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Found 4 results

  1. ((I couldn't name her Vivianna Martinez due to someone already having the name)) Vivanna Martinez is a Cuban-Colombian American girl that was born in East Los Santos in the district of El Burro Heights. Umberto Martinez is Vivanna's father, he's full blooded Cuban and was born & raised in Bohan, Liberty City. Life in Bohan was tough and this led to Umberto drug dealing at a young age. Umberto met Vivanna's mother Josefina Chavez-Martinez at South Bohan High School. The duo had an off and on relationship, but eventually settled for one another after having their first child, Mariella. Josefina Chavez-Martinez is Vivanna's mother, she was born in Colombia, but was raised in Liberty City. She grew up in the Dominican dominated district of East Holland, but attended school in Bohan. From elementary to high school, she had a reputation of being snappy and getting into fights. Her violent reputation led to her being kicked out of East Holland's school district. Josefina befriended Vivanna's father at South Bohan High School, he would often walk her to the subway platform to keep her from being harmed by Bohan's street thugs. San Andreas Youth Authority Time Ever wanting to learn how to do more to make money for her sisters, Vivanna started experimenting with other thug tactics of getting cash. She was still dealing and breaking into cars, but felt the need to elevate her game. Vivanna started to try and learn how to break into houses, but wanted to teach herself instead. Vivanna ended up breaking into a house in South LS, but it went awry, she heard sirens and ghosted the scene. She hopped in a car with her gangster friend, Javier, the same gangster who was teaching her how to break into cars, and did the dash. The duo was unsuccessful in getting away from the LSPD, she ended up catching charges that would stick and get her 3 months in San Andreas Youth Authority at Twin Towers Correctional Facility. Javier ended up getting the same amount of time, plus military school. While locked up in SAYA, she met with other girls who were in gangs and notable drug dealers. Some of the girls that got to know Vivanna embraced her story and started nicknaming her "Scarface" because of her Cuban-Colombian heritage. At the time, Vivanna wasn't fully aware of the 1983 film due to her being a 2000s baby and not knowing shit. (lol) Vivanna took a liking to the nickname, she took it and ran with it in the TTCF pod. Kicked Out By Mom After getting into an argument with her mother, Vivanna ended up getting kicked out of the house. Vivanna assumed it was for the night, so she copped a ride from famous El Burro rapper @Yavina Goldie B and her friend Shady Eyes @Tejana to BJ Smith Park. When Vivanna got to her aunt Reyna's apartment in the Jamestown Downs, everything was going swell, but then her aunt stated that she simply did not have enough room in her home to take care of another child. She told Vivanna that she would assist her in going back to foster care in the morning. This led to Vivanna behaving oddly calm toward her until she had enough space and advantage to steal something from her. Vivanna's aunt owned some counterfeit Air Pods that she bought from a local street vendor while shopping in the neighborhood. Air Pods Vivanna spent her night sleeping at an El Burro Heights bus stop, it was most certainly an uncomfortable experience for her to deal with. She still needed money to get food or her main goal, money to take care of her sisters with. After being sighted living in the streets by some of the locals in El Burro, one of them let Vivanna have a bicycle to use so that she could get around better than before. Not Welcome Home Vivanna attempted to come back home after spending days away from her sisters at home. The notion that her mom was only mad at her for a short period of time was underestimated by Vivanna. She was truly kicked out of her home. Vivanna was not ready to live in the streets literally, she was only 14 years old. @Lilone While roaming the streets of South LS, she would encounter numerous gang feuds on a daily basis. She was exposed to Sureno culture more than anything, the Blood/Crip/Hoover gangs were truly a new thing for her to experience. The New Normal After being shot for the first time ever by the Hoover Criminals, Vivanna was taken to the local hospital in South Central. Her mother was put on alert, but never came to visit Vivanna in the hospital. Vivanna was lucky to survive a moment of gang activity and she knew it. She noticed that her mom was absent when she was in the hospital, she knew that if her mom didn't come to the hospital that her being homeless could possibly be permanent for her. The day of her release from the hospital, Vivanna was 30 seconds away from riding back to El Burro in a taxi cab, then her mom pulled up with her uncle and took her home. Vivanna's mother did not inform her uncle that she was kicked out of her house, so she played the nice role around him. Little did Vivanna's mom know, Vivanna had stolen from her purse and left out of the back door. She was back to the streets instantly after being released from the hospital. Bicycle Hustling Vivanna would move back and forth through South LS to East LS making