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  1. Hahaha, just pulling your leg. In all seriousness, @Goonbag is one of the best Australian role-players on this server. Keep it up!
  2. I agree. They should have ended the series at Season 4. They made the rest of the plot convoluted after that season.
  3. Hey there. Welcome to GTAW! I'd start by familiarising yourself again with the rules and taking a look at the basic commands guide I'll link below: If you want find good players to roleplay with, take a look at the Faction page. You can either be part of a legal faction (police, fire department, medical, etc) or illegal (gangs, mobs, etc.) Alternatively, you can choose to roleplay a character that doesn't belong to a faction. The most important tip I can offer is to develop a proper detail background story for your character. It also helps to have a rough idea of what you want your character to achieve on this serve; basically set some small goals for your character. Other than all of this, you'll learn and have fun with experience in the game. I wish you well!
  4. It it less of a powergaming issue and more of a common courtesy one. In most of the fights I've been in, I've emoted swinging first. However, I do not hit them script-wise until they react to my punch with a /me. Once they emote, then it's on like Donkey Kong. Some of the other fights I've been in, there is a strong play to win attitude with my opponent. I'll be half-way through a reactionary emote and they have already punched me near to death. I firmly believe that doing an emote then immediately getting into a script fight without letting the other churn out a single retaliation emote is scummy - quite honestly it's a breach of common courtesy. Unless the emote specifically stated the attack was done out of surprise, then this shouldn't be allowed. I vote mutual consent!!!
  5. Personally, I have no problems with people who play orphans. One of the best characters I had the pleasure of roleplaying was my character's adopted orphan son. It's a shame there isn't a CPS or Foster Care system on the server currently; but I have hope that there will be one in the future. That would do wonders for the server, opening up more creative legal roleplay opportunities. To compensate for the present lack of an active CPS/Foster Care faction, parent-less characters should be required to actively roleplay with an older character. This could be an older sibling/grandparent/foster parent/adoptive parent/guardian/carer/social worker/whatever would work for their development. It would encourage players to think long and hard about how to conduct their young characters. This would prevent a bunch of orphans turned into gun-toting hang associating fearless death-matchers who have no purpose other than acting reckless to other people's roleplay. The should also apply to young characters whose parents are incredibly negligent or not around in the kids' life. I made a similar comment. in the thread I'll link:
  6. I agree - which is why I don't support completely nuking all underaged characters. Even though I've never done this kind of roleplay, I assume most of the fun comes from building up a young kid who associated with gangs in their youth then turning them into respected leaders of said gang when they're older (correct me if I'm wrong). However, a lot of the frustration comes from some of these young gang banger characters going around the map acting like untouchable serial murderers; which I assume why this rule suggestion thread was even created in the first place. It's a massive problem when they persistently flirt with older women, pick fights with everyone without any fear whatsoever, immediately resort to death matching or simply not act like children. Then it becomes even more frustrating when they try to wiggle out of IC and OOC consequences under the veil of "I'm just a kid!!!" Don't get me wrong, I like interacting with underaged characters - gang affiliated or not. Some of the most memorable RP experiences of my time on GTAW have been with underaged characters. But we're sick of the stupid ones who ruin the roleplay for others; all because they want to act like supermen who can do whatever they want and get away from consequences just because they are children. It's quite annoying.
  7. ^ This 100%. Also, I'm sick of these kind of underaged characters acting like adults... but then complain and bitch when they receive adult consequences. I completely understand why people want to ban underaged characters off the server.
  8. Yes - the other person must be around to actively RP with underage character. NPCing an older figure should be forbidden. The second person doesn't have to be a parent/grandparent/older sibling/guardian/carer. They could also have a social worker or foster parent, making it more realistic for player who chooses to a roleplay gang child without family.
  9. Instead of completely banning underaged characters, maybe admins could implement a rule where children characters must have another person roleplaying with them as their parent/grandparent/older sibling/guardian/carer. And if the underaged characters do anything remotely stupid (sexual RP, fighting old characters, not roleplaying fear, basically not acting like their age, etc.) then that should be met with an immediate ban.
  10. This question is like comparing apples to oranges - both are fun in their own respective rights. But if I had to pick one, I'd choose mob roleplay.
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