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Found 7 results

  1. Ronald 'RBeezy' Stokes Appearance: Ronald has a tall and skinny frame, built similar to NBA player Brandon Ingram. His hair is sported in a low bald fade. He has a slight gap between his front two teeth and his nose is crooked at a slight angle due to an altercation with rival Rollin 90's Neighborhood Crip gang members. He dons a facial tattoo which highlights his allegiance to the set. The letters F.R.G are tatted above his right eyebrow paying homage to his clique Forum Drive RydaGang Background: Charismatic and troublesome, Ronald was raised in a happy two parent household on the 1799 Forum Drive Housing Projects. Despite this, his entrance into world of gangbanging can easily be explained. Growing up, Ronald had multiple cousins and uncles that were of the lifestyle. His uncles Earl ' Tiny Stretch#4' Banks and Emmanuel 'Big Escalade#1' Williamson were both affiliated to Carson Mafia Gangster Bloods. Ronald also had a number of friends from Davis High affiliated to various blood sets such as HellBoy and Von Brazy from the Black P Stones and StandOut from the Harvard Park Brims. Ronald's early life would soon be turned upside down as his father Dexter Stokes who worked at the Autoholics garage was caught in the cross fire between rival gangs during a New Years Celebration at BJ Smith Recreational Park. The unfortunate circumstance of his mother having no assistance with the child rearing meant a happy and stable childhood was never an option. Despite her best efforts to support Ronald, Ronald found himself loitering around the recreational park with the neighboring blood sets with no intention to be put on himself. Schooling Ronald and his close friends from the 1799 Housing Projects attended a school with a large number of crip affiliates. M-Face, MadMaxx, CrashOut, Bambino and BroadDay were all tormented by rival Neighborhood Crip members who attended the school. This lead to many insults and disrespect being thrown at the groups direction. Despite the group not being put on and being more known around the neighborhood for their BMX and skate clique, the rival Neighborhood Crip members at the school would treat them as blood affiliates. At first, Ronald's coping method would be to cry in the school bathroom. However, he soon found out that this would cause more bullying and torture. Then came a turning point in the Davis Middle School cafeteria where the bullying became all too much for Ronald and his group of friends. Having balled up years of hate, he snapped at a classmate who disrespected his mother which resulted in Ronald getting expelled and for the first time in his young life he realised that the threat of violence was key in getting what he wanted; which was for the bullying to stop. The bullying did stop after this and it was a clear indication to Ronald and his group of friends that violence was the answer in gaining respect. However, after that pivotal event in his young life, he would leave a trail of violence everywhere he went. Blood Affiliation Age 16, Ronald would serve 6 months in Central Juvenile Hall following a brutal assault on a West Grove Hustler Crip member outside the Davis LTD. This was captured by shocked bystanders on their phones and Ronald achieved a degree of hood notoriety for this, garnering the nickname Ron Brazy from his homeboys and neighboring blood sets who acted as big homies to Ronald's clique. After his stint in Juvenile Hall, he would spend most of his time putting his hours in and resorting to squabbling at any sign of disrespect no matter how petty. Ronald's group of friends formed the MurdaParkRyda Gang which despite being a BMX clique to start with now served a different purpose, to protect members from the 1799 Housing Projects. However with the put on of gang members such as FKrooga who lived on 1803 Housing Projects and Tone who was from Crystal Heights. The clique referred to themselves as Murder Park Family Bloods highlighting the tight loyalty they have to each other and picking up the red flag after being heavily influenced by their neighboring sets. Present The combination of anger towards the loss of his father, the constant threat from Neighborhood Crip gangs and the vow he made to his clique to be a notorious set and to never be disrespected again has molded RonBrazy into a very troubled teenager. Now age 17, Ronald has been in and out of juvie, but still remains in high school albeit with a low attendance rate. Ronald resorts to drug deals to keep money and food on the table. Through the Murder Park Families, Ronald finds family and a place to call home. As of now, Ronald navigates the streets as the self proclaimed general of the Murder Park Families, pledging allegiance to his set. Rap Career After the announcement that he was expecting a newborn son. RonBrazy turned to Orlando 'Lando' West for an opportunity to be signed to his upcoming label Ski Mask Records. Lando and RonBrazy and history as Lando had signed now deceased local rapper ParkBoy Nell who was RonBrazy's little homie. Lando offered RonBrazy the opportunity to be signed to the label and Ronald released 'Welcome 2 Murda Park' which received critical acclaim from the streets when it dropped. It was played all over the blood neighborhoods of the Chamberlain. 'Murda Park Ryda Gang' the main clique of the Murder Park Family Blood Gang (2021) (left to right) Royce 'BambinØ Red' Weathers, Christopher 'M-FacKe' Hampton, Keyvonte 'MadMaxx' Maxwell, Frederick 'FKrØØga' Gordon, Ronald 'RØnBrazy' Stokes. Ronald 'RonBrazy' Stokes and Christopher 'M-Face' Hampton - Original Members of the Murder Park Families (top row) Taymor '136Shotz' Bradley, Davion "BroadDay" Bridges (middle row) Quadrees 'Reese' Brown, Dru "RedBull#1" Richardson, Keyvonte "MadMaxx" Maxwell, Christopher "M-Face" Hampton, India "Lady RedEyez" Banks (bottom row) Ronald "RonBrazy" Stokes.
