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  1. I try to make my main character with some good and bad traits, what's good at or bad at, even fears. I had one character in lsrp that limped because he fall riding his bike when he was young, so he feared riding bikes although he was a supporter of the MC and his best friend was a prospect of the local MC so he hanged there. He never told that he feared bikes because of macho n ego thing. My current character fears dogs because he got bitten when he was young. So he trembles and sweats when he sees a dog, he tries to act hard but is hard to not notice the fear of dogs. Whatever he feels to much pressure in life he fall down in his uncontrollable alcoholism. He's a functional alcoholic, but if something happens he spiral down real quick. My guy is a bouncer but he is not the agressive kind, because with time he learn to don't do it and be aware of who he is messing with. He got stabbed almost died (CKed). But he sure looks badass in uniform. He still has a macho and a slight racist or xenophobic going on. He's good with guns but since he's getting older his eye sight is not the best but he refuses to go to a doctor. Good perk: he cares a lot of the local people and he is a excellent handyman.
  2. We need a reporter at Paleto Bay to have some small local news.
  3. One week later, Al didn't shower on the current time, he didn't changed clothes since. Been drunker than ever. 27th of April Right now
  4. There's are shit hole places around the map, but tend to not open most of the times or they open but they don't have the blip. Turn the blib free it makes no sense to fuck more than half of the people if they don't have 25 euros every month to spent on the server. You want diferent businesses and criative rp but you (admins or owners) have the blip behind a paywall, makes no sense. - Hospital economic revamp - why there's no payment bill or a fucking insure like irl? It sucks to don't have free national health, but we RPing in America and you want every lil shit to be so realistic but you don't change it; - Private hospitals and small clinics, like a dentist or a psicologist; - a revamp on the clothing system, don't get me wrong but a different twitch on the clothing shops like a place where you can go shopping for real and having a real rp experience. You spent IC cash on a few exclusive clothes. That would be cool. - Places that sell knifes and other meele items that wouldn't cost the same as a cheap car. - this one is a bit of a far fetched one, but some farm script a bit more complexed with different items would be cool. It would be maybe some farm ville simulator, but that script would create a lot of possibilities and fun encounters. Having one real 1st sector, with all the trucking and restaurants network. There's more ideas... But I have the feeling that none reads this much so I am not waisting the time.
  5. The gig ended at Euro Den in a desire to fill his head with booze, went with his right hand Arthur to a bar at Lil' Tokyo, Los Santos. Whiskey after Whiskey, he tricked Arthur that was looking and concerned about Al for a smoke outside, but Al escaped to north, to Paleto Bay. Drinking more and more, the rage went quiet but he was in the verge of self destruction. He just wakes on the morning under the pier... KO...
  6. Moments after Albert goes to work in a infuriating way, his veins on the forehead popping up and pulsing, red of the mad. He didn't talk to none and be a absolute asshole to everyone.
  7. After Al loosing with a "perfect" score of and ending up on 4th place against 3 women. He left in rage the shoot range in a abysmal fury, blaming the targets, the guns and everyone after his poor performance, kicking doors and chairs on the way out. The Target His ego was damaged.
  8. Jeremiah Clarkson the prophet LSRP The guy with Bob Boulevard cop.
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