moves off of a bicycle to see her ends meet. She was forced to stay on her hustle all day and all night just to keep her mindset strong. There was many times where she wanted to give up and go to foster care, but she knew that her younger sisters needed her. Terrible #2 Vivanna found herself back on the streets of Rancho with another attempt to get money out of the residents that lived there. She was known for riding on her bicycle all the time by the locals in South LS, and was often seen in different hoods committing to selling weed and other miscellaneous things. Vivanna is from El Burro Heights, she's used to the gang tensions to be present, but not at an ultimate high. Little did Vivanna know, the Innocence Family Gangster Bloods were in an ongoing war with the Hoover Criminals in Davis. Some of the locals in the area had seen Vivanna over in a Hoover Criminal neighborhood selling weed and thought she was a spy for them. Jordan Lanes saved Vivanna from getting jumped or possibly killed, he identified her from her attempts to sell him and Tayvion Hunley some fake Air Pods weeks prior. She was written off by the group in North Rancho, and eventually met a female from the area named Marshauna. Marshauna came to Vivanna's side while she was crying and offered her to stay the night at her apartment in the Billingsgate. Jordan Lanes happened to walk up and see Vivanna crying, she explained her life story to him, he gave her advice on how to make money better and safer than she is now. This caused Vivanna to look up to Jordan as a mentor. A New Outlook On Cash After filling out an application for the job, Vivanna ended up spending the night at Marshauna's apartment in North Rancho. She got a call the next morning on the phone that Isabella had given her, telling her that she got the job. She was advised to come in that morning and get some training. While on the way to the store that morning, an LSPD officer almost hit her due to her riding in the street with her bicycle. The LSPD officer did not chase her, and she returned to start her new job the next day. @Centi The manager of the store failed to show up for Vivanna's first day and did not tell her that the store was to be inspected by the city inspector. The inspection went smooth, but the lack of supervision over Vivanna caused her to steal cash from the register. Vivanna ended up meeting "Cat", a local female in the Capital Boulevard section of Strawberry.
  2. [L&A] Same Hoover gang is already a thing. W/S 74 Hoover Criminal Gang 🍊 The 74 Hoover Criminals (HCG) also known as the “Seven-Fo Hoover Criminals” were formerly known as the “74 Hoover Crips” until the early 1990s. The 74 Hoover Criminals are a street gang primarily African American located on the West Side of Los Santos. The 74 Hoover Criminals are an active subset that is an integral part of the larger “Hoover Criminals” gang which has a total of over 9 active subsets throughout Los Santos. The 74 Hoover Criminals also have a nickname of their own, which is none other than "Baybayz", and hail from 74th Street and the Hoover Street area between Vermont Avenue and Figueroa Avenue. The latter have been active for over thirty years and are considered the third greatest subset of the Hoover Criminals today. Throughout the 1980s, the 52 Hoover Gangster Crips and 74 Hoover Criminals were key players when it came to drugs, also establishing several manufacturing labs, located inside some houses that only served to that. Federal agents and local authorities estimated that the 52 Hoovers and 74 Hoovers earned between $500,000 and $1 million each month in cash from this successful traffic. Feuds & Allies The 74 Hoover Criminals are allied with the Hoover Criminals gangs, the Shotgun Crips as well as the Insane Crips. Their main rivals are the Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips, the 76 East Coast Crips, as well as the 79 Mad Swan Bloods and the Menlo Crips. They also beef with the 84 Main Street Mafia Crips, all Neighborhood Crips and all Rollin 0s gangs. 🍊 74 Bay Bays The 74 Hoovers Criminals own several sets outside of Los Santos in various parts of the United States. However, their largest supporting group is in Seattle, Washington. Which was established in 1985 or 1986 by Jeremiah Knockers, also known on the street as "Knock", of South Central, Los Santos, who moved to Seattle in the 1980s. The 74 Hoover Criminals are one of the largest gangs in Los Santos, with approximately 200 active members. The other two Hoover gangs that stand out being the 92 Hoover Criminals and the 83 Hoover Criminals. They are known for wearing clothing from the Houston Astros, a premier league baseball team whose dominant uniform color is orange, which inspired the Hoover Criminals gang to choose orange as their identifying color. . They also wear Houston-Astros baseball caps, with a large "H" to represent Hoover. The 52 HGCs are the only Hoovers that still wear blue, in addition to orange. Operation Hoover Street 👁‍🗨 After more than ten months of undercover work, a frame-up by the Federal Bureau of Investigation brought down countless active members of the “74 Hoovers Criminals” in Los Santos. The “Hoover Street” operation made it possible to put an end to several criminal activities of this same subset, in total