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  2. LUIS 'BIG SMILEY' ESPINOZA The following thread's purpose it follow the development of Luis Espinoza, a Los Santos native. 1975, Luis Espinoza is born into an immigrant family, in the city of Los Santos. His parents, both immigrants from Michoacán in search for a better life, due to the severe levels of poverty and the state of Mexico in general. During that era, there was a huge influx of Mexican immigrants, and it helped form the state into what it is today. However, there was also a huge influx of crime, not only by Mexicans, but all ethnic groups. It was an important period of time, when gangs were establishing, becoming more powerful and setting the stones for generations to come. It was a big period for The Mexican Mafia, in 1971 the first hit outside of prison walls took place, changing the game. There were also various schemes taking place such as The Mexican Mafia & LACF collaborating together to infiltrate legal operations. Luis Espinoza was raised in poverty, alongside his parents and brother Rodrigo Espinoza. He found comfort in the local gang and created friends within it, he didn't see it as a gang, they were just local kids, just like him, living in the same neighbourhood. Issue is, people think that gang members are like an alien form. Luis' brother was younger, and Luis wasn't able to play with him like the kids in the varrio, so he played with the other kids. He was never inside, his Mother would claim. The local gang undertook various illicit activities, such as drug dealing, extortion, prostitution and whatever else could line their pockets. Luis became close with a fellow barrio kid, called Gonzalo 'Joker' Garcia.Joker was the one all the big homies liked, the ones they'd have kicking it with them whilst they were sipping pistos on their porches or playing dice. He was the kid. The South Side Tokers had taken control over the barrio after the fall of Varrio Grape & their allied Crip neighbours. By the age of 16/17, Joker took it upon himself, with the help of numerous homeboys, to form the South Side Rancheros, an attempt by a new generation to take over the area and control it. Problems arose, with Joker and his associates successful, there was now competition, and the original Tokers set was still around. The two groups, whom were once one, now had hot sand under their feet, and conflicts soon followed. The new generation, South Side Rancheros, soon rose to victory, leaving the Tokers defunct, with members at the wrong end of a gun, in prison, or even changing set and joining the Rancheros. Time went on, Ranchers introduced a new era of crime and brought peaceful crime to their neighbourhood, and a new type of gang activity to the area. They were hit with multiple injunctions, and with huge efforts against is, many face members of the set ended up dead, or locked up. Luis was one of them, he was sent to Bolingbroke and served a hefty sentence alongside people such as Fernando 'Spider' Perez & so on. Fortunately for Joker, he avoided prison and did the dash, after most of his loyal homeboys were killed and pinched. Inside, Luis would find himself programming with La Eme, also known as The Mexican Mafia. It wasn't long before Joker himself winded up in Bolingbroke and became a good friend of 'Chato'. Joker's name was put forward and he was eventually recognized as an Emero after proving himself to the cause & putting in work. It was a big thing to the homeboys, one of their own was now an official within La Eme, who knows where it could take them and their ventures. Joker and Chato were eventually released, however Luis remained inside. Whilst serving his time, he became addicted to heroin and had many problems regarding it, including debt & so forth. Luckily the debts were paid off, and Luis didn't get into bad standing with his own. He was subject to a self-proclaimed rehab, and spent years trying to get himself clean, of course he relapsed numerous times, but eventually, after being sent to segregation due to violence, he was soon clean & stuck to it. Come 2020, Luis was released from Bolingbroke and returned to his family home, but it wouldn't be the same, his Mother had passed away during his incarceration after becoming a severe alcoholic, along with drug addiction. His father had moved on twenty years prior, and had given Luis a half brother. The story continues, Luis now free as a veterano, who knows where the story will end.
  3. South Los Santos, Rancho South Los Santos, like neighboring East Los Santos, is a poor and dangerous area. This part of Los Santos is characterized by street gangs that often fight with each other, resulting in an unsafe place to live in. South Los Santos is extremely different from North Los Santos. The stores, houses, and apartments are all rundown and in poor condition. Streets such as Grove Street and Forum Drive are filled with gang members that will attack anyone who dares to wander into their territory. Rancho is a neighborhood in southern Los Santos, San Andreas. It is bordered by Strawberry to the north, Cypress Flats to the southeast, La Mesa to the northeast, and Davis to the west. Rancho has a huge gang presence, supplemented by a high crime rate. The area contains small-time businesses, small, single-family homes, and a large housing project complex to the south. Rancho is the turf of the Crips and Bloods, who contribute to the majority of the area's problems. The neighborhood is home to a significant Latino (Mexican and Central American) community. Carson Avenue, history of BAP Carson starts as an offshoot of Innocence Boulevard near the intersection with Alta Street in Strawberry and runs south-east through the city of Davis before ending at the junction of Dutch London Street and El Rancho Boulevard in Rancho, Los Santos. The Pirus (pronounced pie-rooz) are one of the Los Santos, San Andreas, area street gangs based out of Rancho. Originally a set of the Crips, the Pirus are considered to be original founders of the Bloods. Gang was formed on Carson Avenue in Rancho known as the "Barson Ave Pirus". After a time of peace, a feud began between the Barson Avenue Pirus and the other Crip sets, Crips identified themselves with navy blue bandanas. It would later turn violent as gang warfare ensued between former allies. Barson Avenue Pirus in 2023 Located in Rancho, Carson Avenue. This is the largest Piru gang in Rancho, are known for having beef with NH Carson Crip and all Carson Crip gangs. Reputable gated apartment complex on Carson Avenue that's mostly claimed by Barson Avenue Pirus.