  2. This thread will follow the character development and life of Wallace Hobbs.
  3. STATUS: Hustling; 0 stars | CREDITS: Character Sheet Created By Discord User Rōnin#6023. This thread will unfold DeMarcus Tāufaʻāhau Davis Jr.'s life and development. 𝕲𝖊𝖓𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖑 𝕴𝖓𝖋𝖔𝖗𝖒𝖆𝖙𝖎𝖔𝖓 Legal Name: DeMarcus Tāufaʻāhau Davis Jr. Legal Title: Jr. Nick Name(s): N/A Age: 12 Date of Birth: 03/07/2010 Place of Birth: Central Los Santos Medical Center Nationality: American Race: African American / Tongan American Gender: Male Language(s) Spoken: English Accent: South Los Santos Accent Address: 413 Grove Street, Davis Occupation: Davis Middle–High School Student 𝕻𝖍𝖞𝖘𝖎𝖈𝖆𝖑 𝕴𝖓𝖋𝖔𝖗𝖒𝖆𝖙𝖎𝖔𝖓 Height: ~5'4" Ft. (~163 Cm.) Weight: 121 lbs. (~55 kg) Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Black Body Build: Ectomorph Dominant Hand: Left Race: African American / Tongan American Distinguishing Features: Gauze wraps around his neck and head (a hat covers the head) and chest. Physical Description: ~5'4" Ft. (~163 Cm.). A Tongan American boy who sports black dreadlocks which flail out in sundry directions. Straight-and-narrow brows are raised above dark brown charred-orbs—which blaze with fury. He has a small, nubby nose; and ectomorph, lean body build. White socks clash with his timeworn, non-Brand, generic black sneakers. Somewhat deep voice. South Central accent. Small stab wound in rib cage and bullet scar at the gut. Gauze wraps around his neck and head (a hat covers the head) and chest. Voice Description: Somewhat deep voice. South Central accent. 𝕾𝖙𝖆𝖙𝖘 Respect: ▰▰ Stamina: ▰▰▰▰ Muscle: ▰▰ Fat: ▰ 𝕸𝖊𝖉𝖎𝖈𝖆𝖑 𝕴𝖓𝖋𝖔𝖗𝖒𝖆𝖙𝖎𝖔𝖓 Blood-type: AB+ Medical History: DeMarcus got stabbed-. . by a pen in the gut—a minor injury barely worth noting. DeMarcus's hoodie blanketed the stabbing. But the pen entreated deep enough for the pen to stick out of his gut. DeMarcus also got shot in the upper-chest and another bullet skimmed his head, but didn't damage anything vital. Medical Information: ADHD diagnosis. In excellent physical shape other than being too light-weight for his age. Notes: Doctor's Recommendation: Build some muscle and fat. 𝕮𝖗𝖎𝖒𝖎𝖓𝖆𝖑 𝕽𝖊𝖈𝖔𝖗𝖉 N/A 𝕬𝖉𝖉𝖎𝖈𝖙𝖎𝖔𝖓𝖘 ⟴ Coffee 𝕻𝖊𝖗𝖘𝖔𝖓𝖆𝖑𝖎𝖙𝖞 Mental State: DeMarcus is in a frenzied state, feeling like an animal backed into a corner. Financial pressures keep building up, his mother needs money for insulin shots to survive, and thugs keep picking on him because he is young and weak; DeMarcus has been forced to grow up fast. Not to mention puberty is beginning for him. Daily his morality is tested and slowly DeMarcus finds himself crossing every moral line, but a very recent conversation with a mechanic named Johnny has given him hope by suggesting he stick to an outlaws' moral code since that's the life sucking DeMarcus in. He'll do whatever it takes in order for him and his mother to survive. Religion: Mormon Alignment: Neutral Good Sexuality: Heterosexual Fear(s): Loosing his mother, dying in the streets (like his father did), and dying poor and alone. Hobbies: Rugby/Football, mixing rap beats (he sucks at it but likes messing around with the programs), beatboxing (he is alright at it), freestyling (he sucks at it), joyriding in the family whip, and bribing his way or sneaking into night clubs underage to party and cop booze on the down low, underage. Skills: Lockpicking, stealth, slippery like a snake, basic parkour ability, a fist sponge (constant beatings built up a high pain tolerance in DeMarcus) who stands in-battle for a while (but he sucks at fighting), and perceptive as Hell. Positive Traits: Good-natured, perceptive; chill as ice, but beginning to be more on guard and aware of people trying to rip him off; cool to people he can trust at least a little, but still on edge; extremely adaptable in situations and to circumstances; intelligent, strategic, quick learner, intuitive; empathetic, but knows when to hide that trait; quick-witted, and quick-footed. Neutral Traits: Mellowed out when high. Negative Traits: Trust-issues, paranoia, hyperactivity; extremely impressionable and prone to peer pressure; a mean drunk, tenfold when cross-faded; and sometimes makes risky plays toward the ends of his plans. 𝕻𝖗𝖔𝖑𝖔𝖌𝖚𝖊 DeMarcus Tāufaʻāhau Davis Jr.’s story starts 3 Generations back . . . 