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  1. This shared thread showcases the life of a twin pair, Josiah and Derrick FLUDD Jr. A couple of siblings trying to survive in a swamp area of West Los Santos, trying to find a way with all odds against them, they'd do whatever they could to stay afloat especially when their parents that once held praise at a local church, are now out of work after a tragic shooting that left the father and former pastor paralyzed. Here lies a closer look into the twins' illegal antics of adjusting to their environment, while also becoming a product to it, in which eventually led them into their drive to gain recognition from the street gang that riddles the area, WEST SIDE PLAYBOY GANGSTER CRIP. PBGC Thread: Josiah Fludd(LEFT side of picture) : @Almightyyy Sosa Derrick Fludd (Right side of picture) : @xBrownie
  2. First generation Mexican-American gang member from a neighborhood in Vespucci labeled "La Cienega" or "The Swamp" (English translation). Pedro's fate was directed and orchestrated by the direct influence of the predominately black ghetto in which he was raised. Pedro Luevano. This thread will follow the life of Pedro "Baby Lethal" Luevano of the Playboy Gangster Crip coalition.
  3. Mutulu "PaCman" Washington from 99 Mafia Crip, life with parole. ___Description of Mutulu Washington___ Age range: 23 5 foot 11. 200lbs. Black. Deep voice. 23 y/o. "MAFIA" written across his stomach and "9" on each hand.
  4. (Bleustone chunkin up that Yard thang) The D/W GraveYard Gangster Crips are an extremely small, reputable but somewhat active street gang today. They're located in the city of Del Perro, Los Santos also commonly known as the "Deep West". The GraveYard Gangster Crips are officially one of the newer Trays (3x) to come out in the early to mid-90s and are considered one of the youngest gangs in Los Santos in terms of how long they've been established. The GYGCs (GraveYard Gangster Crips) are named after the Hill Valley Cemetery which is also considered their main territory hence the name "GraveYard Gangsters". The cemetery itself used to be very active in the 90s & early 2000's but now in this day and age the GraveYards aren't nearly as functional as they were in the past. They tend to keep a low profile and they're almost barely heard of nowadays thanks to "Operation Tombstone" a homicide and narcotics investigation, and mainly gentrification. The area of Del Perro fell victim to a huge level of gentrification with attempted gentrification even dating back to the early 1920s when whites were trying their absolute hardest to push blacks out of the city. Due to the fact that Del Perro was and is now still a big tourist hotspot with famous beaches, landmarks, and landscapes property costs have gone through the roof and an influx of the Hispanic demographic has grown significantly over the years. The GraveYard Crips' main enemy is DP13, AKA Del Perro 13, they also beef with all West LS Deuces (2x). Primarily the Vespucci Shoreline Crips and the West Boulevard Crips, they beef with all bloods and the NH card. Most gangs wouldn't even consider it real beef with the GraveYards due to their significant distance from each other and their inactivity plus their small size in numbers. They share a very close alliance with the Hawthorne Family Gangster Crips, another small 3x set, and the Eight Tray Gangster Crips, one of the more notorious, bigger and more active 3x gangs today.
  5. OOC INFORMATION: Our main goal while roleplaying within the group W/S Rollin 60’s Neighborhood Crips is to portray a realistic Crip set based in Brouge Ave. Your character should start off as a young teenager who is growing up in one of the most dangerous parts of Los Santos. All members should abide by GTA World's server rules, and we will not hold back from removing you from the faction if it is deemed you are un-fit for the faction. If you have any questions, concerns or regards to joining or about the faction, feel free to direct message @Dope Boy
  6. Originally starting from a small tight-knit friend group of friends and other local teenagers around the neighborhood of Mirror Park, a group of white teenagers in their developed suburban white neighborhood were massively influenced by African American street culture, specifically the violent African American street gang known as the "Crips", and it didn't take them too long to start their own Crip gang, Slide First Crip. They adopted the Seattle Mariners sport team to identify themselves as being apart of Slide First Crip, frequently wearing their hats around their so called "hood". Starting from small beginnings, they first originally were partaking in an obsessive like behavior of stalking Los Santos focused American social news aggregations and discussion websites that revolve and discuss Los Santos gang politics which were much far from their safe neighbourhood. They were also inspired by numerous rappers that engaged in drug use, mimicking them and often partaking in recreational drug use while also engaging in petty crime such as vandalism, theft and alcohol to pass the time and get a cheap thrill. This escalated quickly, and eventually most of the friends ended up dropping out of school together, not wanting to be alone in classes. As things escalated from just small things like smoking weed, it quickly started turning to doing things like psychedelics, Percocet's, and things like that as it became plentiful and easy to get in the area. Now hyped up on drugs, jobless and without much education, these now late-teens started bringing down younger generations with them, teaching them things about drugs, and getting them to shoplift for them so they don’t risk getting banned from stores. The small contingent of suburban Caucasian teenagers had heavy influence from far away African American street gangs going under the Crip umbrella, and through easily accessible internet knowledge, they were able to learn and adapt from African American street gangs, mimicking how they talk, act and the illegal activities they take part in.
