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Found 8 results

  1. This thread will showcase the growth, development and activity of the Lil Hills Cycos, a young and aspiringly generational clique of 18th Street Vinewood Gangsters loosely based in the Downtown Vinewood area.
  2. Innocence Blvd Gangsters is an 18th Street clique that was first formed in Rancho during the 1980s as a standalone Mexican street gang. The Innocence Boulevard Gangsters (IBGS18) joined the 18th Street banner in 1991 after struggling against neighboring gangs, almost all of whom were Sureños. Their first massive rivalry came against the Barrio Mojados (BMS13) gang from Davis. Between the years 1993-1999, both gangs participated in a protracted street war over territory and drug disputes. The IBGS18/BMS13 gang war was one of the worst in South Central LS during the 1990s. IBGS18 generates its income from drug distribution, gunrunning, prostitution, and business extortion. The set's eldest shot-caller and Mexican Mafia representative is Edgar "Little Spider" Nájera. At 49 years old, Nájera controls the gang's daily operations from his isolation cell at the Pelican Bay State Prison. He joined the Innocence Boulevard Gangsters in 1986 and has been serving a life sentence for multiple homicides since 2002. Nájera is presently under FBI investigation for racketeering and other Mafia-related prison crimes.
  3. Background Information 18th Street is a multi-ethnic, but mostly Hispanic transnational criminal organization that started as a street gang in Los Santos. The gang is estimated to have approximately 15,000 members in Los Santos County and is considered to be one of the largest Hispanic gangs; a title they share with their rivals, Florencia 13. 18th Street was among the first multi-ethnic street gangs in Los Santos, and was originally a sub-set under the Clanton 14th Street gang, however, many Clanton 14 members opposed the idea of having 18th street as a separate clique. This led to the 18th Street gang being formed, and subsequently, the two gangs quickly became bitter rivals. 18th Street is known to have active sets in other states and are present internationally, making appearances in El Salvador and other areas Worldwide. Rancho Locos is one of the many subsets of the notorious 18th Street gang located in Rancho. The area has for the longest time been known for its crime rates, and most prominently, its gang violence. During the 50’s, the 18th Street Gang spread its roots throughout Los Santos, establishing themselves primarily in the West, yet they still have a noticeable presence in the South. Rancho was one of 18th Street’s strongholds and has been subjected to multiple gang injunctions by law enforcement, both local and federal. 18th Street’s rapid and aggressive expansion led to a lot of struggles for territory. As they continued to battle with more established Hispanic and African-American gangs in the area, they began recruiting people outside the Hispanic community. War with Bloods The feud between Bloods and 18th Street is believed to have begun in the early 1990’s when members of the 18th Street gang and members of the Black P Stones gang got into a conflict which led to an 18th Street gang-member being murdered. The murder started a cycle of violence between various Blood sets and 18th Street, with the feud later being fueled by Florencia 13’s alignments with 18th Street’s enemies. As a result, it’s not very uncommon for 18th Street members to use Crip lingo and to sometimes clique up with Crips. Clique Info The Rancho Locos (RLS) clique, most infamously known for its drug trafficking and violence had started off in Jamestown, however after various gang injunctions crippled the clique, it was forced to move out of its initial hood. The clique currently claims their varrio on Roy Lowenstein Boulevard, whilst maintaining strong relations with the neighboring hood, Playboys 13. 18th Street Today 18th Street today continues to aggressively expand and grow. It's considered one of the biggest Hispanic gangs within Los Santos County. The gang primarily finances itself through narcotics trafficking and extortion. 18th Street has gone through numerous gang injunctions over the past few years, and dozens of arrests, yet the gang grows stronger day by day. Lately, multiple 18th Street subsets are known to be cliquing up together to be more unified. Recently, the FBI has launched “Operation Breaking Bad” where they indicted multiple members of the 18th Street gang for their roles in a methamphetamine distribution ring. During the investigation, more than 50 ounces of methamphetamine were seized, as well as several handguns, shotguns, and assault rifles. OOC Section This faction strives to represent a realistic gang culture that is loosely based on a fictional clique within the 18th Street gang. We have a strict policy in which members of the faction must familiarize themselves with the server rules and agree to abide by these rules at all times. If you have any questions about interacting with the faction or if you'd like an invite to the discord, feel free to forum PM (You will not receive a response if you forum PM the thread holder): @Rushing or @Phil
  4. This thread will follow the character development of Dominic "Lazy" Zendejas
  5. W/S Barrio 18th Street 18th Street, also known as Calle 18, Barrio 18, Mara 18, or simply La 18 in Central America, is a multi-ethnic (largely Central American and Mexican) transnational criminal organization that started as a street gang in Los Santos. It is one of the largest transnational criminal gangs in Los Santos, with 30,000 to 50,000 members between the San Andreas, Mexico, and Central America, and is also allied with the Mexican Mafia. A San Andreas Department of Justice report featured the following statement regarding 18th Street and rival gang MS-13, "These two gangs have turned San Andreas into the area with the highest homicide rate in the world." They are actually a collection of approximately 20 separate individual autonomous gangs operating under the same label with separate barrios in the San Fernando Valley, the San Gabriel Valley, the South Bay, South Los Santos, Downtown Los Santos, Pico-Union, Inglewood, and Cudahy. Some estimates