1941, Tongan natives Kelekolio and Laaka Nukuʻalofa—husband and wife—legally immigrate from Nukuʻalofa, Tongatapu, Tonga to Idlewood, Los Santos, San Andreas, The United States of America—thanks to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ assist in the process. Kailao Nuku‘alofa was born on April 4th, 1943, at the Central Los Santos Medical Center; he was raised by two Mormon-convert Pacific Islander parents. Kailao grew up facing discrimination—socially and systemically—on the basis of his skin color in an era of high racial tensions, in spite of being a Pacific Islander and not of African American descent; racism pushed Kailao toward activism, inspiring him to pursue a degree in political science at the University of Los Santos, San Andreas (ULSA). October 15th, 1966, The Black Panther Party for self-defense (BPP) was founded by Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale in Oakland, San Fierro, San Andreas—the BPP was a revolutionary organization with an ideology of Black nationalism, socialism, and armed self-defense, specifically against police brutality. The BPP formed in the midst of the Black Power movement and in response to failures of the Civil Rights Movement, turning it toward militancy. 1967, Kailao joined the BPP at age 23 early in the organization’s lifespan when numbers were low. Kailao increasingly involved\himself in political activism avidly that year, particularly for Black rights. Kailao legally changed his name to “DeMarcus” to both Americanize himself more and to identify himself synonymously with the Black Power movement. May 2nd, 1967, 26 panthers led by Seale from Oakland traveled to the Sacramento State House to protest the Mulford Act—a bill prohibiting the closed or open carry of loaded firearms. This event rapidly spread awareness of the BPP. The BPP pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of disrupting a legislative session. Kailao/DeMarcus was among the 26 armed men charged, putting him on the Federals’ radar. Kailao/DeMarcus rose to prominence within the BPP overtime. Following a complex history of interactions, Kailao/DeMarcus—a Malcolm X follower—met, fell in love with, started dating, and eventually married fellow activist—devout Martin Luther King Jr. follower—Malika Davis, a muslim African American female. They adopted Malika’s surname as the family name since it was more American than Kailao’s/DeMarcus’s. Multiple street gangs formed and rose to power to combat intimidation from white supremacy gangs. 1980s–1990s, an event known as the “Crack Epidemic” where cocaine flooded major Urban Centers across The Nation transpired. Early-1980s, Kailao/DeMarcus and Malika Davis purchased a house on Grove Street, Davis. Kailao/DeMarcus and Malika continued activism years into the Crack Epidemic . . . Kailao’s/DeMarcus’s parents Kelekolio and Laaka passed away at ages 71 and 77 due to old age. Divers socioeconomic factors—the Crack Epidemic, high racial tensions, a rising hate crime rate—pressured violence in inner-City neighborhoods, consequently skyrocketing the crime rate. Anti-crime legislation passed through congress and red taping policies negatively affected African American communities, which Kailao/DeMarcus and Malika duly protested against. Multiple street gangs rose to Power out of competition over resources. Particularly, The Crips were founded in 1969 by Raymond Washington and Stanley Williams at Fremont and Washington High School and they led the East and West Side Crips respectively. Williams reflected in his 2004 memoir Blue Rage, Black Redemption: A Memoir The Crips “depicted a fighting alliance against street gangs—nothing more, nothing less.” 1972,\ The Bloods federation formed out of numerous gangs’ collective bitter rivalries with The Crips. The Bloods. Innumerable Crip and Blood sets established themselves all over Los Santos, San Andreas. Bloods were outnumbered by Crips 3–1. Davis slowly transformed into one of America’s most notorious and dangerous hoods. 1970s–1980s, The Tongan Crip Gang (TCG) formed in Idlewood, Los Santos, San Andreas. Early-July 2002, Malika was announced pregnant. On February 8th, 2002, Felecia Davis was born. Early-July 2003, Malika was announced pregnant. On January 13th, 2003, Malik Azikiwe Davis, named after his mother, middle-name derived from Nnamdi Benjamin Azikiwe’s last name (the “Father of Nigerian Nationalism,” a Nigerian statesman and political leader considered a driving force behind the Nation’s Independence who served as the first President of Nigeria from 1963–1966). July 13th, 1988, Kailao/DeMarcus was found dead riddled with lead in the middle of Grove Street. Some suspect a white supremacy gang or FBI/CIA assassinated him. Malika slipped into a severe depression; Malika quit activism and took to an unhealthy degree of comfort eating fast and sugary foods. As if things could not get worse, on October 