  7. This thread will follow the life of the West Side Tongan Crip Gang Leader, Rafi "Raf" Thompson.
  8. (Arlandis Reeves; Reyvon's dad) Reyvon Reeves is the son of Arlandis "YG A-Tone" Reeves from E/S All For Crime Bloods. Reyvon's mother died when he was young, she was killed in a drive by on accident. Reyvon's father was forced to give up the street life to take care of his only son. They moved out of E/S All For Crime Bloods territory to Chamberlain Hills.
  9. Denton "Steezo" Malone, previous nickname "Infant Steezo", appeared first in a beer robbery in the late 2006s. Denton lived in the Eastside Fudge Town Mafia Crips territory, 107th Roy Lowenstien Boulevard with his grandmother. It wasn't long before Denton was introduced to the gang life. Maintaining control of his neighbourhood at a young age, Denton was no stranger throughout his hood. Denton was inspired by other gang members and it was only before long that Denton would be known to be a huge problem to the society he lived in. Denton was always on the wrong side of the Law Enforcement, being placed in jail numerous amounts of times. To date, Denton is the stronghold and shotcaller of the Eastside Fudge Town Mafia Crips gang. Denton is also one of the youngest shotcallers that the Fudge Town Mafia Crips have, controlling the neighbourhood alongside his homie, Julius "Looney" Clarke.
  10. D-9

    Blue Hundreds.

    The following thread is kept to a minimal amount of detail in some screenshots to avoid metagaming
  11. STATUS: Hustling; 0 stars | CREDITS: Character Sheet Created By Discord User Rōnin#6023. This thread will unfold DeMarcus Tāufaʻāhau Davis Jr.'s life and development. 𝕲𝖊𝖓𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖑 𝕴𝖓𝖋𝖔𝖗𝖒𝖆𝖙𝖎𝖔𝖓 Legal Name: DeMarcus Tāufaʻāhau Davis Jr. Legal Title: Jr. Nick Name(s): N/A Age: 12 Date of Birth: 03/07/2010 Place of Birth: Central Los Santos Medical Center Nationality: American Race: African American / Tongan American Gender: Male Language(s) Spoken: English Accent: South Los Santos Accent Address: 413 Grove Street, Davis Occupation: Davis Middle–High School Student 𝕻𝖍𝖞𝖘𝖎𝖈𝖆𝖑 𝕴𝖓𝖋𝖔𝖗𝖒𝖆𝖙𝖎𝖔𝖓 Height: ~5'4" Ft. (~163 Cm.) Weight: 121 lbs. (~55 kg) Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Black Body Build: Ectomorph Dominant Hand: Left Race: African American / Tongan American Distinguishing Features: Gauze wraps around his neck and head (a hat covers the head) and chest. Physical Description: ~5'4" Ft. (~163 Cm.). A Tongan American boy who sports black dreadlocks which flail out in sundry directions. Straight-and-narrow brows are raised above dark brown charred-orbs—which blaze with fury. He has a small, nubby nose; and ectomorph, lean body build. White socks clash with his timeworn, non-Brand, generic black sneakers. Somewhat deep voice. South Central accent. Small stab wound in rib cage and bullet scar at the gut. Gauze wraps around his neck and head (a hat covers the head) and chest. Voice Description: Somewhat deep voice. South Central accent. 𝕾𝖙𝖆𝖙𝖘 Respect: ▰▰ Stamina: ▰▰▰▰ Muscle: ▰▰ Fat: ▰ 𝕸𝖊𝖉𝖎𝖈𝖆𝖑 𝕴𝖓𝖋𝖔𝖗𝖒𝖆𝖙𝖎𝖔𝖓 Blood-type: AB+ Medical History: DeMarcus got stabbed-. . by a pen in the gut—a minor injury barely worth noting. DeMarcus's hoodie blanketed the stabbing. But the pen entreated deep enough for the pen to stick out of his gut. DeMarcus also got shot in the upper-chest and another bullet skimmed his head, but didn't damage anything vital. Medical Information: ADHD diagnosis. In excellent physical shape other than being too light-weight for his age. Notes: Doctor's Recommendation: Build some muscle and fat. 𝕮𝖗𝖎𝖒𝖎𝖓𝖆𝖑 𝕽𝖊𝖈𝖔𝖗𝖉 N/A 𝕬𝖉𝖉𝖎𝖈𝖙𝖎𝖔𝖓𝖘 ⟴ Coffee 𝕻𝖊𝖗𝖘𝖔𝖓𝖆𝖑𝖎𝖙𝖞 Mental State: DeMarcus is in a frenzied state, feeling like an animal backed into a corner. Financial pressures keep building up, his mother needs money for insulin shots to survive, and thugs keep picking on him because he is young and weak; DeMarcus has been forced to grow up fast. Not to mention puberty is beginning for him. Daily his morality is tested and slowly DeMarcus finds himself crossing every moral line, but a very recent conversation with a mechanic named Johnny has given him hope by suggesting he stick to an outlaws' moral code since that's the life sucking DeMarcus in. He'll do whatever it takes in order for him and his mother to survive. Religion: Mormon Alignment: Neutral Good Sexuality: Heterosexual Fear(s): Loosing his mother, dying in the streets (like his father did), and dying poor and alone. Hobbies: Rugby/Football, mixing