  4. South Los 13 - The South Los 13 (SXL13) is a predominantly Hispanic street gang in South Los Santos. This gang is still loyal to the Mexican Mafia to this day, as indicated with the number “13” in the street gang's name. Their territory stretches from Jamestown Street to Macdonald Street, between Innocence Boulevard to Carson Avenue. They feud with the 18th Street Gang, Florencia 13, Junior Mafia 13, Playboys 13, Barrio 13, Capones 13, Gardena 13, all East Coast Crips and all Hoover Criminals. South Los originated from the Raymond Avenue Crips, a Mexican by the name of Bozo allegedly started the South Los 13 gang. They were able to sustain themselves with the support of the Raymond Avenue Crips. The Raymond Avenue Crips helped South Los 13 to fight off a variety of gangs, the most notable Gardena 13. South Los is said to be originated about 1975, they gained traction through gang violence, and everything that comes with gangbanging. Hoovers vs Sox Los - The most notable beef that the South Los’ do have, are the Hoover Criminals. The Hoover Criminals and the South Los’, at one point and still are sworn enemies. During the mid 80’s, the South Los’ and Hoover Criminals were on decent terms. Their territories were pretty close to each other, so it made it almost impossible to avoid them. During the mid to late 80’s, the South Los’ started the war with the Hoovers, the reason being that the Hoover Criminals were selling drugs in the South Los’ turf. Friction and tension built up between the two sets, school fights and brawls were happening almost everyday. A select few South Los members started going into the 112 Hoover Criminals turf, antagonizing them. Allegedly, a South Los member named Bugsy would roll his wheelchair inside of 112 Hoover Criminals territory and stand down the Hoovers, while dissing them. In 1989, a few 112 Hoover Criminal members were shooting dice with a South Los member, allegedly the South Los member had gotten upset that he had lost the game, leading him to rob the dice game. The South Los member then retrieved his firearm and started opening fire at the 112 Hoovers, two of the Hoover affiliates were struck in the head by the bullets, leading both of them to death upon arrival. Tensions between the sets reached a new height after this incident. In 1990, Bugsy from South Los rolled into the 112 Hoover territory with his wheelchair, and began taunting them. This time, the Hoovers didn’t give Bugsy a pass, and opened fire on Bugsy. Bugsy was left for dead on the street, dying from his gunshot wounds. Bugsy’s death was the official kick off to the South Los and Hoover war. After Bugsy’s death, South Los applied major pressure to the 112 Hoovers. Around this time, South Los were at their peak, they had the advantage over 112 Hoover. The 112’s were in a vulnerable state, due to the other beef they were engaged in. The South Los 13 was reportedly pushing the hardline on the 112 Hoovers. Daily shootings and murders would occur, allegedly sending groups to jump the Hoovers in traffic, and boldly hanging out in the 112 Hoovers territory. Around the 1990’s, South Los had the upper hand on the 112 Hoovers, pushing them out of their territory. By the late 90’s the 112’s started sharing neighborhoods with the 107 Hoovers, also known as the Selos. South Los vs Gardena 13 - On May 18th, 1990, at about 11:30, seven young people left the carnival together and began walking home. The group noticed a dark van pass them, the group continued walking and the same van passed them again. As the group approached an intersection, the group noticed the same van for the third time. Someone in the group gave the van the middle finger, the van turned right and stopped. Four members of the group crossed the street, while three stopped on the corner. A South Los member walked up to the four members, he asked the group were they were from, but without giving them time to respond, he raised his right hand and started shooting. He fired five times before returning back to the van, and entered the passenger side. One shot struck a female Gardena 13 member in her leg, three hit a male Gardena 13 member in the chest, abdomen, and the leg, the other members of the group ended up running away. The male shot three times ended up dying from his gunshot wounds. On March 18th, 2017, a few Gardena 13 members entered a territory claimed by the South Los 13. The G13 members spotted a known South Los member inside of a house party. The G13 members stayed outside of the house party and waited for the South Los member to come outside. Once the South Los member came outside, the G13 members asked him where he was from. The South Los affiliate responded with “This South Los, foo.” This resulted in the South Los member being gunned down in front of the party. Modern Day South Los - In current times, the South Los’ aren’t as active as they used to be. This is because of all the beefs they had, they couldn’t hold their own. The police played a big part in this gang's fall, several members getting arrested on a daily basis. The younger generation of the South Los gang are known to be a little more reckless than before. They tend to be more reckless so they can put their gang out there, since most of the older members are incarcerated or dead. The newer generation of the South Los’ push the hardline on all Hoovers, they don’t like any Hoovers at all. They also don’t like the Gardena 13 gang, as well as 18th Street, another Mexican gang. South Los beefs with a large amount of street-gangs, still to this day. Their rivals go as far as MS-13, Playboys 13, Florencia 13, and East Coast.
