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Found 7 results

  1. OOC INFORMATION The Young Money Chasers are an group of Bloods main priority is to portray a realistic environment for the server. Upon joining, we would kindly like to ask that you go over the faction's lingo and politics so we know that you are up to date regarding in-game behavior. We don't want anyone jumping in without understanding how we will move and the politics that will come with this faction. With that being said, do your research before deciding if this is the right faction for you and something you would like to participate in. Also, don't feel as if you are not good enough; we are open arms to newcomers and even experienced players on the server. We indulge heavily in character development, so make sure you aren't trying to force your way into a character that just isn't realistic. We also strongly suggest you read the Rules of Engagement before joining. We are heavy on in-game activity as well as forum screenshots. At this moment, the faction is heavily recruiting, looking for new members and we invite all members that are interested to join our discord! If there are any other questions or concerns please direct all messages to our factions high-council. https://discord.gg/f9mjuf9x
  2. Background Information 18th Street is a multi-ethnic, but mostly Hispanic transnational criminal organization that started as a street gang in Los Santos. The gang is estimated to have approximately 15,000 members in Los Santos County and is considered to be one of the largest Hispanic gangs; a title they share with their rivals, Florencia 13. 18th Street was among the first multi-ethnic street gangs in Los Santos, and was originally a sub-set under the Clanton 14th Street gang, however, many Clanton 14 members opposed the idea of having 18th street as a separate clique. This led to the 18th Street gang being formed, and subsequently, the two gangs quickly became bitter rivals. 18th Street is known to have active sets in other states and are present internationally, making appearances in El Salvador and other areas Worldwide. Rancho Locos is one of the many subsets of the notorious 18th Street gang located in Rancho. The area has for the longest time been known for its crime rates, and most prominently, its gang violence. During the 50’s, the 18th Street Gang spread its roots throughout Los Santos, establishing themselves primarily in the West, yet they still have a noticeable presence in the South. Rancho was one of 18th Street’s strongholds and has been subjected to multiple gang injunctions by law enforcement, both local and federal. 18th Street’s rapid and aggressive expansion led to a lot of struggles for territory. As they continued to battle with more established Hispanic and African-American gangs in the area, they began recruiting people outside the Hispanic community. War with Bloods The feud between Bloods and 18th Street is believed to have begun in the early 1990’s when members of the 18th Street gang and members of the Black P Stones gang got into a conflict which led to an 18th Street gang-member being murdered. The murder started a cycle of violence between various Blood sets and 18th Street, with the feud later being fueled by Florencia 13’s alignments with 18th Street’s enemies. As a result, it’s not very uncommon for 18th Street members to use Crip lingo and to sometimes clique up with Crips. Clique Info The Rancho Locos (RLS) clique, most infamously known for its drug trafficking and violence had started off in Jamestown, however after various gang injunctions crippled the clique, it was forced to move out of its initial hood. The clique currently claims their varrio on Roy Lowenstein Boulevard, whilst maintaining strong relations with the neighboring hood, Playboys 13. 18th Street Today 18th Street today continues to aggressively expand and grow. It's considered one of the biggest Hispanic gangs within Los Santos County. The gang primarily finances itself through narcotics trafficking and extortion. 18th Street has gone through numerous gang injunctions over the past few years, and dozens of arrests, yet the gang grows stronger day by day. Lately, multiple 18th Street subsets are known to be cliquing up together to be more unified. Recently, the FBI has launched “Operation Breaking Bad” where they indicted multiple members of the 18th Street gang for their roles in a methamphetamine distribution ring. During the investigation, more than 50 ounces of methamphetamine were seized, as well as several handguns, shotguns, and assault rifles. OOC Section This faction strives to represent a realistic gang culture that is loosely based on a fictional clique within the 18th Street gang. We have a strict policy in which members of the faction must familiarize themselves with the server rules and agree to abide by these rules at all times. If you have any questions about interacting with the faction or if you'd like an invite to the discord, feel free to forum PM (You will not receive a response if you forum PM the thread holder): @Rushing or @Phil