rap beats (he sucks at it but likes messing around with the programs), beatboxing (he is alright at it), freestyling (he sucks at it), joyriding in the family whip, and bribing his way or sneaking into night clubs underage to party and cop booze on the down low, underage. Skills: Lockpicking, stealth, slippery like a snake, basic parkour ability, a fist sponge (constant beatings built up a high pain tolerance in DeMarcus) who stands in-battle for a while (but he sucks at fighting), and perceptive as Hell. Positive Traits: Good-natured, perceptive; chill as ice, but beginning to be more on guard and aware of people trying to rip him off; cool to people he can trust at least a little, but still on edge; extremely adaptable in situations and to circumstances; intelligent, strategic, quick learner, intuitive; empathetic, but knows when to hide that trait; quick-witted, and quick-footed. Neutral Traits: Mellowed out when high. Negative Traits: Trust-issues, paranoia, hyperactivity; extremely impressionable and prone to peer pressure; a mean drunk, tenfold when cross-faded; and sometimes makes risky plays toward the ends of his plans. 𝕻𝖗𝖔𝖑𝖔𝖌𝖚𝖊 DeMarcus Tāufaʻāhau Davis Jr.’s story starts 3 Generations back . . . 1941, Tongan natives Kelekolio and Laaka Nukuʻalofa—husband and wife—legally immigrate from Nukuʻalofa, Tongatapu, Tonga to Idlewood, Los Santos, San Andreas, The United States of America—thanks to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ assist in the process. Kailao Nuku‘alofa was born on April 4th, 1943, at the Central Los Santos Medical Center; he was raised by two Mormon-convert Pacific Islander parents. Kailao grew up facing discrimination—socially and systemically—on the basis of his skin color in an era of high racial tensions, in spite of being a Pacific Islander and not of African American descent; racism pushed Kailao toward activism, inspiring him to pursue a degree in political science at the University of Los Santos, San Andreas (ULSA). October 15th, 1966, The Black Panther Party for self-defense (BPP) was founded by Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale in Oakland, San Fierro, San Andreas—the BPP was a revolutionary organization with an ideology of Black nationalism, socialism, and armed self-defense, specifically against police brutality. The BPP formed in the midst of the Black Power movement and in response to failures of the Civil Rights Movement, turning it toward militancy. 1967, Kailao joined the BPP at age 23 early in the organization’s lifespan when numbers were low. Kailao increasingly involved\himself in political activism avidly that year, particularly for Black rights. Kailao legally changed his name to “DeMarcus” to both Americanize himself more and to identify himself synonymously with the Black Power movement. May 2nd, 1967, 26 panthers led by Seale from Oakland traveled to the Sacramento State House to protest the Mulford Act—a bill prohibiting the closed or open carry of loaded firearms. This event rapidly spread awareness of the BPP. The BPP pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of disrupting a legislative session. Kailao/DeMarcus was among the 26 armed men charged, putting him on the Federals’ radar. Kailao/DeMarcus rose to prominence within the BPP overtime. Following a complex history of interactions, Kailao/DeMarcus—a Malcolm X follower—met, fell in love with, started dating, and eventually married fellow activist—devout Martin Luther King Jr. follower—Malika Davis, a muslim African American female. They adopted Malika’s surname as the family name since it was more American than Kailao’s/DeMarcus’s. Multiple street gangs formed and rose to power to combat intimidation from white supremacy gangs. 1980s–1990s, an event known as the “Crack Epidemic” where cocaine flooded major Urban Centers across The Nation transpired. Early-1980s, Kailao/DeMarcus and Malika Davis purchased a house on Grove Street, Davis. Kailao/DeMarcus and Malika continued activism years into the Crack Epidemic . . . Kailao’s/DeMarcus’s parents Kelekolio and Laaka passed away at ages 71 and 77 due to old age. Divers socioeconomic factors—the Crack Epidemic, high racial tensions, a rising hate crime rate—pressured violence in inner-City neighborhoods, consequently skyrocketing the crime rate. Anti-crime legislation passed through congress and red taping policies negatively affected African American communities, which Kailao/DeMarcus and Malika duly protested