  5. Beginnings... Down In Action(DIA) is a Tagging-Crew based in Rancho, South Los Santos and is relatively new to the area, and unlike the gangs around them, they aren't exactly a street-gang. They are made up out of males from ages 14 to 17 and they aren't affiliated with Sureños or La eMe aka The Mexican Mafia, they strictly hang around Rancho and next to Carson Avenue, their graffiti can be seen around the sorrounding areas indicating their presence. They are ruthless and don't step down to many and will alway's fight against people trying to punk them. They can also be seen stealing cars, tagging, stealing, dealing drugs, and other crimes, they also have beef with 66 East Coast Crips which are located behind them on Brouge Ave. 66 East Coast Crips is a fully developed hood in South Los Santos and the beef is mostly fist-fighting and dissing towards eachother. What is a Tagging-Crew? A Tagging-Crew or Tagging-Krew is a group of teenagers that primarily Tag different areas where they claim, or just whacking out enemies/rivals tagging, just like a gang. But many Tagging-Crews now don't do what they did in the 90s which include shooting, stealing, and other crimes of that nature. For example there is K.O.S(Kappin' On Suckaz) have been around for 20+ years but they don't do what 90s taggers did, they don't use guns and they fight plus they don't really bang because they are just a Tagging-Crew. Members of Tagging-Crews have they own lingo/slang like "Bombing" which means tagging multiple areas within a few hours, "Heaven" which means any kind of tall surface(Billboard, or Highway sign), last one is "Getting up" which means tagging your name in a very noticeable/public area. OOC Information This is the portrayal of a 90s Tagging-Crew but based in Modern-Day, the faction is invite only and any member that joins must be prepared to RP as a ruthless, and reckless teen who is influenced by the streets sorrounding him/her. The faction is owned by @nanocentral and 3S(I forgot his forum username so bare with me), If you have any questions then forward them to @nanocentral, If you want to join then also PM @nanocentral. This faction is also a lose-portrayal of a In-Real-Life Tagging-Crew based in Los Angeles that turned into a gang, this will eventually over time develop into a Varrio but for now will stick as a tagging crew committing petty crimes and obviously tagging.(Sorry for the lack of a thread, not much to write about a tagging crew but RP is good and realistic)
  6. Kant Stop Bombing or KSB is a tagging crew that is affiliated with Lennox 13. These young teens began to clash with other tagging crews in South Central, most specifically the Rancho neighborhood, including Making Enemies Rank & Evil Krowd Gunnerz. Facebrowser is a huge platform for taggers, they claim their graffiti on there, which leads for others to target it in order to whack it out and replace their crew over it. It's the typical get go for Facebrowser banging, with films, live broadcasts, and disses. Members have been mocking one another back and forth with rumors about prominent members like Cameron Yepez, a.k.a Vandal. There was a particular comment that he was associating with the cops. Facebrowser Tension Kant Stop Bombing started to get into conflict with other tagging crews around LS such as MER. Mostly MER, MER is a tagging crew/ clique under Travieso Gangsters 13, the two gangs Lennox 13 and Travieso Gangsters 13 started going at it which resulted in KSB getting in the mix quick. Notable member(s): KSBVANDAL🏅; Who is a well known member from KSB started tagging up small portions around his environment leading to the clothing store in Carson. With this now MER started whacking out any KSB tags around the area. Furthermore, Vandal started going on Facebrowser and receiving some comments from other MER members. Vandal would constantly taunt other members (mainly being the only one talking to members from MER) by himself at points. Facebrowser opened up ways in communicating such as Facebrowser Live, posts, and videos. Snitch??? Vandal was seen getting into a police cruiser on a livestream broadcasted by a TGS13 member known as SSBIGS. This lead to comments under Vandals posts, and lives, with "🐀" emojis and even surprisingly tags with his name in it in their own section. Tagging Crew Conflicts Placing your moniker down when you tag graffiti down is extremely common; It's one of the main ways to make your name known or how to taunt your enemies. You can find a interview about this group on The War of Hawick, which was interrupted by LSSD to try to find illegal items. When KSB lands into a conflict, Lennox 13 would normally insert themselves in. Furthermore, their behavior is much like where they are from in environment with how they approach situations, especially it being all around for tagging on a block, when they catch you tagging in their hood they will take all force out on you. Moreover, KSB and MER both crews having affiliations started beefing. With this being around the Lennox 13 and Travieso Gangsters 13 beef/war, they would get into conflicts consisting of brawls, members from both sides being jumped, and posts on members circling Facebrowser. Present Day (2022- In the peak of the crew they have been referring themselves more as a clique under Lennox 13 than a tagging crew, still tagging around LS they have chose a side a decided to be under Lennox 13 as more wars would breakout between other bordering gangs surrounding them. Moreover, they have been focused on surviving than tagging more recently they have started to get together more, and started going on live taunting their enemies. At a point it is known that the two members Carmelo Saez a.k.a Gizmo and Vandal had a falling out period where they beefed each other and would fight, recently it was squashed by well know respected Lennox 13 members. OOC INFORMATION: KSB is a tagging crew made up of a couple young locals under Lennox 13. You can follow our development here.
  7. The Ten Line Crips (TLC), also known as 110th Street Crips are a small African American street gang located on the East Side in the rancho neighborhood of Los Santos. They represent 110th Street and associated blocks, between Davis and Roy Lowenstein Boulevard. The Ten Line Crips primary cliques are the Dead End (DE), Track Side (TS) and the Lou Dillon Boys (LDB). Ten Line Crips once were under the Gangster Crip card but dropped that all together when their feud with Grape Street Watts Crips spiraled out of control resulting in a few walls tagging from Ten Line with the G on Grape Street whacked out. This brought tension from various other Gangster Crips so Ten Line decided to go Insane. The Ten Line Crips can be found around the area of Rancho. Today their member-list consists of young African Americans ranging from ages 14-21. You can find them getting into a lot of illegal things around area, such as selling drugs, car theft, home invasions, and or armed robberies. They feud with most of the surrounding crips gangs in the area, such as PJ Watts Crips, Grape Street Watts Crips, All Neighborhood Crips, and the Front Street Watts Crips. Other rivals include Bounty Hunters Watts, Hacienda Village Bloods, Circle City Piru, and all Compton Pirus. OOC INFORMATION We aim to portray a realistic and modern-day clique of the Ten-Line Crip. Rule-breaking of any kind will not be tolerated. We expect everyone interested in joining to have a realistic mindset. We also expect our members to be creative with their RP, and you'll not be spoon-fed with ideas and RP. To keep it realistic we would like to keep the characters within the African American heritage. We are an Invite Only faction so if you're interested in joining, please contact Face$hot#0214, SaySo#8769 and BigDraco#3884.
