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  1. I’ve heard of most ppl who actually rp in the area being homeless or living at a motel. I could be wrong but one of the players I personally know that roleplays in chamberlain does not have a rented house near his character’s home location.
  2. Gigglez gon fuck around and turn into MOUSEY when I re enter the server
  3. When I get unbanned I’m knocking blizzy character the fuck out. Keep the roleplay up
  4. Ian never really paid attention to this thread but this has been making waves before my realization, so keep it going, don’t get bored or close this until 2050
  5. Whoever stole IFGB modpack I will knock you tf out. Dead homies. Good screenshots and interesting concept
  6. When I’m unbanned, I cannot participate in this faction, but you know my ultimate support is with you guys.
  7. Craazy turned this thread around. Continue making Hoovers look like Hoovers, god bless
  8. So how come they don’t rent out most of the homes in South LS? ?
  9. Someone who can take a script loss without trying to /flipcoin their way to a win.
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