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  1. You still don't get it. Being a target of a random robbery is not a GOOD cause for CCW in California. Your life or life of your family members would need to be in imminent danger to establish a good cause. You'd need a proof of this as well. For example documented death threats, stuff like that. Just because you got robbed once doesn't mean you have a good cause for CCW permit. There are only around 100000 permits issued in California right now. It's not easy to get a CCW permit there. PF license should be enough for you since you can store your weapon in your vehicle. If not? Solve the issue ICly and ask your employer to provide proper security for you instead of making up military background shit to justify your request.
  2. It's actually so easy to get a business here if you have a good concept that can bring RP to people. PM members are actually very helpful if you reach out to them instead of making false accusations. I don't have any connections to PM but I got my business request approved easily. So don't say you need OOC connections. You just need a good idea that makes sense and that's it.
  3. Half of the applicants are 20 y/o truckers with YEARS of military background. They are also a part-time bartender, taxi driver, facebrowser model, racer and garbageman. It's a fun read to see these people get denied and still not see the issue why their application was denied.
  4. At 2016, there were only 92000 active CCW permits in California. Out of how many MILLION inhabitants? That's pretty strict to me.
  5. Honestly? This server is not ready for protests. It'll always turn into a shootout with the amount of trollers this server has. Even if the protests go well, there won't be any IC change. People always complain on forums instead of actually doing something IC. Everyone complains about the high crime rate but there were no efforts to actually battle it. Instead of that we have a new forum thread bitching about gang roleplayers every other day.
  6. Honestly? You should privately contact people responsible for handling those applications so they can tell you why your application was denied. Instead of discussing it here.
  7. In order to obtain a CCW permit in California, you also need to provide a good cause for the issuance. It's not just a "simple" background check. You also have to present evidence for the good cause, saying: "I'm scared of Davis gangbangers." is not a good cause.
  8. If you still get robbed 4 times a day after the rule change you are clearly doing something wrong. Or you are simply lying about getting robbed just to shit on criminal roleplayers. Stop crying about unrealistic robberies here and report these players instead. And don't say that reports never get solved or whatever because that's simply not true. Yes, some of them take weeks/months but they always result in punishment for rulebreakers. Just because you got robbed once doesn't mean you have to hate the whole illegal scene and make up false scenarios. I haven't been robbed in almost a year and I always roleplay in Strawberry, Davis or Rancho. I walk around on my own majority of the times. And no, I'm not lucky if I play every day and I don't get robbed. It's all about your portrayal and social skills. If you are a pink-haired cat-ear wearing petite girl driving your 300k+ car into a gang territory and you give locals attitude when they try to interact with you, you'll simply get robbed.
  9. Don't forget 5 unofficial warnings before an ajail.
  10. Follow us on FACEBROWSER!
  11. I never said that it's okay. I said that comparing STATISTICS from real life to GTA is simply dumb. Try to read my post again.
  12. Do you realize that GTA is a game and time is perceived differently there than in real life? You can't compare some weekly statistics from real life to GTA's dynamic environment. Same as we roleplay 1 OOC day in prison as 1 IC month. It's like comparing travel time from LS to Sandy Shores with the one from LA to Fillmore. All these real life comparisons don't make any sense. You'd need to come up with a way to compare inhabitants and time to real life to get some kind of "coefficient" to compare numbers from the server to real life ones. It's not as simple as you make it seem.
  13. Exactly this. I roleplay in Davis, Strawberry and Rancho majority of my time and I interact with every gang there. I'm mostly on foot and I wear 30-50k worth of jewelry. Haven't been robbed in the past year. Occasional robberies happen, but if you claim that you get robbed every day you are either making it up or you are doing something wrong. Some players just don't know how to behave because they sit in an interior all day within their close ERP group and then pull up to Davis in their sports car and act like they own the place. That's when you get robbed. Most of robbing squads are not even gang affiliated so to bitch about gang roleplay is simply dumb. It can only come from people that never roleplayed in a gang.
  14. I'd love to see a proper "racer" faction that would be more of a community of car enthusiasts that could guide these wannabe racers. Right now? 9 out of 10 racers don't roleplay anything about their car, all they do is speed through the city, cop bait and do donuts in the middle of a road. Not to mention when a random racer starts brake checking me, pits me out of nowhere and then speeds off with no roleplay. Or when they crash going 150 mp/h and do /vp, /vg and continue with their racing bullshit. It's hard to report these players since they usually have the darkest tint and will speed off right after doing something retarded so you won't catch their name. Admins need to give out harsher punishment for cop baiting and not roleplaying anything after high-speed crashes.
  15. Just because LEOs are not doing their job properly doesn't mean that they don't have enough means available to run a proper investigation. I can't even count how many times I witnessed a crime and I stuck on scene. There were exactly zero attempts to get any information out of me. Nobody asks about what happened, how did the perpetrator look like, etc. There are so many CCTVs mapped everywhere but nobody thinks about actually approaching business owners or just NPCing obtaining the footage (if the building is not owned) and PMing the guy who did the crime to get a license plate/description out of the footage. My car got broken into three times by the same guy right outside my business. I called cops like 10 times, when they eventually arrived the next day they told me they don't have enough resources to investigate that even though I have cameras mapped outside and I had the guy's license plate already. Cops have so many means but they are too lazy to actually conduct any proper investigation. (Props to the few that actually try to investigate anything.) They'll bring out 15 units to a routine traffic stop though. What is more, nobody offers an opportunity to snitch or give out any information when you are arrested. They'll drive you to TTCF and NPC everything. Some LEOs will even lie about no COs being on because they are too lazy to roleplay anything. I basically had to beg them to hear out my information when I wanted to roleplay an informant. Nobody wants to know where I got the guns/drugs from. Everybody complains about so many guns being in the streets but LEOs show little to no effort in actually cracking down these gun rings. To address robberies: Most criminals here use their own cars during robberies. I bet when you get robbed you don't even pay attention to their license plate or their description. You probably do /changechar to spawn at your apartment and don't even call cops and then you complain about robberies being impossible to investigate.
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