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  1. Sold! You will be contacted soon. @bonk
  2. Time has been reduced to next Friday, 13th of May, 2022.
  3. ((If you wish to send a picture of your /licenses or picture from the UCP, and roleplay it in the format, please send me a picture in PMs, thank you!))
  4. Musket from the 1700s, it's quite the antique and it is in a very good condition. *Picture attached below* Now to participate, it's going to be very simple, all you will need is a PF license, and follow the appropiate format to participate. Starting bid: 100,000$ Minimum bid: 10,000$ Maximum bid: 30,000$ Auction will end in a week from now. 5/18/2022 Is the exact date. (Reduced to 5/13/2022) Format: Name: Phone number: Picture of PF((/licenses and take a screenshot of it, upload it to imgur.com preferably, but up to you what site you use!)): Bid:
  5. https://streamable.com/rwfu6f https://streamable.com/jqc662
  6. Username RoseMB Comment: Mate. You're sick. Get help.
  7. This is sad to see. Rest in peace man. 

  8. Interior pictures: https://imgur.com/a/y5w3vr2 Exterior pictures: https://imgur.com/a/Q4cD1jk Asking price: 110,000$ ((Pinfo: )) Sold.
  9. Full name: Alex Jonathan Walker Signature: AJW Comment(optional): I support this.
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