  8. Is there something wrong with me? Chapter 01: Fuck me man, I spent my fair share touring around hoods in Los Santos and I think a lot of them aren't as bad as you think they are and for a foster kid in the system getting replaced every single fucking year, I'm really use to a lot of middle class homes and occasionally the lower class but holy fuck my new placement is in the most sketchiest area in all of Davis, Rancho WHATEVER... Uh, apart from the occasional tweaker, it isn't half bad in the morning but as soon as rush hour hits in the afternoon? Bro... the whole hood is out, ten deep and they don't usually mess around with me but occasionally start small talk, I'm new to the neighborhood so I bet seeing new faces isn't real nice. I guess the best part of being in the neighborhood is the fact that they are la raza, Messican and what not so I don't feel as excluded.. Chapter 02: I mean fuck the hood for a second, let's kick back so you can get a load of where I'm coming from. I'm a Mexican-American born in Vespucci to a low/mid-class family but growing up it was hard as an only child and my parents were fucking dicks so the San Andreas Department of Social Services declared I would be sent in as "Emergency" Foster Home placements because my parents were not fulfilling my needs for food, a clean living environment, or emotional well-being. How is that even fucking possible? Whatever.. To take my mind off how shitty my life is, I am an avid skater, schemer, and biker. I spent my whole damn childhood at skate parks so it gradually started to become a hobby of mines. I gotta say the neighborhood is pretty fucking dope for skating if you are versatile with the board but does that outweigh the scary motherfuckers that live here and have to deal with my annoying ass creeping every day? I don't know bout that one doe.
  9. This is the story of Josephine Pineda, a sixteen year old drug addict from the Jamestown Projects.
  10. Carlos Molina Carlos Molina was born in Davis General Hospital on the 8th of August, 2006 to two Mexican immigrants, Carolina Pousa and Eddy Molina, who moved from Sinaloa, Mexico to avoid the cartel wars going on which dragged many innocent civilians into the conflict. They illegally crossed the border for the sake of giving their son a better life and settled into the bordering states major metropolitan city which is Los Santos which has a big Hispanic population especially in the Jamestown area of Rancho and have been living there ever since they moved which prompted him to also attend the local Davis Middle School , his parents work grueling 9-5 jobs under green cards obtained after a certain amount of years living in the United States to meet ends meet with his father being a local carpenter and his mother a full time nurse working several shifts over week as well as his father working for several clients caused for them both to be largely absent in the household accept whether it be in the afternoons or picking up Carlos despite all this the family still held a pretty close bond as most Hispanic households in Mexico and other Latino countries do which stood out like a sore thumb in Rancho as most families were broken or affected by gang violence. Carlos was no stranger to this harsh reality he would mostly see it out by his window at night hearing random gunshots and loud sirens shortly afterwards, from the drugged out homeless man walking through the middle lot barely able to stand straight to the group of gangsters hanging out by the cantina with a bottle of 40oz beer on one hand and a bag of weed in the other he saw it every day walking to school but he always maintained a somewhat optimistic view of it largely due to his young age the reality of his area had not set in yet as he knew it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows but from an early age his parents taught him what do to and who to stay away from, going as far to put him in school after programs at Davis Middle School largely taking a liking to baseball and soccer where he currently plays for the schools team. This kept him away most of the time but as the shifts got longer Carlos now goes outside with his bike and rides around to seek any way of passing the time in his empty and dull home. He also does other activities like play FIFA 15 on his old XBOX 360 and watch TV which he very much enjoys, overall Carlos is a decently normal kid with interest and passions which he looks to share with by maintaining a very outgoing and friendly personality like any other children his age but not in the same environment. This thread will follow the development and day to day life of Carlos Molina.
  11. Centi

    jalen massey

    Left unsupervised by negligent parents, allowing his need for recognition and belonging to push him out to the streets where he was raised around the shooters, robbers and scammers. During his childhood, street socialization and commitment to delinquent peers had him often find himself in situations where he just happened to be there when shit went down. Due to his desire for status, identity and companionship, by the age of twelve he already had a few prior delinquencies. School barely worked for him due to his low attachment, learning difficulties and other things such as negative labelling by teachers that killed his aspirations. Growing up in Rancho with the color of his skin forces him to put in extra effort compared to the rest on everything including his looks, the way he sees it is maybe some would be less racist to a black kid wearing their college tuition on his feet. Jalen currently lives with his mother and her boyfriend. Lack of parental role models and economic deprivation has him choose the streets over their unit any day of the week. He was the little homie running around the crib while his uncle baked straight drop and yapped money and drugs by his ears. Lately, unexplained money and expensive new items had been showing up around his room, gang-associated markings appearing on his books as he had been withdrawing from the rest of his family other than his uncle the more he associates with the wrong people, or right people in his eyes.
  12. Vicki Cardozo is part of the many neglected Rancho youth. This is her story.
  13. (Jalen "Bandit" Massey and Angela "Diabla" Olivares) Angela "Diabla" Olivares is a thirteen year old kid from Rancho. She was born to Jessica Rubio and Anthony Olivares. Her mother had her when she was very young, and she never even knew her dad beyond the awful stories her mother had said about him. Life in Rancho is rough, violent, and often times short. Angela's tale is no exception. Growing up in the varrio brought difficulties, exasperated by Angela's learning disability. Being bullied from a young age, even by her own mother, molded a rather weird person who would rather victimize than be a victim. The result of too much time on her hand, coupled by a lack of supervision, lead Angela into many misadventures. Angela has a passion for the occult, and is a self described Satanist. Her hobbies include skateboarding, listening to music, and just hanging out with friends. Her dream is to be a mechanic, or just be able to work with her hands. She portrays worrying signs of sociopathy, yet it goes unnoticed due to zero resources in her community nor adult figures to help guide her. Recently, she's been hanging out a lot with Jalen, who's own wicked ways amplifies her own rather negatively. With dreams of getting money and respect, they started the foundations of what they hoped would soon be big - Trenchside Demons. They gathered kids from the neighborhood. Their main hang spot is mainly on Roy Lowenstein Boulevard.