19th 1987, Black Monday—a financial crisis—triggered a wave of deleveraging with significant macroeconomic consequences; by February, the market lost 60% of its value and Malika fell below the poverty line, becoming eligible for the food stamp program. Malika got addicted to PCP to cope. DeMarcus Tāufaʻāhau Davis Jr. was born on March 7th, 2010 at Central Los Santos Medical Center, bordered by Capital Boulevard, Crusade Road, Davis Avenue, and Innocence Boulevard within Los Santos, San Andreas. He was named after and in honor of his father. “Tāufaʻāhau”—DeMarcus Jr.'s middle-name—references a young Tongan warrior, strategist, and orator named Tāufaʻāhau who united Tonga into a kingdom in 1845. DeMarcus Davis Jr.’s last name is adopted from his widowed mother’s birth-name. DeMarcus Davis Jr. grew up in The Projects—the poverty-plunged Hellhole of The CIty of Davis—the Murder Capitol of Los Santos, trapped in a perpetual cycle of violence—flooded with narcotics and populated by gang-affiliated ballers and poser-bustas. DeMarcus Jr.’s father was raised Mormon and converted Malika to religion, so DeMarcus Jr. was born, raised, and still is a devout Mormon; while devout, DeMarcus Jr. is a “Mormon” by name only practically, besides how it affects his budding moral compass and his occasional prayers. In 2016, DeMarcus Davis Jr’s older brother Malik began banging with the TCG, around when DeMarcus was merely age 6. Malik earned the alias “Cane,” after proving to be a demon-child. Malik became the black sheep of the Davis family from a young age. However, in 2020 Cane ditched the gang after disagreement over the TCG’s future and direction with the O.G.s. Malik moved to New York City, New York with ambitions of becoming an East-side player. 2017, Cane joined the Murderous Mad Dogs Blood-affiliated street gang set based in New York, Brooklyn. DeMarcus Jr. loathed Malik for his betrayal of his hood and turning his back on his own family. To DeMarcus Jr., Malik is dead. CONTINUE: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uABO0isv0n20wrKEGvC0QPfb8imF4IsL-3G98CqXfI0/edit?usp=sharing
  4. This thread will be following the development and growth of Malcolm Andrews, a growing member of the Cortes Aryan Skin Heads. Malcolm Andrews also known as "Mally" or "Junior" (was born July 3rd, 2003, East-west Los Santos, Vespucci Boulevard, San Andreas) is a newfound associate of the infamous Cortes Aryan Skin Heads or otherwise known as "C-A-S-H" - the group is widely known for their practice in hate-speech, theft, drug abuse, and violent tendencies. Malcolm was raised in a rough, abusive household with his older sister Melanie; who left when she finished her Freshman year of High school... His parents "Richard Andrews" and "Bethany Andrews" split due to his fathers alcoholic issues becoming more troublesome over the years, resulting in beating his son most nights to relieve the guilt and stress. Malcolm's childhood was anything but pleasant. He continued to watch his fathers life spiral down as he continued to consume his life in a plethora of liquor. Malcolm spent most of his nights out on the streets, not wanting to go home, not wanting to feel another belt across his face. Exhausted and hungry he often found his home around the other degenerates that around Vespucci, most of those who praised the rules of hate and greed. Into his late teenage years, he continued to visit the beach, bringing his BMX to the boardwalk and the skate-park, most often could be found with his new friend "Boozer", a sickly looking individual that was consistently trying to assure Malcolm that there were better means of life around the corner - family, money, power, and respect. Malcolm started to grasp back at reality, living with his own set of rules, left the motel that his father was staying in, and started to hang closer to the scum around the beach. Eventually Malcolm was shown some ways on how to make some money on his own, by any means. Malcolm realized that there was some serious money involved, already slapping palms up with some of his newly found brothers, going to parties, and finding himself talking with various criminals, taking drugs, drinking and further being intrigued by the environment. Malcolm was always interested in furthering himself, trying to test his boundaries, knowing how easy it was to get money only made his ambitions heightened, darker and more dangerous for a youthful mind. No school, no father, no mother, and no sister. Family to him was the Beach. Money to him was everything. Fathers to him were a hold-back. Mothers to him were a lie.