against. Multiple street gangs rose to Power out of competition over resources. Particularly, The Crips were founded in 1969 by Raymond Washington and Stanley Williams at Fremont and Washington High School and they led the East and West Side Crips respectively. Williams reflected in his 2004 memoir Blue Rage, Black Redemption: A Memoir The Crips “depicted a fighting alliance against street gangs—nothing more, nothing less.” 1972,\ The Bloods federation formed out of numerous gangs’ collective bitter rivalries with The Crips. The Bloods. Innumerable Crip and Blood sets established themselves all over Los Santos, San Andreas. Bloods were outnumbered by Crips 3–1. Davis slowly transformed into one of America’s most notorious and dangerous hoods. 1970s–1980s, The Tongan Crip Gang (TCG) formed in Idlewood, Los Santos, San Andreas. Early-July 2002, Malika was announced pregnant. On February 8th, 2002, Felecia Davis was born. Early-July 2003, Malika was announced pregnant. On January 13th, 2003, Malik Azikiwe Davis, named after his mother, middle-name derived from Nnamdi Benjamin Azikiwe’s last name (the “Father of Nigerian Nationalism,” a Nigerian statesman and political leader considered a driving force behind the Nation’s Independence who served as the first President of Nigeria from 1963–1966). July 13th, 1988, Kailao/DeMarcus was found dead riddled with lead in the middle of Grove Street. Some suspect a white supremacy gang or FBI/CIA assassinated him. Malika slipped into a severe depression; Malika quit activism and took to an unhealthy degree of comfort eating fast and sugary foods. As if things could not get worse, on October 19th 1987, Black Monday—a financial crisis—triggered a wave of deleveraging with significant macroeconomic consequences; by February, the market lost 60% of its value and Malika fell below the poverty line, becoming eligible for the food stamp program. Malika got addicted to PCP to cope. DeMarcus Tāufaʻāhau Davis Jr. was born on March 7th, 2010 at Central Los Santos Medical Center, bordered by Capital Boulevard, Crusade Road, Davis Avenue, and Innocence Boulevard within Los Santos, San Andreas. He was named after and in honor of his father. “Tāufaʻāhau”—DeMarcus Jr.'s middle-name—references a young Tongan warrior, strategist, and orator named Tāufaʻāhau who united Tonga into a kingdom in 1845. DeMarcus Davis Jr.’s last name is adopted from his widowed mother’s birth-name. DeMarcus Davis Jr. grew up in The Projects—the poverty-plunged Hellhole of The CIty of Davis—the Murder Capitol of Los Santos, trapped in a perpetual cycle of violence—flooded with narcotics and populated by gang-affiliated ballers and poser-bustas. DeMarcus Jr.’s father was raised Mormon and converted Malika to religion, so DeMarcus Jr. was born, raised, and still is a devout Mormon; while devout, DeMarcus Jr. is a “Mormon” by name only practically, besides how it affects his budding moral compass and his occasional prayers. In 2016, DeMarcus Davis Jr’s older brother Malik began banging with the TCG, around when DeMarcus was merely age 6. Malik earned the alias “Cane,” after proving to be a demon-child. Malik became the black sheep of the Davis family from a young age. However, in 2020 Cane ditched the gang after disagreement over the TCG’s future and direction with the O.G.s. Malik moved to New York City, New York with ambitions of becoming an East-side player. 2017, Cane joined the Murderous Mad Dogs Blood-affiliated street gang set based in New York, Brooklyn. DeMarcus Jr. loathed Malik for his betrayal of his hood and turning his back on his own family. To DeMarcus Jr., Malik is dead. CONTINUE: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uABO0isv0n20wrKEGvC0QPfb8imF4IsL-3G98CqXfI0/edit?usp=sharing
  12. OOC INFORMATION This project is based on the Baby Insane's (Insane Vespucci Crips). You can learn more about the gang through our series of screenshots or directly in the game. The main goal of Insane Vespucci Crips is to create a realistic atmosphere of a multicultural community that is often involved in gang activities. This faction's members aim to provide a community-driven environment with realism included in every scenario portrayed. If you need any help with the media you're going to be presenting for the faction, we're there to help you out. PM By sheff3x, and Troop for any assistance you might need about media and/or anything related to your roleplay with the faction. Subpar, as well as repetitive roleplay, is frowned