more than 47 members of which several important and at the head of the drug trafficking of this part of the city were arrested including Randolph Myers, indicted on several counts and accused of being the main supplier of drugs to the Bay Bays, a network that supplied a large part of the city. This operation, dubbed "Operation Hoover Street ", made it possible to withdraw from circulation hard drugs, more than 478,000 dollars in cash and thirty-nine firearms, including several of category's A and C. building this regional network of vendors and resellers, and we need to take a large-scale approach. You can't just cut out one piece, you have to cut out the whole network," Prother said., formerly head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation”. As of today, the 74 HCG subset is almost "dying" due to the operation which wreaked havoc on the entire gang structure, only a few inactive members and other quoted who were lucky not to be involved in the operation were able to get away with it due to lack of evidence or because he had not accumulated enough charges. Investigators also say that these dismantling's are essential for everyone's safety. "It's not only people who are addicted to these drugs that are affected, but the drug trade also comes with great violence, and anything we can do to disrupt it will help," the commander said. of the state counternarcotic police, John The Hoover Criminal Gang adopted its blue and orange colors due to its history with the Crips, later adopting orange in the 1990s to proudly represent their allegiance to the Hoover moniker, taking on the Houston Astros baseball team’s colors and branding of a blue star within orange outlines with a bolded orange ' No Limit Hoova Boyz 🍊 🐗 No Limit Hoova Boyz was Founded by a group of younger BAY BAYS affiliates after the passing of the late Baby Jesus, the No Limit Hoova Boyz are predominately African-American street gang subset under the known 74 Hoover Criminals Gang aka the Bay Bayz or 7even-Fo Hoover Crims based on the West Side of South Central LA, this subset is a small clique made by younger individuals in the 74 Hoover Criminals gang they stay within the same turf that 74 Hoover Criminals occupy they still withhold the Hoover Criminal Card they share the same enemies and allies that the 74 Hoover Criminals do although they operate differently, they are young affiliates who have no OG to look up to just young affiliates who are hotheaded and ruthless. The No Limits are trying to find their own guidance and will do anything to make money. They took the name No Limit Hoova Boyz as it refers to them having No Limits.
  3. The Westside Innocence Family Gangster Bloods (WSIFGB) or W/S 92 Innocence Family Gangster Bloods is a gang located on the eastside of South Los Santos in the district of North Rancho. They originated in the 1970s, originally known as the Chain Gang and feuded with the West Side Crips, a street gang founded by Stanley "Tookie" Williams. The Chain Gang had been around long before the formation of the “Crips," along with the LS Brims. Their controlled grounds stretch from N. Roy Lowenstein Blvd to Little Bighorn Avenue, they claim the 9200 block of Jamestown Street as their primary territory. The Innocence Family Gang have two primary cliques such as Flamin 90s and the Ransom Gang. Allies of the Innocence Family Gangster Bloods have a close alliance with the Avenue Piru Gang, and is identified as the Family Ru's. They also share a close alliance with the Mad Swan Bloods, known as the Family Swan Bloods. Other allies are the Carson Mafia Gangster Bloods along with the Carson Mafia Family. The Innocence Family Gang formed a truce with the Eight Tray Gangster Crips, due to their mutual rivalries with nearby street gangs under the Neighborhood Crips (especially the Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips), Rollin 100 Crips, and all (Rollin Os Crips). Other rivals of the Innocence Family Gang are the Hard Time Hustler Crips, S/S Park Village Crips, and the Lowenstein Asian Boyz Crips Gang. Despite being Bloods, the Innocence Family Gang are also known for their past feuds with other blood gangs such as the Neighbor Hood Pirus along with the Queen Block Bloods as well as the Davis Lane Gangster Bloods. In 2013, a deadly war between the Innnocence Family Bloods and the Davis Lane Gangster Bloods erupted claiming the lives of respected members from both sides. In 2015, Rancho Monster, a rapper affiliated with the Innocence Family Gang released a song titled "Suppose To Be Bloods" featuring June Dawg (of the Damu Ridas) with gang ties to the Davis Lane Bloods and Redrum 781 (Avenue Piru Gang) as well as G-Nutt (Brims). The song was inspired by this feud and other blood on blood rivalries that has spiked since the 2000's. Despite the gang's involvement in the rap scene, the gang has a very prominent appearance in the streets drug scene in Los Santos and various other cities across the United States. In recent news, there was an indictment on 13 members of the Innocence Family Gangster Bloods' older members. The gang was pumping guns and drugs throughout the US to smaller subsidized cliques of the gang. This situation was duly notated on the FBI's website and took a toll on the gang's livelihood in Los Santos.