  5. LADY INNOCENCE REDD#1 First Name Kalisha, Mae Last Name Watkins Alias(es) Lady Innocence Redd#1, Fingerz, Kali Date of Birth 02/06/200X (18 years old) Occupation Active swanlette, hairstylist Family Members Deondre ‘Lil Madd’ Watkins (Elder brother) - Active Segundo Village Swans member
  6. Where did I go wrong? Stayin with my grandma in Mission Row, hooping at BJ Smith Recreational Center, sleep overs wit the homies; it was all good. Except when my granny would have me cleaning the house to The Temptations on a early Saturday morning. I'm fifteen years old and I attend Roy Lowenstein Middle School. Next year, I'ma be at Davis High School playing varsity basketball as a freshman. You could say I'm THAT nice, I be crossing fools all the way up on my Allen Iverson - that's my favorite player. The reason he's my favorite player is because he doesn't care what people think, he'll show up to games breaking uniform codes. He stands up for what he believes in, you could say he's black and rebellious. "A coward dies a thousand deaths, a soldier dies but once" I got this hustle man, I remember I would walk around South Central Los Santos and sell chocolate bars! When I tell you I made a killing, I made a killing. Was it 100 percent honest? Probably not.. I would go to Xero 24 or the Strawberry 24/7 and buy my candy bars for 60 dollars a bar. After I got my bars I would sell them for 80 dollars to the people that came up to the gas station in my hood saying it was "for a fundraiser for my school's basketball team"... Some people fucked wit it, some didn't but how else was I gonna get my BMX bike? My grandma didn't have it, she only got paid on the first of the month and most of that went to bills. My mama? She was somewhere smoking crack. When did shit start to go south? I started kicking it wit people from my section when I got suspended from school. I knew you was gonna ask why I got suspended... So I was in first period, and mind you, I never go to first period. But this girl was yappin about how my mamas a crack smoker and my dad wasn't in the picture. I grabbed some scissors and cut that girls pony tail off - they suspended me for two weeks and my grandma said, "Since you wanna be suspended, you ain't gonna be sittin around the house being lazy, eatin up all da food." For two weeks I had to leave the house in the morning and come home when the street lights hit. That was a mistake.... Man I was outside for real! I'm not making enough from that candy shit no more. I got my lil BMX bike and the niggas from my section still had whips, girls and money. I wanna get like them, so I started taking even more risks.. I got my ass beat by my granny and my mom for stealing that weed.. But it was worth it because I got me started in the game, I love the rush I get from selling weed and coke. I'm good at it too, maybe it was from watching my mom sell coke when I was younger, but it's like I had a knack for it. You know them white boys that watch they daddies be engineers, doctors and lawyers then one day they're put in position to do something similar? Shit maybe I was meant to sell coke until I make it to the NBA.. Till then I'mma play ball wit the 86 Davis Family Gangsta Bloods, red homies. To be continued...
  7. (Arlandis Reeves; Reyvon's dad) Reyvon Reeves is the son of Arlandis "YG A-Tone" Reeves from E/S All For Crime Bloods. Reyvon's mother died when he was young, she was killed in a drive by on accident. Reyvon's father was forced to give up the street life to take care of his only son. They moved out of E/S All For Crime Bloods territory to Chamberlain Hills.
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