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  1. DAVIS SHERIFF'S STATION "IMPAVIDUS BELLATOR" LOS SANTOS COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT THE HISTORY The Davis Police Department served the City of Davis and its unincorporated areas from 1906 up until the 14th of May, 1998. The Davis Police Department was disbanded by the Davis City Council as a result of the skyrocketing homicide rates that were left unattended paired with the significant controversies with local communities, multiple police brutality claims, and scandals involving the Department's executives. The premises of the old Davis Police Station was subsequently converted into a youth activities center in an attempt to combat the elevated homicide count conducted by minors. This center was in use prior to it shutting down in early 2000 due to the lack of funding for the program. Shortly thereafter on the 17th of September, 2000, the Davis City Council contracted with the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department to become the main municipal law enforcement agency for the City of Davis. The whopping 22 million dollars per annum paid by the City of Davis to the LS County Sheriff's is utilized in providing a variety of specialized teams and highly trained patrol deputies to serve Davis and its unincorporated areas. A year later after the opening in 2000, station command within the Davis Sheriff's Station adopted "impavidus bellator" to be the stations motto. When translated from Latin it is "the fearless warrior" which pays homage to the deputies working at the station and the willpower they have to overcome any task, no matter the difficulty. CONTROVERSIES Throughout the existence of the Davis Sheriff's Station, a multitude of controversies sprouted under the tenure of Sheriff Joseph Cline and Captain Damian Suarez. A variety of brutality, fraud, and deputy gang scandals tarnished the name of the sheriff's station, resulting in demonstrations occurring right outside the facility. One of which being the Davis City Council accusing the Department's executives of conning the City of Davis for contract hours, fabricating statistics about said hours being fulfilled. As a result of the riots on the 30th of July, 2022, a deputy at the Davis Sheriff's Station stepped forward to speak out about the alleged brutality claims found at the patrol station on the aforementioned date. Deputy Sarah Ostrowski went on a local news network, whistleblowing the fact that the station was institutionally corrupt, and permeated by violent deputy gangs. What stands out from this complaint is that it was all done by a deputy who worked at the station for over half a decade. AREAS SERVED The Davis Sheriff's Station proudly serves the City of Davis, Strawberry, Chamberlain Hills, Rancho, Palomino Highlands, Cypress Flats, and the unincorporated area of La Puerta. MY GOALS ARE SIMPLE I WILL ALWAYS BE PAINFULLY HONEST WORK AS HARD AS I CAN LEARN AS MUCH AS I CAN AND HOPEFULLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN PEOPLE'S LIVES. - Deputy David W. March, EOW 04/22/02
  2. ((Showcase of Victor Graham - Aim to show some rp around South LS))
  3. The Karin Boyz are a clique of young teenagers from South Los Santos who do an array of illegal crimes. They're mostly known for vehicle theft, joyriding, property damage, drug dealing, & financial scams. Their favorite car of choice is all Karin brand vehicles, Ubermachts, Bravados, Albanys, & etc. They highly dislike Dinka brand vehicles though. When driving in traffic, it's easy to identify them. They're always playing hyper bopping/dancing music or rap songs with high tempo clapping beats.
  4. With the rise of the drug epidemic in America, many Caucasian males have turn victim to it, carrying such a big addiction they move to different area's for the cheaper prices. Jeremiah Doyle, (White, skinny, stinky) Is a product of it, he was first brought up in Paleto Bay then rerouted to the south side Davis for cheaper housing pricing and as well as narcotics. This thread will represent Jeremiah's life, and adventures dealing with his drug habits.
  5. this thread will follow the life of Qoree Nelson, better known as Nelly. he's a teenager from Capital Blvd. https://face.gta.world/Hotboy
  6. Located in Cypress Flats Industrialzone, we're buying/selling or taking your old car in exchange for a new one! However we specialize in motorcycles and ATV's We're also offering the sale of detailing products and motorcycle wear and parts to go with your new vehicle. PH:96905987 E-mail:[email protected] ((Forum PM)) Or [email protected] ((Discord Kreacher#1400)) To see the current stock head to this link: Ruedas De Fuego Secondshands Website Constantly updated.
