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  1. This is a story of young, 16 years old half Tongan girl, where she goes all kinds of adventures with her homies from Davis and how she deals both her inner and outer self.
  2. Updated; I am grateful for anyone who actually respected my point of view and did not insult me and atleast understood my point of view (unlike other with no matters whatsoever and acting like a kiddos xD) I even got some contacts for friendly people for willing to have contacts. One time, I will say thank you. ?
  3. Well players obviously have different options and I don't really expect for you guys to understand my intentions. Well, I am not suprised and I still stand my opinion and my goals. ?✌️
  4. I don't think it's metagaming because I want to start the character with the story that I am new and just arrived in the city - and I want to do it with "sibling", as in somebody that accompanies me while doing so. It's not any kind of information, it's a new story and a new start to a new character.
  5. No it's not. I even asked on the Discord can I do this and they said no. So no, it's not metagaming ?
  6. I'm going to create and character and I will tell some basic things about it. 1) She was raised in the hoods, but she is not part of the criminal stuffs. 2) African-American 2) Especially I am looking for siblings for my character. If you wanna know more details, contact me via Discord Cha#6779
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