  3. This thread will showcase the development of a Roy Lowenstein born and raised Deputy, Emily Herrera.
  4. Florencia 13, also known as the South Side Florence 13 or F13, is an infamous Hispanic Sureño street gang, with cliques spread throughout Los Santos County of San Andreas. They originated after World War II, during the late 1940s, in Florence Avenue street. Florence Avenue street was later renamed to Roy Lowenstein Boulevard in the 70s due to rising racial tensions. The name Florence is pronounced Florencia in Spanish, and that's where the gang got its name from. Florence is also a woman's name. This resulted in the gang adopting a 50's "doo-woop" song, "Florence" by The Paragons. The song was often requested by the gang members to let everybody know that Florencia members were posted up. The gang was first formed in the '40s as a neighborhood patrol to protect the Hispanic demographic against the much larger African-American street gangs at the time. Florencia 13 adapted the number 13 during the 1960s, which corresponds to the alphabet letter "M," signifying their affiliation with the Mexican Mafia. Many early members of the Mexican Mafia were recruited from the Florencia gang as Florencianos(Florencia gang members) earned a reputation for their fierceness while battling with much larger black gangs. Florencia 13 claims multiple, if not the major part, Mexican Mafia members, affiliates, and soldiers. An Era of Violence Trinidad "Trinny" Iglesias was one of the earlier affiliates of Florence. He's believed to be one of the most monstrous members to be recruited by the Florencia 13 gang. He gained notoriety after assaulting an estimated amount of 14 police officers. On May 22, 1971, Deputy Gary Saunders was shot multiple times in the chest by Iglesias. Iglesias is believed to have shot Deputy Saunders after a physical altercation following a foot chase with Saunders' gun. He's also believed to be the prime suspect in the shooting of a Huntington Park Narcotics Officer, who was shot in the head while using a urinal in a public bathroom. Trinidad Iglesias, although violent and notorious for his act, has never been documented as a true and confirmed Mexican mobster within his correctional tenure. Due to a political bill released within this time arch, he was released from prison in 1975. Photo of various "Florencia 13" gang members was taken sometime in early 1970's at the bank building at Florence Ave & Holmes Ave. This photo was used in a number of trials and sentencing hearings to prove that the suspect or subject was an active gang member. Beef with East Coast Crips (ECC) Florencia 13's conflict with ECC is believed to be LS's most significant street gang conflict. The beef is believed to have begun over a theft. East Coast Crips from the Six Pacc are believed to have taken an undisclosed amount of drugs that belonged to a Florence member. At the time, Florencia and East Coast Crips were doing business together. ECC members had access to the vehicle with the drugs and stole the drugs, distributing them among their members. This has resulted in Arturo Castellanos, a Florencia 13 shotcaller, to "green light" the East Coast Crips from his cell in Pelican Bay State Prison. Following the green light, F13 members have turned the streets into a warzone with dozens of murders. With East Coast Crips being the largest black gang on the east side of Los Angeles, and F13 being the largest Latino gang on the east side of Los Angeles, it didn't take long for the war to intensify, and at times become racial. The war has come to a stop recently, in 2019, after a truce was called between the notorious Florencia 13 and the East Coast Crips. 76th Street Malos Clique Malos (MLS) were a small tag crew that first appeared on the walls of Roy Lowenstein Boulevard. The crew was absorbed by the infamous Florencia 13 gang during the peak of the ECC conflict. They quickly became front line soldiers for the Florencia 13 gang. MLS have gone through numerous injunctions, federal investigations, and they've lost many of their members to East Coast Crips. Malos also had notoriety for their relentless methods of distributing drugs, including lacing drugs with numerous agents to make it more addicting, and in some cases, more lethal. Recently, their shotcaller, Edwin "Trouble" Barajas, was arrested and sent to LS County Jail, awaiting trial for charges related to federal racketeering, narcotics and firearms. Florencia 13 Today The gang today continues to grow. It is one of the three largest gangs within Los Santos. Florencia 13 continues to finance itself primarily through narcotics trafficking. The gang is known to have ties with multiple Blood street gangs nearby and therefore inherit various cultural similarities and relations with African-Americans. Some Florencia cliques on the western side are known to be sharing turf with Harvard Park Brims and Swan Lake Bloods. Florencia has gone through numerous gang injunctions over the past few years, and dozens of arrests, but the gang grows stronger every day. In 2009, the FBI executed one of the most significant federal gang takedowns; Operation Joker's Wild was centered on the famous Florencia 13 clique "Jokers," about ten individuals from the street gang were consecutively prosecuted on firearms and narcotics-related charges.
