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  1. A bad flirt, who tries to flirt alot, drinks heavily, smoker, lives in hiding from her husband and makes rash decisions.
  2. Pride Legion Square was hosting Pride this year in Los Santos and Gloria was not going to miss it. After working on the farm she dashed to clean up and drive into the city. Stopping at a clothes store not far from the Square she puzzled on what to wear. Gloria had never been to a pride event before but knew bright colours were needed. She settled on a short dress adorned in illustrations of desserts. Parking her trusty truck, Betsy, she made her way into the heart of the Pride celebrations. The place was bustling with a diverse range of people bathed in bright light and surrounded by rain
  3. Sweet, next time your doing your tours, I am in! Really good to see some diverse RP on the server.
  4. A Bad feeling ..... Gloria had spent most of the night in Armageddon when Al called. The two had met on the farm and struck up a partnership of sorts. Al had called with a business proposition, in which Gloria would provide grain for brewing purposes. Gloria learned of this after being Picked up to talk business over at a bar in the centre of Los santos. She thought Al was sweet and wanted to get to know him, she didn't predict what he would show tonight. The two entered the bar which resembled a english pub and had a handful of patrons enjoying a cold beer. Taking a sea
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