  7. So as it states 37 Grove street for sale Price is to be auctioned off Starting at 100.000 USD buyout:450.000 Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/0QbxVnu
  8. Name: Kadaris Samuel Poole Alias: Tiny Mac Occupation: Entrepreneur Age: 16 Kadaris is a known hustler, getting his way every and any time. Poole was put on under the Macc Boys, always claiming where he’s from and not scared to bang on whoever. Kadaris jumped into the streets as a way to save himself from the depressing situation he had at home with his mother, they always were living in poverty. As Poole grew into the streets it only made it worse for him in such way. In school Kadaris grades weren’t up to par, he later dropped out of school at the age of 15, after his freshman year he found out he was going to repeat the same grade over, which made Poole drop out of Davis High. Poole’s main focus was the streets at this point, hustling on corners and making money with nothing his two feet and his product. Kadaris mainly focused on selling 16 Oz Codeine Pints, and Marijuana. Poole got in the game at a young age and stacked up his money, by the age of 16 he bought his own car after grinding late nights in the summer. Poole later was incarcerated for drug possession and traffic violations, he served 3-4 months in the Mission Row Detention Center. After getting out, Poole started to sell narcotics again, not just Codeine Pints and Marijuana but now; Heroin, Ecstasy, Molly, Methamphetamine, Xanax, Adderall, Vicodin, Fentanyl, you name it. Kadaris slowly built the contacts in his phone back up, getting back in the game. He started doing wholesales instead of selling by each gram, which made the profit increase. Little did Kadaris know is that LSSD Gang Units had Kadaris Poole under investigation for being a gang member. Kadaris of course claimed this isn’t true when spoken to by law enforcement. Poole soon landed back into jail after being arrested for evading and resisting charges. Released not long after, his mother takes him home and they both end up arguing with each other about Kadaris’ decisions. Poole later during the argument was kicked out of his mothers house. Kadaris had enough of his mother anyways, he’s currently staying over his affiliates house until further notice with his housing situation. This thread is following the development of Kadaris Poole from the Santana Blocc Carson Crips
  9. This thread will follow the character development of Latrisha Brown, Diontez Collins and Ja'leek Elliot
  10. (A video is shared around and begins to circulate through social media accounts showcasing LeShawn Jackson, father of five and beloved hometown chef, being murdered by a Los Santos police officer in his own work place, South Central's very own Ring of Fire located on the corner of Strawberry Ave and Innocence Blvd.) https://streamable.com/9d8yf7 (( The video is from the business's CCTV perspective. It would have captured the shooting in great detail. ))
  11. Property Listing: Casa Cristina Room 15 Property features: Spacious living room, a beautiful kitchen with a modern bathroom. 1 master bedroom. Property Information: Starting Price: $60,000 Buyout: $150,000 Interior Pictures:
  12. The Ten Line Crips (TLC), also known as 110th Street Crips are a small African American street gang located on the East Side in the rancho neighborhood of Los Santos. They represent 110th Street and associated blocks, between Davis and Roy Lowenstein Boulevard. The Ten Line Crips primary cliques are the Dead End (DE), Track Side (TS) and the Lou Dillon Boys (LDB). Ten Line Crips once were under the Gangster Crip card but dropped that all together when their feud with Grape Street Watts Crips spiraled out of control resulting in a few walls tagging from Ten Line with the G on Grape Street whacked out. This brought tension from various other Gangster Crips so Ten Line decided to go Insane. The Ten Line Crips can be found around the area of Rancho. Today their member-list consists of young African Americans ranging from ages 14-21. You can find them getting into a lot of illegal things around area, such as selling drugs, car theft, home invasions, and or armed robberies. They feud with most of the surrounding crips gangs in the area, such as PJ Watts Crips, Grape Street Watts Crips, All Neighborhood Crips, and the Front Street Watts Crips. Other rivals include Bounty Hunters Watts, Hacienda Village Bloods, Circle City Piru, and all Compton Pirus. OOC INFORMATION We aim to portray a realistic and modern-day clique of the Ten-Line Crip. Rule-breaking of any kind will not be tolerated. We expect everyone interested in joining to have a realistic mindset. We also expect our members to be creative with their RP, and you'll not be spoon-fed with ideas and RP. To keep it realistic we would like to keep the characters within the African American heritage. We are an Invite Only faction so if you're interested in joining, please contact Face$hot#0214, SaySo#8769 and BigDraco#3884.