upon and screenshots providing any of those will be removed. Members are obligated to exercise their roleplay capabilities and focus on their character development, and those who do so will have the privilege of getting their character inducted into the street gang, to be a part of our hierarchy if they decide to choose that route. However, recruitment's done strictly in character. Future faction members are asked to do research about the Baby Insane clique (Insane Vespucci Crip) coalition to learn about the faction itself and members in it, as well as how to approach us. Any faction-related queries(Including an Invite to the faction) or criticism should be directed to @sheff3x & @Troop via PMs. https://discord.gg/n2UrTESX (Temporary Invite) https://discord.gg/n2UrTESX (Temporary Invite)
  13. "You're not about that life"
  15. 103HTHC's Origins The 103HTHC was a set originally located on Brouge Avenue, Davis, this set was apart of the 2x card, meaning that they were a small-time group of neighbourhood crips situated within the avenue, the block had mainly gained notoriety throughout its time for drugs as they had been pushing product to mainly anyone that meant business for them. As time went on throughout the years, the group started to slowly dissipate, many were either hauled off to jail, or killed for their involvement within the group, this had allowed a set of hoovers to appear on their block, wherein they had ran it for a short while, before eventually being ran out by Front Street. Around the time of these events occurring, the only remaining OG known as 'Rasta' had re-appeared from the prison systems, he had decided to get into touch with as many people as he knew from back when the set was properly functioning, and decided to proceed with re-establishing contacts throughout the region of Los Santos, many attempts were futile, however he had managed to establish links primarily with the W/S Rollin 90's Neighbourhood Crips, meaning he's been able to maintain a steady flow on the street. OOC Information The 103HTHC's development (on Brouge Avenue) will revolve around the IC development from the participants of our faction, we wish to portray as much of a realistic faction as we possibly can, for anyone that may be interested in the faction, we have an open discord for anyone to join, this is primarily for anyone who may want to visit or partake within our faction, in order to join simply follow the discord link: https://discord.gg/4Scz2xTgKZ
  16. Atlantic Drive Carson Crips The South Side (S/S) Atlantic Drive Carson Crips are a Crip gang in the Atlantic Drive and Caldwell Avenue area located in the south eastern section of Carson, San Andreas. The Atlantic Drive Crips represents the Hub n Dub card this is an unusual card that no-one really heard of but the set has had an outstanding beef with the Santana Blocc Carson Crips. The Atlantic Drive Crips usually one keeps their beef inside of Carson not expanding over to any other sections of San Andreas. The top ranking member "OG Rugrat" was made the Original Crip of the set and has began to expand the set to make it more jumping while continuing to make a rise in the drug and weapon trade. They are allied with the Nutty Blocc Carson Crips, Ward Lane Carson Crips, Duccy Hood Carson Crips, Original Swamps Carson Crips, Original Front Hood Carson Crips, the Carver Park Carson Crips and South Side Carson Crips. They have conflicts with all Bloods/Piru neighborhoods such as the Holly Hood Pirus, Lime Hood Piru, Elm Street Pirus, Leuders Park Piru and Mob Piru. Other rivals include the Santana Blocc Carson Crips, Kelly Park Carson Crips, Neighborhood Carson Crips and Poccet Hood Carson Crips. Brouge Ave is home to many members of the Atlantic Drive Carson Crips, which sits directly on Alondra Blvd, between White Ave and Butler Ave. Members of the Atlantic Drive Crips are known to sport Atlantic Braves or Athletics with powder blue handkerchiefs to signify their affiliation with the A-Drive Crips. South Side Carson Crips The South Side Carson Crips are a well-known gang from Carson, San Andreas who occupies the largest territory in the city which stretches from Roy Lowenstein Blvd. in the north to Carson Ave. in the south. They share parts of their territory with the Carson Varrio Tokers and Carson Varrio 70's (who are considered enemies). They are allies with the Nutty Blocc Carson Crips, Atlantic Drive Carson Crips, Duccy Hood Carson Crips, Ward Lane Carson Crips, Original