  5. The South Side Carson Crips (SSCC), also known as the South Side Davis Crips (SSDC) or the South Side Crips (SSC), is a predominantly black Crip gang in the city of Davis in South Los Santos. The gang is currently pushing into it's fifth decade with a mix of an older & newer generation of locs. Before the South Side Carson Crips sought out and formed as it's own identity, they were known as the US Boys (United South Boys). The US Boys took on the Davis Crip identity after Derek "D Dogg" Wilkinson was beaten into a coma by the Lynwood Park Pirus (LPP), who were at the time called the Lynwood Park Hustlers. As soon as the gang fell through with the alliance with the Crips, they waged war against other rival neighborhoods. At one point the South Side Carson Crips were deeply respected by all Davis Crips gangs so much that they were free to roam in other Crip hoods. All was well for the Davis Crips up until 1983 when crack cocaine hit the streets of South Los Santos. With the introduction to crack cocaine to the street, came the enticement for young poverty suffering males to make a profit and feed their families. South Side Carson Crips became one of the main Crip affiliated hubs in Davis to purchase crack cocaine as well as other gangs. The supply & demand for cocaine in Davis at the time was so high that neighborhood friendships turned into rivalries. And in 1984, the E/S Santana Blocc Davis Crips (ESSBDC) kicked off an everlasting war with their once close ally, the South Side Davis Crips (SSDC). The war between the gangs started from a fight at a house party over owed drug money from a South Side Davis Crips member by the name of Otis "S Capone" Wallace. The Santana Blocc Crips beat & robbed Otis in the backyard and shot him three times as he tried to escape. Otis' cousin, South Side Davis Crip member Travis "Baby Crip Cat" Wallace, went back for retaliation the very next night with Devon "Bad Lucc" Webb. Both SSDCs armed with pistols, pulled up to N Roy Lowenstein Blvd & Francis Avenue and opened fire upon a crowd of Santana Blocc Crips who were celebrating the graduation of OG Slicc's daughter. In the process of the shooting, OG Slicc's daughter Tamryn Greg was shot 7 times and died at the hospital. The 36 years long war was on between the SSDC and the SBDCs. Throughout the years of the war, the SSDCs went through a series of phases identity wise. From the early 1980s all the way until the early 2000s, the gang was known as the South Side Davis Crips. That was up until the gang's first & second generation finally started to die out and fade. The gang's fourth generation picked up the slack that the gang was lacking on in 2005, and the name changed from South Side Davis Crips into the South Side Carson Crips to honor the alliance they had formed with other Crips who are located on Carson Avenue. The gang's 4th generation OGs also veered away from the Crips' traditional formatting of rank. The South Side Carson Crips (SSCC), also known as the South Side Crips (SSC) or the Double S Gang are an internationally known African-American street gang based on the East Side in the Southeast (also known as the South Side) area in Davis, San Andreas. They are infamously known for being linked to high-profile murders, including rapper Tupac Shakur and Yetunde Price, the sister of tennis players Venus and Serena Williams. Despite their geoghaphical location being on the Davis' East Side, they claim South Side, due to their turf being in the Southern area of Carson Avenue. Members are known to wear apparel by the Seattle Mariners with the "S" (for South) to signify their affiliation with the South Side Crips. THE HISTORY OF THE SOUTH SIDE CARSON CRIP GANG FROM 1968 - 2010s (Crip Formation) 1. The 5100 block (Brouge Avenue & Carson Avenue) and the 5500 (Roy Lowenstein Blvd & Carson Avenue) block communities were always close, they made the US (United South Boys/Girls) in 1968. 