 SEP 2020) @Jaskman220 @tryz0ne @KarMagick @Dougie
  9. NO DIGGITY (29 AUG 2020) @Jaskman220
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