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Found 5 results

  1. History The Hoover Criminals are allies of all Hoover sub sets. Their main ally outside of the Hoover Criminals, were the Main Street Mafia Crips. This alliance came to an abrupt end when an alleged confrontation between the two groups lead to a shoot-out outside the residence. Although in their formative years, they were known as Hoover Crips; by the 90s they renounced their Crip title - instead replacing this with Criminals. Likely as a result of a feud, they began to claim "EBK" (Everybody Killer) which comprised of "BK" (Blood Killer) as well as "CK" (Crip Killer) and "0K" (Rollin 0's). This EBK model can be compared to the tax-free Mexican American street gangs. Most Hispanic gangs in South Los Santos ally with the Mexican Mafia. The decision to wage an all out war against surrounding Bloods and Crips, as well as Hispanic gangs essentially severed alliances with any other gang. 59 Hoover Criminals Gang The 59 Hoover Criminals Gang (59 HCG) also known as the 5-Nine Hoover Criminals Gang and formerly known as the 59 Hoover Crips Gang, are an African-American street gang located on the East side of South Los Santos, San Andreas. The 5-Nine Hoover Criminals originated in the 1970's, as a sub-set of the larger Hoover Criminals Gang. The 59 Hoover Criminals Gang, often replace the two O's in Hoover with an "X" due to a long-standing feud with all Crip sets under the Rolling card. It's common to see H59ver in wall graffiti and various other vandalized property throughout their territory - which spans through Rancho, beginning at Roy Lowenstein Boulevard, continuing through to Innocence Boulevard. They have been known to sport apparel related to the Houston Astros baseball team, with the "H" in Houston Astros used as a sort of insignia for the group. The usage of orange as their identifying color was also inspired by the famous team. Activity On Monday, January 21th 2021, the Los Santos Police Chief reported an alarming surge of violent crime on the East side of South Los Santos, synonymous with a trend of increasing crime across the city. The statistics show that their were 59 shooting victims within the first three weeks of the 2021, compared to seven in the same time last year. The chief tweeted that "Local officers made over two dozen arrests, with 90 firearms being taken off the streets. Gang intervention is doing it's best - but we urgently the support of our elected officials and community." This led to an increase in police presence in the area; with the intent of suffocating gang activity. A dedicated gang unit has been in deployment for some time, working alongside institutions like R.A.C.E (Reclaiming America's Communities Through Empowerment), gang intervention workers, city officials and local businesses to stop gang conflicts and improve relations. Unfortunately, economic stresses, distrust between law enforcement and the community with the rise of controversial police shootings, social media and drugs are all contributing factors that gang intervention workers have highlighted when speaking about the heightened tensions. This problem is indeed complex and intertwined with the city's history, seemingly unlikely to be resolved quickly. 20 ARRESTED DURING MULTI-AGENCY GANG SWEEP IN RANCHO STEMMING FROM FEDERAL INDICTMENTS Monday, June 1st, 2020 A joint operation conducted by the FBI and local law enforcement officials has led to the arrest of 20 people who say they were connected to a street gang in the Rancho area. Those arrested on Tuesday are suspected members of a gang named in federal grand jury indictments, alleging the manufacture and sale of crack cocaine in and around the Pico Park in Rancho. Four were still being sought out. Officials claim the operation took months to coordinate but it deals a serious blow to the gang plaguing that area. As per the U.S Attorney's office, the suspects are charged in nine federal indictments filed in L.A. that allege violations of federal narcotics and firearms laws. The operation, dubbed "Allegiance Matters," involved some 350 federal agents, LSPD officers and L.S. County sheriff's deputies. The arrests were processed at the Roy Lowenstein parking lot in Rancho. During the investigation, authorities allegedly seized 35 firearms -- including five "ghost guns," or firearms lacking serial numbers -- over two pounds of crack and 12 pounds of cocaine, according to prosecutors. The primary indictment centers on Jarquez "Batman" Upchurch, 43, and Yonatan "Click-Clack" Jaimes, 39, both documented Hoover-based gang members, according to prosecutors. The 15-count indictment also charges Upchurch's alleged network of narcotics suppliers, manufacturers and distributors. From April 2019 to last July, Jaimes obtained powder cocaine from suppliers and, along with Upchurch, manufactured or "cooked" crack in Rancho, then prepared and packaged the drug for other distributors and customers in the housing complex, according to the indictment. The conspirators allegedly collected monies from the crack cocaine sales after distributing the drugs to customers via hand-to-hand transactions.
  2. Javontay Williams was born on 08/22/05, at Davis Hospital. His parents took good care of him and pushed him to be good in school and get good grades. His older brother Jacoby Williams got really good grades and plays basketball for ULSA. When Javontay was only five years old, his father was murdered by police in the Carson apartments. Javontay was devestated by that and had to look up to his big brother to look out for him. Javontay often got into fights in school and got suspended a lot. Since then his brother has went to ULSA, leaving him to be with all the people around the hood, and fall under the wrong influence. His mother has been on him and trying to make sure he becomes better, but he won't listen to her. ((The rest of the story will be showcased on the thread. Some content may be sensitive, if you cannot handle it then go read another thread.))
  3. (Arlandis Reeves; Reyvon's dad) Reyvon Reeves is the son of Arlandis "YG A-Tone" Reeves from E/S All For Crime Bloods. Reyvon's mother died when he was young, she was killed in a drive by on accident. Reyvon's father was forced to give up the street life to take care of his only son. They moved out of E/S All For Crime Bloods territory to Chamberlain Hills.
  4. this thread follows markeyvius ,,kevo" ingram through his troubled life in south los santos
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