Swamps Carson Crips and the Original Front Hood Carson Crips. Foundation and History By the 1970s, the majority of Carson and territory East of Long Beach Blvd was dominated by gangs such as the Kelly Park Carson Crips and the Neighborhood Carson Crips. The only vacancy was territory West of Long Beach Blvd between the, which became the birth place of the South Side Crips. By the 1970s, the majority of Carson and territory East of Long Beach Blvd was dominated by gangs such as the Kelly Park Carson Crips and the Neighborhood Carson Crips. The only vacancy was territory West of Long Beach Blvd between the, which became the birth place of the South Side Crips. During the early 1970s, this area was claimed by a short-lived gang called the Burris Block Bloods. During the 1980s, the crack epidemic era, the South Side Crips, capitalized off the crack epidemic became with numerous drug houses scattered throughout their neighborhood. The South Side and the Atlantic Drive Crips formed an alliance with the Nutty Blocc Carson Crips, known as “Nutty South Atlantic”. Seattle Mariners: Stands for Southside, worn by Southside Atlantic Drive Crip members, usually sported the most. Atlanta Braves: Stands for Ave or Atlantic, another hat that can be found worn by members of the gang. Detroit Tigers: Stands for Drive, this hat is another hat that's sported a lot by the members of the set.
  17. This thread will follow the character development of Kaelo 'Bumpy' Havili, a Tongan teen living in Grove St with his dysfunctional family. Kaelo and "Fang", his white German Shepherd. All information and screenshots are OOC and not to be used IC.
  18. Some 42's and some 43's along with some out-of-town Trays gathered together for a music video on a hood day, so you can only imagine how small their hood is. — Nickname given to the East Side of South Central Los Santos because of it's relatively low-numbered streets. The 40s Gangster Crips (40GC) also known as the "4 Pacc Crips" consist of three street gangs located on the East Side of Los Santos, you could also say they are basically located in the Low Bottoms. The 40s Gangster Crips or "4 Pacc" is a reference to an alliance, between the 42 Gangster Crips and the 43 Gangster Crips, and also the 48 Gangster Crips. The 40s Gangster Crips are part of the Gangster Crip card of course and are under the Trays which is 3x or also known as "Movin". FOUR DEUCE GANGSTER CRIPS— The Four Deuce Gangster Crips a/k/a the 42nd Street Crips, are the smallest out of the three gangs but they still hold their own in terms of activity and straight-up mashing on other sets in Los Santos. Their section is mainly in and around E 41st Pl, Naomi Ave, E 42nd Pl, and of course E 42nd St. You will also occasionally catch them hanging around the Central Ave Jazz Park area. They share the same enemies with the Four Eight Gangster Crips, and the Four Tray Gangster Crips. Ironically though they are known to beef with other gangs under the Gangster Crip card especially the Rollin 40s Avalon Crips and the Broadway Gangster Crips. The 40s Gangster Crips as a whole also feud with the Rollin 20s Outlaw Bloods, All For Crime Bloods, Playboy Surenos 13, Hangout Boyz 13, and a large number of Hispanic Sureno 13 Gangs. Not to mention they also beef with the 30 BloodStone Pirus, the 53 Avalon Gangster Crips, the 40 BloodStone Pirus, the BloodStone Villains, and the 52 Pueblo Bishop Bloods. Despite being a very small crip hood in LA, they are known to be in other places / states as well. You can find 4-Pacc in Atlanta, New York, Memphis, and even Houston, every hood day the 4-Pacc Crips from all around come together to celebrate. GANG INJUNCTION— On December 19, 2004, a gang injunction was filed against the 40s Gangster Crips; The 42 Gangster Crips and the 43 Gangster Crips along with the 48 Gangster Crips. In an attempt to minimize criminal activity in this region of Los Santos, by banishing all communications between the three gangs. The gang injunction also included a hangout of the 40s Gangster Crips "Gilbert Lindsay Park" (Recreation Center), which is located on Avalon Blvd, between 42nd Place and San Pedro Ave, in the heart of the 4-Deuce Gangster Crips neighborhood. The gang injunction had no significant effect on the trio alliance though. "Judge Bars 3 Gangs Around Los Santos Park LST ARCHIVES FROM A TIMES STAFF WRITER Seeking to restrict the activities of three Los Santos gangs, city officials Monday announced the establishment of