  4. The South Side Carson Crips (SSCC), also known as the South Side Davis Crips (SSDC) or the South Side Crips (SSC), is a predominantly black Crip gang in the city of Davis in South Los Santos. The gang is currently pushing into it's fifth decade with a mix of an older & newer generation of locs. Before the South Side Carson Crips sought out and formed as it's own identity, they were known as the US Boys (United South Boys). The US Boys took on the Davis Crip identity after Derek "D Dogg" Wilkinson was beaten into a coma by the Lynwood Park Pirus (LPP), who were at the time called the Lynwood Park Hustlers. As soon as the gang fell through with the alliance with the Crips, they waged war against other rival neighborhoods. At one point the South Side Carson Crips were deeply respected by all Davis Crips gangs so much that they were free to roam in other Crip hoods. All was well for the Davis Crips up until 1983 when crack cocaine hit the streets of South Los Santos. With the introduction to crack cocaine to the street, came the enticement for young poverty suffering males to make a profit and feed their families. South Side Carson Crips became one of the main Crip affiliated hubs in Davis to purchase crack cocaine as well as other gangs. The supply & demand for cocaine in Davis at the time was so high that neighborhood friendships turned into rivalries. And in 1984, the E/S Santana Blocc Davis Crips (ESSBDC) kicked off an everlasting war with their once close ally, the South Side Davis Crips (SSDC). The war between the gangs started from a fight at a house party over owed drug money from a South Side Davis Crips member by the name of Otis "S Capone" Wallace. The Santana Blocc Crips beat & robbed Otis in the backyard and shot him three times as he tried to escape. Otis' cousin, South Side Davis Crip member Travis "Baby Crip Cat" Wallace, went back for retaliation the very next night with Devon "Bad Lucc" Webb. Both SSDCs armed with pistols, pulled up to N Roy Lowenstein Blvd & Francis Avenue and opened fire upon a crowd of Santana Blocc Crips who were celebrating the graduation of OG Slicc's daughter. In the process of the shooting, OG Slicc's daughter Tamryn Greg was shot 7 times and died at the hospital. The 36 years long war was on between the SSDC and the SBDCs. Throughout the years of the war, the SSDCs went through a series of phases identity wise. From the early 1980s all the way until the early 2000s, the gang was known as the South Side Davis Crips. That was up until the gang's first & second generation finally started to die out and fade. The gang's fourth generation picked up the slack that the gang was lacking on in 2005, and the name changed from South Side Davis Crips into the South Side Carson Crips to honor the alliance they had formed with other Crips who are located on Carson Avenue. The gang's 4th generation OGs also veered away from the Crips' traditional formatting of rank. The South Side Carson Crips (SSCC), also known as the South Side Crips (SSC) or the Double S Gang are an internationally known African-American street gang based on the East Side in the Southeast (also known as the South Side) area in Davis, San Andreas. They are infamously known for being linked to high-profile murders, including rapper Tupac Shakur and Yetunde Price, the sister of tennis players Venus and Serena Williams. Despite their geoghaphical location being on the Davis' East Side, they claim South Side, due to their turf being in the Southern area of Carson Avenue. Members are known to wear apparel by the Seattle Mariners with the "S" (for South) to signify their affiliation with the South Side Crips. THE HISTORY OF THE SOUTH SIDE CARSON CRIP GANG FROM 1968 - 2010s (Crip Formation) 1. The 5100 block (Brouge Avenue & Carson Avenue) and the 5500 (Roy Lowenstein Blvd & Carson Avenue) block communities were always close, they made the US (United South Boys/Girls) in 1968. 