  14. Nancy "Poison" Rosales is a 15-year-old kid from Rancho at the Jamestown Projects. She lives with her grandmother, having been kicked out of her mother's apartment. She has a 12 year old brother named Thomas. She attends highschool in Davis. Currently, she is in jail pending trial.
  15. Christopher Allen, 15, Caucasian. Christopher Allen was introduced to the Rancho neighbourhood at a very young age after his mother migrated to the area to move in with her new boyfriend. This all stemmed from Christopher's biological father going through a psychotic episode, leaving Christopher's mother with no choice but to escape the clutches of her often-times abusive husband. Growing up from young with his step-father, Christopher claimed Carlo as his own father; you will often times find Christopher telling people he shares the same last name as his step-dad. Christopher sticks out like a sore-thumb amongst the locals, well known as one of the only 'white boys' in the area, this only fuels Christopher's deep-rooted desire to fit in with the Hispanic neighbourhood he grew up in. He is a product of his environment; Christopher will do anything to prove his loyalty to his friends. Often referred to as a momma's boy, Christopher is very affectionate towards his mother. As he matures and learns more of his mothers relationship with his real father, Christopher only grows closer to his mother and gives his step-father undying respect due to how well he treats his mother. Granted, Christopher does not know everything about his neighbourhood, more specifically the illegal activity it is occupied with. Despite this, he still feigns a knowledge of it all and pretends his way into mischief that he may not always be able to handle. This is his story.
  16. Antonio Iniguez, 16 From ambitious beginnings, Antonio spent most of his childhood away from the troublesome hoodlums of Rancho. Forced to take acting classes at a young age, his mother abused his lack of common sense to pay for the finer things in life through commercial gigs. As the years went on, the well paid gigs he was handed as a toddler were no more and the best he could manage was being placed as an extra for a hand cream commercial. With his education down the toilet in favour of chasing his brainwashed dream of acting, Antonio was left no choice but to latch onto the only safety net available to him: South Side Varrio Rancho 13. After the introduction into the gang life by Emilio "SCARFACE" Nunez, Antonio quickly used his flamboyance from acting to get into the good graces of like minded residents. Probably won't be a coherent story to follow as my main aim with this thread is to share the key events in Antonio's life. For more perspectives & detailed screen shots of events showcased here, check out Varrio Rancho 13's faction thread! Concerns about my role play or development can be sent to my PMs. I'm open and responsive to criticism. The media section added below will contain highlights that could be considered entertaining to watch such as brawls, shootouts and well role played criminal activities.
  17. ((I couldn't name her Vivianna Martinez due to someone already having the name)) Vivanna Martinez is a Cuban-Colombian American girl that was born in East Los Santos in the district of El Burro Heights. Umberto Martinez is Vivanna's father, he's full blooded Cuban and was born & raised in Bohan, Liberty City. Life in Bohan was tough and this led to Umberto drug dealing at a young age. Umberto met Vivanna's mother Josefina Chavez-Martinez at South Bohan High School. The duo had an off and on relationship, but eventually settled for one another after having their first child, Mariella. Josefina Chavez-Martinez is Vivanna's mother, she was born in Colombia, but was raised in Liberty City. She grew up in the Dominican dominated district of East Holland, but attended school in Bohan. From elementary to high school, she had a reputation of being snappy and getting into fights. Her violent reputation led to her being kicked out of East Holland's school district. Josefina befriended Vivanna's father at South Bohan High School, he would often walk her to the subway platform to keep her from being harmed by Bohan's street thugs. San Andreas Youth Authority Time Ever wanting to learn how to do more to make money for her sisters, Vivanna started experimenting with other thug tactics of getting cash. She was still dealing and breaking into cars, but felt the need to elevate her game. Vivanna started to try and learn how to break into houses, but wanted to teach herself instead. Vivanna ended up breaking into a house in South LS, but it went awry, she heard sirens and ghosted the scene. She hopped in a car with her gangster friend, Javier, the same gangster who was teaching her how to break into cars, and did the dash. The duo was unsuccessful in getting away from the LSPD, she ended up catching charges that would stick and get her 3 months in San Andreas Youth Authority at Twin Towers Correctional Facility. Javier ended up getting the same amount of time, plus military school. While locked up in SAYA, she met with other girls who were in gangs and notable drug dealers. Some of the girls that got to know Vivanna embraced her story and started nicknaming her "Scarface" because of her Cuban-Colombian heritage. At the time, Vivanna wasn't fully aware of the 1983 film due to her being a 2000s baby and not knowing shit. (lol) Vivanna took a liking to the nickname, she took it and ran with it in the TTCF pod. Kicked Out By Mom After getting into an argument with her mother, Vivanna ended up getting kicked out of the house. Vivanna assumed it was for the night, so she copped a ride from famous El Burro rapper @Yavina Goldie B and her friend Shady Eyes @Tejana to BJ Smith Park. When Vivanna got to her aunt Reyna's apartment in the Jamestown Downs, everything was going swell, but then her aunt stated that she simply did not have enough room in her home to take care of another child. She told Vivanna that she would assist her in going back to foster care in the morning. This led to Vivanna behaving oddly calm toward her until she had enough space and advantage to steal something from her. Vivanna's aunt owned some counterfeit Air Pods that she bought from a local street vendor while shopping in the neighborhood. Air Pods Vivanna spent her night sleeping at an El Burro Heights bus stop, it was most certainly an uncomfortable experience for her to deal with. She still needed money to get