a 7 1/2-square-mile “safety zone” that bars gang members from assembling within its boundaries. The 42nd, 43rd and 48th Street Gangster Crips used Gilbert Lindsay Park in the 4200 block of Avalon Boulevard as a “personnel department” to pick up crews to rob banks across the region and the country, said City Atty. Rocky Delgadillo, who joined Mayor James K. Hahn at a news conference at the park. “This park has been anything but a playground,” Delgadillo said. “This is ground zero for the Crips.” Los Santos Superior Court Judge David Yaffe granted a preliminary injunction Jan. 18 establishing the safety zone bounded by Washington Boulevard on the north, Florence Avenue on the south, Alameda Street on the east and the Harbor Freeway on the west. Gang members are prohibited from associating with one another within the safety zone. Violators face misdemeanor charges that could bring six months in jail. Members of the three street gangs have been responsible for four homicides in the last year, said Capt. Sean Kane of the Los Santos Police Department’s Newton Division. Despite the protests of some activists, authorities have successfully sought 23 gang injunctions throughout Los Santos."
  19. Romi

    l4dyCh0ppA Kay

    Vespucci, 2021. “I don't like the way people cherish the ghetto, as if it’s some royal palace, or kingdom. I also don't like the way people treat each other in the ghetto. It is really hard to find love, trust, and respect. You don't find too many people that want to do better for themselves in the ghetto because so many people seem to be satisfied with where they're at.” Katelynn was born in Vespucci, Los Santos. She grew up with a single parent as their parents got divorced at a young age, living only with her father for a long period of her childhood. She had a pretty decent childhood, her father spoiling her as much as he could and reaching for help on raising her with her grandmother. He's currently still living with her, but not being so often at home as he's working on a truck company and being home only in the weekends, and her grandmother lives in the complex right next to where she got a room. She was raised up more independent, finding a "home" and a "family" in the local gang around the area and being put-on at the age of 15, when she got her first tattoo as well. She wasn't the best neither the worst student in school, eventually dropping off after being jumped in the gang, thinking of easy ways of making money as robbing, selling drugs and scams. Katelynn is currently almost 17 years old, still living in the same apartment she grew up in. She tries to help her father as much as she could as well as her grandmother, but not being so often at home as spending most of the time outside with the gang. She is a fuzzy person, calm to talk with and clearly being serious in the right moments. She ain't letting nothing slipping out her fingers and being always on ten toes, trying to work up the best for the people around her as clearly considering them as the family she never really had. Katelynn stands around 5'1 feet tall and 50 kgs, having a hourglass shaped figure and dark brown eyes. Her blonde hair makes her stand out in the crew as well as the variety of tattoos she presents on her neck and right hand, and the black/blue rag she mostly have around her neck or thigh. She has a bright smile, with little of make-up on her face and long clear nails, mostly dressing on modern clothes that are casually found inside any store. • Spontaneous, quickly to get a decision / a plan. • Heart-minded, placing the gang and her family over everything even in little-to-care situations. • Social-head, being a "mean-mocker", posting most of the things on SnapChat or other social media sources. • Tricky, coming up with sneaky plans mostly around illegal activities. • Addicted to nicotine. • Stone-minded, could tell anything by the name even though it's her best mate involved, could even kill a "brother" or a "sister" if needed.
  20. This thread follows the development of Tongan Crip Street Boss, Jacoby ''Coby'' Moore.
  21. “Life is so fragile and unpredictable, especially when you are in a gang or in a life of crime. It’s like playing poker; you think to yourself that you have a good hand. However, it is only when you reveal your hand do you sometimes discover to your horror that someone else’s hand is better.” -Risa, 16 years old, Davis- https://face.gta.world/Risa
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