  13. IC INFORMATION Lane 39 or L39 for short is primarily a Latin-American street-gang located on Forum Drive, Chamberlain Hills, Lane 39 was formed in 2015 by 3 Spanish teen's who grew up in Los Santos. Their names are Carlos and Martin Alonzo who are brothers and their friend Esteban, Lane 39 has been in the streets for years but recently just started hitting local news for the activities they do on the streets. They started as a small crew but the crew soon turned into a street-gang after doing certain activities like Graffiti, Robbery, Murder, Shoplifting, Drug Trafficking, and Arms Trafficking. Despite being a relatively small street-gang they are still armed with illegal firearms, If someone asks any of them where they are from then they simple respond with "Boys from the Lane." to avoid rival gang conflicts from happening. SHOOTINGS AND OTHER INCIDENTS. In 2021, the homocide of a female who was affiliated with a rival of Lane 39 was found dead and it was assumed that Lane 39 was responsible, 1 witness came forward but nothing really happened to do with the case including no arrests or anything despite saying that Estebans van was at the scene of the murder. LSPD not long after dismissed the case after they had barely any evidence to support the idea of Lane 39 members doing it. This year has been serious for Lane 39 as they have been more active than ever on the streets and so with that there comes more problems, A member who is known as Sleepy got into an altercation with a unknown male after he insulted him, so Sleepy turned the verbal argument into a physical fight which left him standing and the guy on the floor knocked out, Sleepy was so angry with the guy so he decided to stomp on the guys head which ended up killing him. No witnesses or cameras picked up the fight so they never caught him. On the 28th of October this year, Lane 39 members got into a shootout with LSPD which resulted in the death of a LSPD Officer, the shooting happened at the 24/7 on Strawberry. Not much information is known about the shooting but it's said that the members who were involved are on the low because of the shooting and no arrests have been made. OOC INFORMATION. Lane 39 is Latin-American but they allow other races to join but only a few of them to join it, Do not just walk up to them in-game and ask to buy guns, drugs, or anything like that because it will be a no, We only stick to regulars or people we can trust and know.For more information contact @Znojko @74Mak @realsteele
  14. This is a story of young, 16 years old half Tongan girl, where she goes all kinds of adventures with her homies from Davis and how she deals both her inner and outer self.
  15. SB

    zaza distributor

    Keyana Palmer is a Davis born and raised Guatemalan/African American drug dealer that sells weed.
  16. Follow us on FACEBROWSER! Send all your business inquiries to our email: [email protected]
  17. Davis African American Education Fund The Davis African American Education Fund offers a diverse range of special interest funds, bursaries and scholarships to African American students. The Davis African American Education Fund was established with the goal to advance educational aspirations of African-Americans in South-Central Los Santos, with the focus on a higher education and workforce development. Your donation or charitable contribution could lead to an African-American student achieving their General Education Diploma, Community College Accreditation, Associate Degree, a Bachelor's Degree, a Master's Degree or a Doctorate Degree. 3250 Spanish Avenue, Suite 300 Los Santos, San Andreas 39340 (( Routing number 0100 0320 1 )) Donors may fill out the following form after submitting their donations and send them to [email protected] for recognition. Donor Name: Amount Donated: Message: If you are an African-American student and are in financial need, reach out and apply for a special interest fund, bursary or scholarship, submit a letter of interest to [email protected] . Apply For The Following Funds AFRICAN-AMERICAN 2022 WINTER SEMESTER TUITION FUND * ARE YOU AN AFRICAN-AMERICAN STUDENT APPLYING FOR A PUBLIC OR PRIVATE COLLEGE? * IS YOUR GRADE POINT AVERAGE 3.0 AND ABOVE? * ARE YOU SEEKING EDUCATIONAL FUNDING FOR THIS COMING WINTER SEMESTER? * APPLY AT THE FOLLOWING EMAIL: [email protected] . AFRICAN-AMERICAN ATHLETIC BURSURY FUND * ARE YOU AN AFRICAN-AMERICAN STUDENT PARTICIPATING IN AN ATHLETIC EXTRA CARICULAR? * IS YOUR GRADE POINT AVERAGE 2.3 AND ABOVE? * ARE YOU SEEKING EDUCATIONAL FUNDING? * APPLY AT THE FOLLOWING EMAIL: [email protected] . EILEEN MCKENNA BURSURY FUND * ARE YOU AN AFRICAN-AMERICAN STUDENT APPLYING FOR A PUBLIC OR PRIVATE COLLEGE? * IS YOUR GRADE POINT AVERAGE 2.3 AND ABOVE? * ARE YOU SEEKING EDUCATIONAL FUNDING? * APPLY AT THE FOLLOWING EMAIL: [email protected] . Our Partners If you are interested in partnering with our charity and partnering with our organization, please send an e-mail to [email protected] . Rothstein's Jewelry Power Street Steakhouse Our Staff [Placeholder] Richard Baros, President [Placeholder] Eileen McKenna, Board Member [Placeholder] Farhad Donald Gibson, Youth Outreach Coordinator [Placeholder] Samuel Johnson, Events Coordinator [Placeholder] Brock Edwards, Diversity and Inclusion Officer Our Volunteers Kenneth the Third Junior