food or her main goal, money to take care of her sisters with. After being sighted living in the streets by some of the locals in El Burro, one of them let Vivanna have a bicycle to use so that she could get around better than before. Not Welcome Home Vivanna attempted to come back home after spending days away from her sisters at home. The notion that her mom was only mad at her for a short period of time was underestimated by Vivanna. She was truly kicked out of her home. Vivanna was not ready to live in the streets literally, she was only 14 years old. @Lilone While roaming the streets of South LS, she would encounter numerous gang feuds on a daily basis. She was exposed to Sureno culture more than anything, the Blood/Crip/Hoover gangs were truly a new thing for her to experience. The New Normal After being shot for the first time ever by the Hoover Criminals, Vivanna was taken to the local hospital in South Central. Her mother was put on alert, but never came to visit Vivanna in the hospital. Vivanna was lucky to survive a moment of gang activity and she knew it. She noticed that her mom was absent when she was in the hospital, she knew that if her mom didn't come to the hospital that her being homeless could possibly be permanent for her. The day of her release from the hospital, Vivanna was 30 seconds away from riding back to El Burro in a taxi cab, then her mom pulled up with her uncle and took her home. Vivanna's mother did not inform her uncle that she was kicked out of her house, so she played the nice role around him. Little did Vivanna's mom know, Vivanna had stolen from her purse and left out of the back door. She was back to the streets instantly after being released from the hospital. Bicycle Hustling Vivanna would move back and forth through South LS to East LS making moves off of a bicycle to see her ends meet. She was forced to stay on her hustle all day and all night just to keep her mindset strong. There was many times where she wanted to give up and go to foster care, but she knew that her younger sisters needed her. Terrible #2 Vivanna found herself back on the streets of Rancho with another attempt to get money out of the residents that lived there. She was known for riding on her bicycle all the time by the locals in South LS, and was often seen in different hoods committing to selling weed and other miscellaneous things. Vivanna is from El Burro Heights, she's used to the gang tensions to be present, but not at an ultimate high. Little did Vivanna know, the Innocence Family Gangster Bloods were in an ongoing war with the Hoover Criminals in Davis. Some of the locals in the area had seen Vivanna over in a Hoover Criminal neighborhood selling weed and thought she was a spy for them. Jordan Lanes saved Vivanna from getting jumped or possibly killed, he identified her from her attempts to sell him and Tayvion Hunley some fake Air Pods weeks prior. She was written off by the group in North Rancho, and eventually met a female from the area named Marshauna. Marshauna came to Vivanna's side while she was crying and offered her to stay the night at her apartment in the Billingsgate. Jordan Lanes happened to walk up and see Vivanna crying, she explained her life story to him, he gave her advice on how to make money better and safer than she is now. This caused Vivanna to look up to Jordan as a mentor. A New Outlook On Cash After filling out an application for the job, Vivanna ended up spending the night at Marshauna's apartment in North Rancho. She got a call the next morning on the phone that Isabella had given her, telling her that she got the job. She was advised to come in that morning and get some training. While on the way to the store that morning, an LSPD officer almost hit her due to her riding in the street with her bicycle. The LSPD officer did not chase her, and she returned to start her new job the next day. @Centi The manager of the store failed to show up for Vivanna's first day and did not tell her that the store was to be inspected by the city inspector. The inspection went smooth, but the lack of supervision over Vivanna caused her to steal cash from the register. Vivanna ended up meeting "Cat", a local female in the Capital Boulevard section of Strawberry.
  18. Dominic Dominguez Brown is a sixteen years old, Mexican-American student of Davis High and wide receiver on the football team. Born and raised in a catholic-driven family, his parents divorced when he was 7, leaving Dominic with a scar which will go along with him his entire life, the absence of guidance of his mother which was filled with his father's tough luck. All his life he cared about was playing football and avoid the gang warfare where him and his family lives. His father who works extra hours leaves Dominic and his sisters' education in the hands of his Grandmother, a Catholic, which provides Dominic a basic education on being good to everyone and always strive for the best. As Dominic gets older and stays on the streets late, Dominic found a set of friends that share the same struggles, the lack of money and positive goals or dreams which leaves Dominic with two options: Does he follows his dream of being a successful football player or will he end up a product of the environment?
  19. A Alejandro Valles is a second generation Mexican-American that was born and raised in Rancho, Los Santos. Alejandro was first introduced to gangs since day one, witnessing multiple shootings and drive-bys as a small child. Alejandro's father was locked up then Alejandro was only nine this forced him to go outside and hangout with locals. His entire childhood was influenced by local gangs, this made Alejandro idolise gangs and seek to be one of them since young age.
  20. (Anthony Moreno, 17) Born into a family of Cuban & Mexican heritage, Tony is a native of Rancho projects in his mid teens. He's a student at the local Davis High School, a school attended by many young gang members from different neighborhoods of South Los Santos. His parents divorced when he was seven years old and Tony spends most of his time at his mother's apartment in the projects. Tony is highly inspired by art - street art in particular, the visual representation of the culture that surrounds him. He takes pride in his Latino roots. Tony has a knack for drawing, which he does so in his free time. This thread focuses on life, shenanigans and travels of Rancho youth Tony Moreno. Some of the events showcased in this topic will follow a nonlinear narrative.
