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  1. Username: Alison7521 Comment: Newest Photos are out.
  2. Username: Alison7521 Comment: It’s not the first time the police have gotten everything wrong.
  3. Username: Alison7521 Comment: New posts. I'm having an artist block. Sorry. I'll be better.
  4. Username: Alison7251 Comment: Another great episode, Claire. I would love to maybe one-day guest star and show off my own art projects!
  5. * Reed Slesinger would look at the photo, nod his head - speaking: * "What loser would even call this?" * Reed Slesinger slips into the nearest payphone, and begins to dial a number.*
  6. Username: Alison7521 Comment: Check out the newest photos!
  7. Username: Allison7521 Comment: Great show! Listened to this tonight while I worked on my photos!
  8. After the NAZI REGIME TYRANTS AT FACEBROWSER DELETED MY PROFILE AND BANNED ME, I was forced to make my OWN website to PURSUE MY CAREER AS A PHOTOGRAPHER. Please visit, and leave nice comments about my work! http://allison7521.weebly.com/ WELCOME TO WEST VINEWOOD! (( Comments are enabled ))
  9. Username: Alison7521 Comment: Hello Mercia!!! I'm coming here to complain to my long, forgotten, and gone photographer about what just HAPPENED TO ME! In the HEIGHT of my newest Photography set, and my FIRST film they REMOVED ME RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH! They REMOVED MY PROFILE FROM THE FACEBROWSER WEBSITE! Can you BELIEVE THAT THEY DID THAT? THEY DENIED MY ABILITY TO EXPRESS MYSELF, AND MY ART TO THE MASSES OF LOS SANTOS! Who does that? I do not believe I broke /ANY/ rules of that dreaded website, and that I was only following my passion. It is only a matter of time before I spring back up with a new outlet for my artist abilities but at the moment I am HEART-BROKEN AND DESTROYED. Not as much as that young girl CLAIRE who was the STAR OF THE NEWEST MOVIE IN LOS SANTOS (IN A LONG TIME MAY I ADD!!!!!!) I WISH YOU WERE STILL AROUND!!!!! Not enough people seemingly CARE about Photography in this city, nation, or world. They shut it down like they shut down anything to due with FREE SPEECH. This is DISGUSTING and i AM not done. i WILL not be done! My ART needs to flow! Media Attachment:
  10. **The following would be posted from behind some sort of VPN, the IP tracing to some small town in Northern Nevada** Username: Alison Comment: I love your content! You're one of my heros, and have gotten me into the art of photography. Don't you worry! I'll also show you the dark side of Los Santos! You've inspired me and my work. I'll start with the Celebrity Elite that poison our own city :)!
  11. Taking 4 months to settle a report, be it a RPQM or literal report with a "warning" or an "Ajail." which are both equally useless.
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