2. Turned Crip in 1973 after constant beef with modern day Bloods from E/S Davis & Rancho (MOB Piru, Neighborhood Piru). 3. Formed alliance with W/S Nutty Blocc Carson Crip (Strawberry Ave & Carson Avenue) and S/S Carson Drive Carson Crip (Forum Drive & Carson Avenue) in 1980s, known as Nutty-South-Carson. (Gang Rivals) 1. Santana Blocc Carson Crip (Rancho, Jamestown Street & Carson Avenue) since 1980s 2. MOB Piru (Rancho, Jamestown Street & Macdonald Street) since 1970s even before Bloods & Crip alliances. 3. Kelly Park Carson Crip (Chamberlain Hills, Forum Drive & Carson Avenue) since 1984 4. E/S Outlaw 20s Bloods (Davis, Covenant Avenue) since 2008, on and off. 5. N/S Roy Neighborhood Piru (Rancho, Roy Lowenstein Blvd & Macdonald Street) 6. All Neighborhood Crips, Blocc Crips, and Hustler Crips (x2) (Davis & South Central Los Santos) 7. Florencia 13 (Rancho, defunct) 8. Chamberlain Varrio Tortilla Flats 13 (Chamberlain Hills, Strawberry Avenue) 9. E/S 43 Hoover Criminals (Davis, Grove Street) 10. E/S Playboys 13 (Rancho) 11. E/S Harpys 13 (Davis) 12. E/S 5900 Block Hoover Criminals (Davis) (Gang Allies) 1. S/S Forum Drive Carson Crip (Strawberry) [based on Atlantic Drive Compton Crip] 2. W/S Nutty Blocc Carson Crip (Chamberlain Hills) 3. E/S Grape Street Rancho Crip (Rancho) 4. S/W Carson Asian Boyz (Davis, Davis Avenue) 5. All Mafia Crips (x2) & Gangster Crips (x3) 6. Hillside 13 (El Burro Heights) (51 to 55 to 53) 1. SSCC was founded on Brouge Avenue & Carson Avenue. The 51s (originally known as Brouge Ave Crew) birthed the 55s (originally known as Low Lines). 2. The 5500 block gang members would have the most generation/structure changes due to the nature of gang life on Roy Lowenstein Boulevard. (Hence is why 5500 has so many names compared to the 51 Baby Locs) (Clique Name Formations Over The Years) -> (US Boys > Brouge Avenue Crew > Brouge Baby Locs > Baby Loc Crips) 5100 Block Clique -> (US Boys > Low Line > Tiny Bully Crips > Bully Aves > Low Life Bully Mafia) 5500 -> (Parkside A-Lines >) 5300 3. 5300 block used to be territory for a new clique of the Florencia 13 in West Rancho. The SSCC (51 and 55) killed them off and birthed the 5300 clique there. (Gang Signs) 1. The S/S 51 Baby Loc Carson Crip (SSBLCC) [Brouge Avenue & Carson Avenue] 2. The S/S 55 Low Life Bully Mafia Carson Crip (SSLLMCC) [Roy Lowenstein Blvd & Carson Avenue] 3. The S/S 53 Parkside A-Line Carson Crip (SSPALCC) [Davis Avenue / Innocence Blvd / Roy Lowenstein Blvd] (Rank) 1. The ranks in the hood originally went as OBG > BG > TG (mid 1980s - 1990s). Everyone in the hood in both cliques were TGs in the 1980s and 1990s -> The TGs eventually took younger homies under their wings and made them TGs (OBG > BG > OTG > TG; 1990 to early 2000s) -> Then the youngest TGs went on to have younger homies and made them YTGs (OBG > BG > OTG > TG > YTG; mid 2000s to present) -> The TGs from the 1980s and 1990s who were still alive flipped the ranking system in 2003, separating them by clique. -> Everyone who was put on the hood after 2003's ranks are according to clique, which is why there are OTGs from 5100 Baby Loc & 5500 Low Life Mafia. 2. Anyone with the 5 in their name was known for committing homicides for the gang. The meaning was taken seriously back in the early 2000s. 3. The SGs is ranking specific to the 5300 clique it was formed by the 51s and 55s to continue to traditional clique separation ranking. 4. In the early 2000s there was multiple friendly fire shootings that led to a brief 51 to 55 civil war. This led into 51s taking up the (OBG > BG > YBG) ranking system while the 55s took the (OTG > TG > YTG) rank system. Eventually the war died out, but the ranks were agreed upon to stay changed by various old heads.
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