  21. [L&A] Same Hoover gang is already a thing. W/S 74 Hoover Criminal Gang 🍊 The 74 Hoover Criminals (HCG) also known as the “Seven-Fo Hoover Criminals” were formerly known as the “74 Hoover Crips” until the early 1990s. The 74 Hoover Criminals are a street gang primarily African American located on the West Side of Los Santos. The 74 Hoover Criminals are an active subset that is an integral part of the larger “Hoover Criminals” gang which has a total of over 9 active subsets throughout Los Santos. The 74 Hoover Criminals also have a nickname of their own, which is none other than "Baybayz", and hail from 74th Street and the Hoover Street area between Vermont Avenue and Figueroa Avenue. The latter have been active for over thirty years and are considered the third greatest subset of the Hoover Criminals today. Throughout the 1980s, the 52 Hoover Gangster Crips and 74 Hoover Criminals were key players when it came to drugs, also establishing several manufacturing labs, located inside some houses that only served to that. Federal agents and local authorities estimated that the 52 Hoovers and 74 Hoovers earned between $500,000 and $1 million each month in cash from this successful traffic. Feuds & Allies The 74 Hoover Criminals are allied with the Hoover Criminals gangs, the Shotgun Crips as well as the Insane Crips. Their main rivals are the Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips, the 76 East Coast Crips, as well as the 79 Mad Swan Bloods and the Menlo Crips. They also beef with the 84 Main Street Mafia Crips, all Neighborhood Crips and all Rollin 0s gangs. 🍊 74 Bay Bays The 74 Hoovers Criminals own several sets outside of Los Santos in various parts of the United States. However, their largest supporting group is in Seattle, Washington. Which was established in 1985 or 1986 by Jeremiah Knockers, also known on the street as "Knock", of South Central, Los Santos, who moved to Seattle in the 1980s. The 74 Hoover Criminals are one of the largest gangs in Los Santos, with approximately 200 active members. The other two Hoover gangs that stand out being the 92 Hoover Criminals and the 83 Hoover Criminals. They are known for wearing clothing from the Houston Astros, a premier league baseball team whose dominant uniform color is orange, which inspired the Hoover Criminals gang to choose orange as their identifying color. . They also wear Houston-Astros baseball caps, with a large "H" to represent Hoover. The 52 HGCs are the only Hoovers that still wear blue, in addition to orange. Operation Hoover Street 👁‍🗨 After more than ten months of undercover work, a frame-up by the Federal Bureau of Investigation brought down countless active members of the “74 Hoovers Criminals” in Los Santos. The “Hoover Street” operation made it possible to put an end to several criminal activities of this same subset, in total more than 47 members of which several important and at the head of the drug trafficking of this part of the city were arrested including Randolph Myers, indicted on several counts and accused of being the main supplier of drugs to the Bay Bays, a network that supplied a large part of the city. This operation, dubbed "Operation Hoover Street ", made it possible to withdraw from circulation hard drugs, more than 478,000 dollars in cash and thirty-nine firearms, including several of category's A and C. building this regional network of vendors and resellers, and we need to take a large-scale approach. You can't just cut out one piece, you have to cut out the whole network," Prother said., formerly head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation”. As of today, the 74 HCG subset is almost "dying" due to the operation which wreaked havoc on the entire gang structure, only a few inactive members and other quoted who were lucky not to be involved in the operation were able to get away with it due to lack of evidence or because he had not accumulated enough charges. Investigators also say that these dismantling's are essential for everyone's safety. "It's not only people who are addicted to these drugs that are affected, but the drug trade also comes with great violence, and anything we can do to disrupt it will help," the commander said. of the state counternarcotic police, John The Hoover Criminal Gang adopted its blue and orange colors due to its history with the Crips, later adopting orange in the 1990s to proudly represent their allegiance to the Hoover moniker, taking on the Houston Astros baseball team’s colors and branding of a blue star within orange outlines with a bolded orange ' No Limit Hoova Boyz 🍊 🐗 No Limit Hoova Boyz was Founded by a group of younger BAY BAYS affiliates after the passing of the late Baby Jesus, the No Limit Hoova Boyz are predominately African-American street gang subset under the known 74 Hoover Criminals Gang aka the Bay Bayz or 7even-Fo Hoover Crims based on the West Side of South Central LA, this subset is a small clique made by younger individuals in the 74 Hoover Criminals gang they stay within the same turf that 74 Hoover Criminals occupy they still withhold the Hoover Criminal Card they share the same enemies and allies that the 74 Hoover Criminals do although they operate differently, they are young affiliates who have no OG to look up to just young affiliates who are hotheaded and ruthless. The No Limits are trying to find their own guidance and will do anything to make money. They took the name No Limit Hoova Boyz as it refers to them having No Limits.
  22. 40 AVALON GANGSTER CRIP Fortieth Street Swanging A's History, Baby Avalon Crips The 40 Avalon Gangster Crip (40AGC) street gang were formed in the mid-1980s. The father-set for all the Avalon Gangster Crips was founded by Darrell Peterson also known as "The Godfather of Crips" in the Avalon Gardens Projects. Darrell Peterson broke away from the Eastside Crips like many others after Raymond Washington was incarcerated. The influence of the 88 Avalon Garden Crips trickled down onto various other areas as time went by. The Red Door was an abandoned house in Rancho that was dubbed a hang-out spot for the youth in the 1970s. Fights, gambling, and other mischievous events would happen at the Red Door. A large majority of the youth who hanged at the Red Door would later form the Avalon Baby Crips, an off-shoot of the Avalon Garden Crips that Peterson formed. In the 1970s all the Crip gangs in South Central were at peace and altercations would never escalate past fist fights up until the 1980s. Five Tray Avalons, The Businessmen The Businessmen were one of the few drug groups in South Los Santos in the 1980s. Many of the founders of the Businessmen were Avalon Baby Crips who were heavy into the drug trade, while others were from surrounding gangs. They controlled a large portion of the Rancho area in their heyday. The Businessmen, Five Deuce Broadway's Whitey Enterprises, and the Four Tray Gangster Crip's (formerly known as Four Tray Avalon) Third World were originally in a friendly competition for the drug trade in South LS at the time. Lil C-Note from 52 Broadway Gangster Crip was killed by a younger Four Tray member during a football game at BJ Smith Park. The slaying of a respected Broadway led to the start of a war between the Broadways and Four Tray Avalons. The 53 Avalons remained neutral as long as