  18. " WE RUN DAVIS " (92 Hoover Criminals) The Snideyz The Nine-Deuce Hoovers also known as "The Snideyz" and the "Do-Lows" are a gang under the Hoover Criminals umbrella. The Nine-Deuce Hoovers are a predominantly African American street gang based in Los Santos, but also recruit other races. They equipped their nickname the Do-Lows from being close with the 94 Hoover Criminals as the 94 Hoover's nickname is "Low-Downs". The 92 hoovers would pick up the colors blue and orange because of the history they have with the Crip umbrella. They are friendly to all Hoovers but are mainly closer with the 94's. The Snideyz have hardcore rivalry with the Trays "3x" Gangster Crip card but mainly the "Eight Tray Gangster Crips". They also run into constant feuds with all of the "2x" Crip card, mainly like the Neighborhood Crips, and also with the East Coast Crips and the Hustler Crips. The sparking of the tension between the Nine-Deuce Hoovers and the Rollin 100's led to a bloody series of homicides. On August 2, 2009, a group of Hoover affiliates wanted revenge for their close friend "Jacob Hall" who was killed in a drive by shooting by the Rollin 100's. The shooting left Jacob Hall dead on the scene and Deontae grazed in the arm and leg by the bullets. Deontae wasn't gang affiliated he just lived in the area and was walking to his father's apartment when a blue colored four door Honda pulled up and opened fire, grazing Deontae and fatally wounding Jacob. The Snideyz are known for sporting "Houston Astros" for the "H", showing affiliation with the Hoover umbrella, or the "San Francisco Giants" hat. In the late ’70s and early ’80s, the Hoovers were fashioned. The younger members of the gang were looking at the older guys from the neighborhoods obtaining their understanding of gangbanging. A lot of the members are ruthless and will do anything to make some extra cash. You can find them on the North side of Roy Lowenstein. HOOVERS vs ROLLIN 100s The Hoover Criminals and the Rollin 100s Crips are a rivalry that can be unmatched, there’s been a lot of blood and tears behind this beef. There’s been many people killed behind this rivalry, gang members and innocent civilians. Both gangs were already in a heated beef, but the deadliest summer war was in 2015. It made headlines through the hashtag #100Dayz100Nightz. This hashtag was a competition between the Hoover Criminals and Rollin 100s Crips, 100 Days 100 Nights meaning who can rack up 100 kills first, the Hoovers or the 100s. The war started after the murder of Kenneth “KP” Peevy, a 27-year-old black man, which died of gun violence on Friday, July 21st. May 6th, 2020, Brayon “Soja3” Durr, an active and loved member of the 92 Hoover Criminals was shot and killed by members of the Rollin 100s Crips. The rapper Young Threat shouted Durr out in many songs before he passed. The Get Back for Soja3 was really fast, in fact, the same day. Members of the 92 Hoover Criminals shot and killed Bone5 from the Rollin 100 Crip. This was a huge score for the 92 Hoovers, Bone was a really loved member by all of the Neighborhood Crips. Bone killed a member of the 107 Hoover Criminals before he passed. Bones death had a massive impact on this rivalry, his death was the cause of plenty more to come. After Bone5’s death, the 92 Hoovers hood was getting shot up every day for months. On August 16th, members of the Rollin 100s and Rollin 60s got shot at, the shooters were allegedly part of the Hoover Criminals Gang. Both victims survived. They were both shot and eventually made it back to full recovery. Sometime around September, a member of the Hoover Criminals by the name of S2 was killed by a Rollin 100 Crip. The Rollin 100s came and shot up S2’s funeral as well. Present Day When members who are affiliated don’t bang the set when asked by a rival they will be punished severely. When the others find out, the punishment results in a heavy beating as the put off. They don't accept members not banging the set at all. The younger generation shows no remorse and no sympathy to those who oppose the gang. They are willing to sacrifice life in prison or death to further advance the gang. Obviously not every member is like that but a lot of them are the ride or die type as they’ve seen their friends being hurt is one way and they’ve bonded through poverty. For this reason, a lot of members are usually seen as a crash out because they want to get revenge badly for all those who've fallen and been hurt by others. These crash out members are usually punished by the OG’s who weren't picked up on Operation Family Ties in 2010. The set OGs tell the younger generation to have a weapon on each corner of the projects to defend the turf or die trying. They have had a lot of beef with rival sets in the area. That beef has been deadly and probably will remain deadly for the years to come. Lots of innocent people have died as a result of the fighting. The younger members have found it hard to control the gang after the RICO indictment of 2014. The 92 Hoover Criminals live up to their name being a ruthless street gang of teens and young adults with numerous members in jail and prison. They also have a lot of deceased well known members such as 2-Shay, Melvin “Bloodstone” Calloway who passed away on July 10, 1979 at the age of 24, Lil H-Wood, Derrick “OG Vamp” Hargress who passed away in 2013 at the age of 50 from a brutal gunshot in Seattle, Washington. There are a lot of young rappers that come out of the 92 Hoover Criminals and that heavily represent 9-Deuce. Rappers such as Two Much and others.
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