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  1. I'll give you 30K Contact 96905987
  2. Gratz on the One year boys.. Keep going STRONG !
  3. I don' even have 300 Pandapoints yet 😞
  4. 125 BTW at this rate we ain gona make it xD
  5. I used to RP hunting so active but ever since I got arrested I'm not able to do it anymore.. It pains me but really if my char would Die i would make a new one and would go out in a heartbeat again make a county living person and hunt again.
  6. I knew you from way back in time when you where still together with ma Boy Claws (AKA MrHamster) i've send you some of my money to beat this and give that girl a chance at a future.
  7. Bro, no idea but the thing is who's Royce Puller
  8. This house had such a nice custom interior... Why'd you scrap it bro...))
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