they could. When the Five Tray Avalons would attend parties with the Four Trays, they would blatantly disrespect the Broadways. The Five Tray Avalons were forced to fight with both gangs due to trying to remain neutral and defending either side up until the Four Trays were fed up and dropped their Avalon banner. The Four Trays created the term 'moving' for the Gangster Crip card and out of spite the Avalons say that they are 'swanging' rather than 'moving'. The O-Zone, 40 Avalons A portion of Rancho by Jamestown Street and Macdonald Street went by the O-Zone. This area was controlled by a separate clique outside of Whitey Enterprises, Third World, and the Businessmen. The O-Zones gravitated more to the Five Tray Avalons and became the 40 Avalon Gangster Crips. The 40 Avalons had a much closer relationship with the Four Trays which took much longer to break in comparison to the Five Trays. The Four Tray Gangster Crips began to resent the 40 Avalons for siding with the Five Trays and they were immediately brought into the war. The war between the 40 Avalons became a much more violent one in comparison to the Five Tray and Four Tray war. As gang violence became more prevalent, the drug cliques began to be less lenient on drug territory. Many of the original crews would start to favorite one particular gang rather than allowing gang members from all over to get money. The drug money that at one time was used to buy flashy cars and jewelry began to be used to purchase firearms to retaliate against rival gangs. The Businessmen lasted for about four different generations and after the Baby Businessmen they fizzled out. The O-Zones eventually followed suit and began to solely push the Avalon banner. The drug war later became a full fledged gang war with causalities stemming from retaliation rather than turf. You were either from Five Deuce Broadways, Five Tray Avalon, or Four Tray Gangster Crip. Modern Times, The Death of Lady Swang In comparison to the Five Trays and other Avalon sets, the 40 Avalons are much smaller. They often frontline many of the wars the Avalons have taken part in, and as a result have lost various members. The younger generation have taken on the name YSA, also known as the Young Squad Avalons. These members have shown to be more prone to drug use and less money oriented. With heavy gentrification and arrests occurring within the ranks of the 40 Avalons, it is safe to assume that they are one indictment away from completely being dismantled. The 40 Avalons are recently coming off the death of Deandra Hill, also known as Lady Swang to gang members alike. On November 6th, 2021, Deandra was murdered on Carson Avenue in the middle of the night. It was rumored that the shooting came from retaliation from a 66 East Coast Crip she set-up to be robbed. The death of Lady Swang catapulted their war with 66ECC. It would be shortly after that a prominent member from ECC would be shot & killed Downtown Los Santos at a nighttime car show. As of 2022, the gang is primarily beefing with various bloods, Neighborhood Crips, Gangster Crips, & Sureno sets. Remaining small in numbers as of lately. The 40 Avalon Gangster Crips have seldomly been able to let their guard down and has instilled a militarized program to prevent any more deaths within the set. The program was originally conceptualized by the 88 Avalon Garden Crips, who at the time were in a heated on-going war with the 87 & 97 Gangster Crip. The idea behind it was pushed by The God Father, pretty much enacting martial law in his own neighborhood, giving woman and children a curfew at 6:30PM. They were also told to stay away from windows or their front doors because they feared their rivals would do a drive-by. This was passed down to the other Avalon sets who were in active wars.
  23. Considered a five-star recruit by Rivals.com, Tyson was listed as the No. 2 shooting guard in the state of San Andreas and the No. 22 player in the nation in 2022. Starting at shooting guard for the Varsity boys' basketball team at Davis High School, Tyson's defensive dominance throughout the 2020–21 season and his 19.4 points per game, led to him being voted the Gatorade Player of the Year award by other coaches in the conference. He also set the school record for most three-point field goals made (91) in a season. By the start of the 2022-23 season and school year, he went from starting on the junior varsity team to starting varsity. Somondre Tyson was born on September 24, 2005, to Gloria Willburn and Orthel Tyson in Davis. After a robbery-gone-wrong that led to the arrest of his father and tragic death of his mother in 2019, Tyson moved to Rancho to live with his aunt (his father's sister). He was kicked out of almost every school throughout the Rancho-Jamestown district due to fighting and did everything he could to attend Davis High with cousins from his mother's side, trying his best to avoid gang banging. His cousins were brought up right, trained at an early age to stay away from gangs and stay in school. His aunt, Shantae Tyson, lived on Macdonald Street in the heart of the "O-Zone," a term given to the area by 40 Avalon Gangster Crip members. Life in the neighborhood— revolved around a single affiliation: the 40 Avalon Gangster Crips. That was their youth's identity, the result of birth and geography. It came before religion, even before race. In August 2022, right before the start of his junior year, Tyson was home at his aunt's house waiting on his best friend. But before he made it there, Tamonte Joseph was shot and killed in a dispute over a dice game. They'd been close since middle school, as their interests shifted from video games to girls. Tamonte was pretty good in a street fight too. After the death of his best friend, Somondre began getting involved in the streets more. He started smoking weed he would buy from gang members and staying out late. His grades in school gradually began declining. Tyson was hurt for a while, but he'd get used to it soon enough, though. Underlying each ceremony, the preacher's sermon, even the grief itself, was a palpable sense of dread and an expectation of more violence...
  24. Innocence Blvd Gangsters is an 18th Street clique that was first formed in Rancho during the 1980s as a standalone Mexican street gang. The Innocence Boulevard Gangsters (IBGS18) joined the 18th Street banner in 1991 after struggling against neighboring gangs, almost all of whom were Sureños. Their first massive rivalry came against the Barrio Mojados (BMS13) gang from Davis. Between the years 1993-1999, both gangs participated in a protracted street war over territory and drug disputes. The IBGS18/BMS13 gang war was one of the worst in South Central LS during the 1990s. IBGS18 generates its income from drug distribution, gunrunning, prostitution, and business extortion. The set's eldest shot-caller and Mexican Mafia representative is Edgar "Little Spider" Nájera. At 49 years old, Nájera controls the gang's daily operations from his isolation cell at the Pelican Bay State Prison. He joined the Innocence Boulevard Gangsters in 1986 and has been serving a life sentence for multiple homicides since 2002. Nájera is presently under FBI investigation for racketeering and other Mafia-related prison crimes.
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