2. Turned Crip in 1973 after constant beef with modern day Bloods from E/S Davis & Rancho (MOB Piru, Neighborhood Piru). 3. Formed alliance with W/S Nutty Blocc Carson Crip (Strawberry Ave & Carson Avenue) and S/S Carson Drive Carson Crip (Forum Drive & Carson Avenue) in 1980s, known as Nutty-South-Carson. (Gang Rivals) 1. Santana Blocc Carson Crip (Rancho, Jamestown Street & Carson Avenue) since 1980s 2. MOB Piru (Rancho, Jamestown Street & Macdonald Street) since 1970s even before Bloods & Crip alliances. 3. Kelly Park Carson Crip (Chamberlain Hills, Forum Drive & Carson Avenue) since 1984 4. E/S Outlaw 20s Bloods (Davis, Covenant Avenue) since 2008, on and off. 5. N/S Roy Neighborhood Piru (Rancho, Roy Lowenstein Blvd & Macdonald Street) 6. All Neighborhood Crips, Blocc Crips, and Hustler Crips (x2) (Davis & South Central Los Santos) 7. Florencia 13 (Rancho, defunct) 8. Chamberlain Varrio Tortilla Flats 13 (Chamberlain Hills, Strawberry Avenue) 9. E/S 43 Hoover Criminals (Davis, Grove Street) 10. E/S Playboys 13 (Rancho) 11. E/S Harpys 13 (Davis) 12. E/S 5900 Block Hoover Criminals (Davis) (Gang Allies) 1. S/S Forum Drive Carson Crip (Strawberry) [based on Atlantic Drive Compton Crip] 2. W/S Nutty Blocc Carson Crip (Chamberlain Hills) 3. E/S Grape Street Rancho Crip (Rancho) 4. S/W Carson Asian Boyz (Davis, Davis Avenue) 5. All Mafia Crips (x2) & Gangster Crips (x3) 6. Hillside 13 (El Burro Heights) (51 to 55 to 53) 1. SSCC was founded on Brouge Avenue & Carson Avenue. The 51s (originally known as Brouge Ave Crew) birthed the 55s (originally known as Low Lines). 2. The 5500 block gang members would have the most generation/structure changes due to the nature of gang life on Roy Lowenstein Boulevard. (Hence is why 5500 has so many names compared to the 51 Baby Locs) (Clique Name Formations Over The Years) -> (US Boys > Brouge Avenue Crew > Brouge Baby Locs > Baby Loc Crips) 5100 Block Clique -> (US Boys > Low Line > Tiny Bully Crips > Bully Aves > Low Life Bully Mafia) 5500 -> (Parkside A-Lines >) 5300 3. 5300 block used to be territory for a new clique of the Florencia 13 in West Rancho. The SSCC (51 and 55) killed them off and birthed the 5300 clique there. (Gang Signs) 1. The S/S 51 Baby Loc Carson Crip (SSBLCC) [Brouge Avenue & Carson Avenue] 2. The S/S 55 Low Life Bully Mafia Carson Crip (SSLLMCC) [Roy Lowenstein Blvd & Carson Avenue] 3. The S/S 53 Parkside A-Line Carson Crip (SSPALCC) [Davis Avenue / Innocence Blvd / Roy Lowenstein Blvd] (Rank) 1. The ranks in the hood originally went as OBG > BG > TG (mid 1980s - 1990s). Everyone in the hood in both cliques were TGs in the 1980s and 1990s -> The TGs eventually took younger homies under their wings and made them TGs (OBG > BG > OTG > TG; 1990 to early 2000s) -> Then the youngest TGs went on to have younger homies and made them YTGs (OBG > BG > OTG > TG > YTG; mid 2000s to present) -> The TGs from the 1980s and 1990s who were still alive flipped the ranking system in 2003, separating them by clique. -> Everyone who was put on the hood after 2003's ranks are according to clique, which is why there are OTGs from 5100 Baby Loc & 5500 Low Life Mafia. 2. Anyone with the 5 in their name was known for committing homicides for the gang. The meaning was taken seriously back in the early 2000s. 3. The SGs is ranking specific to the 5300 clique it was formed by the 51s and 55s to continue to traditional clique separation ranking. 4. In the early 2000s there was multiple friendly fire shootings that led to a brief 51 to 55 civil war. This led into 51s taking up the (OBG > BG > YBG) ranking system while the 55s took the (OTG > TG > YTG) rank system. Eventually the war died out, but the ranks were agreed upon to stay changed by various old heads.
  6. Interior: Location: Market Price: 95k Open to all offers! ((Both sheds are scripted and can be entered They have the single garage interior))
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