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  1. Admins are players too, players that chose to help the community by being part of the staff team. We are constantly working to adapt to the changing and evolving community, to provide the best experience. I personally don't see a sub team in charge of break ins being the solution, but I can certainly bring it up with the admin team.
  2. People are already waiting hours on breakin requests due to the way admin prioritize reports... You'd effectively extend this wait time further by limiting it to a small group of people in a sub team. Most admins don't necessarily spend 5 hours online a day, so you'd end up with 1-2 admins that would do the breakins... Couple that with prioritize rule break reports and you'd effectively extend the wait time
  3. We once had someone completely spray paint the main entrance to one of our stations, never found the guy. Took him all of 5-10 minutes to write profanity.
  4. Couldn't afford normal air fare, so I got the budget budget class
  5. No you can change your clothes and character details at the shops / plastic surgeon. So this wont be your final form. When you create your character, you chose your name and it then made to create him/her. One that is done you spawn at the airport. I believe the keys can be altered to suit your style more, I use other keys than the keypads. The clothing isnt "bugged", The clothing has to be mixed, so that if you have no arms, then you are meant to use that with a long sleeves shirt. If you have a shirt under your jacket, then that shirt will match a jacket in the other menu.
  6. I strongly doubt we'll add a rule that says "Dont be drunk!". In the end your responsible for your account and characters, if you get ajailed or baned as a result of being "drunk" then I don't see that as a valid argument to appeal.
  7. Follow us on Facebrowser for almost live updates of incidents in your neighborhood!
  8. Welcome! The Los Santos County Sheriff's Department (LSCS) is a law enforcement agency which serves Los Santos County and Blaine County, an area totaling approximately 7600 square miles with the entire state population. It is the largest Sheriff's Department in the world. LSCS provides general law enforcement services to Los Santos, Paleto Bay and Sandy Shores, unincorporated communities, facilities, hospitals, and clinics located throughout the Counties, and the San Andreas Courts. LSCS also provides services such as Tactical deployment teams and Search and Rescue both at Sea and land within the State of San Andreas. We are guided by our principle values: Integrity Accountability Service Ethics These are more than a job well done; this is our character and our commitment to the humane treatment of those under our authority and care. It is who we are. Follow us of Facebrowser! https://face.gta.world/pages/Sheriff Who are we? Sheriff Jonathan Alvarez PIC Former Captain of the Los Santos Police Department, Sheriff Jonathan Alvarez was given the opportunity to lead his own agency as the Sheriff of Los Santos County Sheriff. Sheriff Alvarez has a long history of Law Enforcement dating back to his initial induction into the Military Police. After having left the military for the civilian life, Jonathan was accepted into the academy and have served as a Peace Officer ever since, having participated in divisions such as Gang enforcement, investigations and Special weapons and Tactics. Jonathan is from a poor upbringing, this has affected the way he interacts with the general public, he believes Respect, Integrity and honesty is key to having the trust of the public. Undersheriff Kaitlyn Myers PIC TBA
  9. Good news everyone! We had a crazy month, and now with the release of 1.1! Hunting, shown weapons, Paleto Bay and the Sheriffs! During this month the management team has identified several things that been brought into focus, from the playerbase complaining that the admins did not handle the reports they sent, to solving disputes between groups. April will be the first time in a while where admins that fail to reach an acceptable level of activity is removed, so that more spots are available for those that would love to help the community. It is still my goal to have an efficient admin team, with friendly and open-minded admins, that would love to hear the full story and display a large level of understanding, and it's therefor important that if you feel an admin is unfair or rude, that you report them directly to @HemmaX and @Kota. It has also been the first month, where our new level 3 heads have been allowed to fulfill their positions fully. A big and HUGE shout out to @norrig and @Notbond, their contributions have freed management up to focus on other items on the agenda. @Ikechukwu will be our new Head of Admins, he'll be watching the admins as a hawk, to ensure that your concerns are being met, mainly the concern of your reports going unanswered. So welcome him as the new Level 3 to the team. Ike has shown remarkable activity, dedication and a friendly smile, and we strongly believe he serves as an example of how the admins should interact with the community. New testers! On the 15th of April the tester applications were opened and it has since then poured in with applications from community members that wanted to become new testers, and the staff team have voted and would like to bid the following welcome. It is important to note, that not everyone could be invited this time, despite many fantastic applications. If your name been put on reserved or if you're not on the list you may PM @Notbond for a reason. If you are a new tester, we look forward to working with you. Please PM @Notbond before starting any tester duties, he will walk you through your new role Reserved -> Tester: @Rockwell @stompkins @Rossalini New testers: @Perfectum @Optimus_Dime @exlrouter @Maca @Adero @Lance @St3fan[NL] Reserved: @Smash @James Mustaine @Rinkk @EliH @BoboLituaniae Staff promotions! Tester -> Administrator level 1(Tester admin) @Maybe Magpie @Genny Administrator level 1 -> Administrator level 2 @Serenity @Jauss Administrator level 2 -> Administrator level 3 @Ikechukwu(Head of Admins)
  10. These gents are very deserving of the credit as to why we can play. Top notch
  11. Why not introduce a "Clothing bag" which enables you to do it. If you start "filling" your hiking bag, then you shouldn't have more inventory space.
  12. Good news Everyone! In the month of March, we have witnessed the server's population increase. And with many new faces, we also expand the Staff team regularly, and we will continue to do so. Lot's of changes have been discussed between @Kota and Myself, and we've agreed that Staff Team needs to be reorganised. @Nervous tasked @Kota and Myself with running the Staff team, and taking charge, so that he may regain a small amount of personal life. With respect to his wishes, Kota and me will start taking charge of the Admins, testers and the general welfare of the community, supported by the Development team. One of the major changes will be the re-introduction of the Tester-Admin scheme. The scheme will be opened during the month of April, and we will be looking for a Staff member to lead the scheme. Any member of Staff (Tester or developer) will be able apply for this position and details surrounding, how and when to apply will be made available soon. Another major change is the change in the Admin ranks. Level 1 will be the probationary stage of admins, these are admins fresh out of the Tester-admin scheme and are always welcome to seek aid and help from senor admins. Level 2 admins will be full admins, they are experienced in handling themselves on the UCP, the forum and In-Game, the level 2 admins will also be the admins mentoring the testers that go through the tester admin scheme. Finally Level 3 admins will serve as heads of "departments", such as @norrig whom is Head of Properties. Finally I can say that the month of March has been hectic, alot of people have come to us with concerns and suggestions, and we do take a good look at each and every one of them. While the process may not be instantanious given the difference in timezones, we will get back to you, and that's a promise. Whether Staff reporting, bug reporting, suggesting or bringing forth concerns, we do take each and every one of them serious. Staff reports are to be sent to @Kota and @HemmaX through a PM on the forums, discord PM's will not be regarded as highly, as we receive thousands of discord PM's each month, and we have to sort through them all one by one. So we ask that you PM these through the GTAW forum, so that we may have a permenant record of the report. Though no update without promotions, so I'm proud to announce the following promotions in the admin team. Tester -> Admin level 1 (TA) @Jauss @Frezemis Admin level 1 -> Level 2 @Ikechukwu @Stefan @Orcaninja Admin level 2 -> Level 3 @norrig (Head of Properties) @Notbond (Head of Media/Event team)
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