of the 18th Street are as low as 8,000 members. The notoriety of the gang is based on four distinct barrios, three near downtown Los Santos west of the Staple’s Center and the 110 Freeway, and one in the West Adams area. The individual factions can number from 50 to several hundred members and they are dispersed throughout the County, but their stronghold and their oldest barrio is located in the Pico-Union (Grand View, Hoover clicks) area east of the Staples Center between the Harbor 110 Freeway (east) and Hoover Ave (west). Slightly to the north, are two other barrios in the Shatto Park and MacArthur Park (Colombia Lil Cycos click) areas. There are also two significant sizes 18th Street Barrios in South LS, one between Vernon (north) and Slauson (south) along Vermont Avenue, and the second one being between Florence (north) and 91st Street (south). One of the most infamous 18th Street neighborhoods would be in the West Adams (Smiley, Alsace, Lil Lowks) because member Catarina Gonzales was convicted for killing LAPD officer Filbert Cuesta in 1998, and more recently, member Pedro Espinoza was charged in the murder of High School star athlete Jamiel Shaw stemming from the conflict with the Bloods. Short history The 18th Street gang formed around 1965 in the Pico-Union area when members of the larger Westside Clanton 14th Street neighborhood decided to start a new click. Originally, 18th Street was a click of the bigger Clanton 14th Street neighborhood (First Hood) who had another neighborhood, Eastside Clanton that was split by the freeway construction of the early 1950s. As the membership of Clanton grew, newer members who lived off of 18th Street decided to start Clanton 18th Street. Forming a new click of a gang can sometimes be a challenge, because some members may look at it as an action that does not unify but separates the neighborhood, and possibly creates a division between members that will be forced to choose sides during a conflict. On the other hand, adding a click can expand the turf, bring in more members, and make the neighborhood appear to be stronger. There is usually a protocol to creating a new click and each neighborhood is different when it comes to that, but ultimately Clanton 14 core members did not approve of having Clanton 18. One of the reasons why original Clanton members began to reject the 18th click, was because it was being led by a non-Mexican-American, named Rocky Lee Glover. The new click members had to make a decision between falling in line with Clanton 14 and the strict rule of Mexican-Americans only or take a defiant position to start their own gang and create Varrio 18th Street. Some decided to stay with the more established Clanton identity, but Rocky Glover and a dozen other teens decided to just simply dropped the Clanton off their name and then became rivals against them. As the years progressed, Clanton lost most of their first westside hood in the Pico-Union area, and today that area is completely dominated by 18th Street and a few other gangs. Other early 18th Street members during the 1960s included Beto, Eddie Boy, Goofy, Indio, Penguin, Tank, Toro, and Smiley who were initially Clanton members of the 1st hood that all decided to take their click into another direction. Clanton did not disappear though as their neighborhood in Vinewood off Alta has survived and their other Eastside neighborhood still exists in two areas. Most gangs today have clicked and there is usually little resistance from the rest of the gang when members want to start a new click, because there is a perceived benefit to the entire gang as outsiders will assume the gang is growing, and it provides a psychological edge against their rivals. Through a small act of defiance, one of the most well-known gangs was born in Los Santos. Because of its aggressive recruiting techniques of accepting members even if they were not Mexican-American, the name of this gang has caught on and has been copied and mimicked in several other cities and countries around the world. Contrary to popular belief, not all of the 18th Street neighborhoods operate in unison, know each other, or even get along. Criminal Activities "We recognize them as one of the most violent street gangs and one of the most prolific in the San Andreas," says Special agent George Rodriguez, who until his retirement oversaw investigations for the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. Cars are stolen and homes are burglarized by the gang routinely. On average, someone in Los Santos County is assaulted or robbed by 18th Streeters every day. The gang has left a bloody trail at a pace three times that of many of the city's most active gangs. 18th Street is a well-established gang that is involved in all areas of street crime. Several 18th Street gang members have reached a higher level of sophistication and organization in their illicit activities than other gangs. While their main source of income is street-level distribution of drugs, they also have been linked to murders, assaults, arson, copyright infringement, extortion, human trafficking, illegal immigration, kidnapping, prostitution, robbery, and weapons trafficking, as well as other crimes. 18th Street Gang has also been implicated in the high-profile kidnapping and murder of the 16-year-old brother of internationally renowned Honduran football player Wilson Palacios. In 1998, Catarino Gonzalez was sentenced to life in prison after a jury convicted Gonzalez of first-degree murder for fatally shooting Officer Filbert Cuesta in the back of the head, while the officer was sitting in a patrol car. Kingston, New York police arrested and jailed several young men on the charge that they abducted a victim, took him to nearby woods, and murdered him. They were held on federal murder and racketeering charges. In 2019, an 18th Street gangster was fatally shot by a member of rival gang MS-13 in a Queens subway station. In Guatemala City, many bus drivers have been killed by 18th Street gang members that drove through the alleged territory of the gang. Bus drivers were often victims of robberies and extortion. In one particular case, the bus owners refused to pay the gang; a few moments later, a young man, the son of one of Libertad's bus owners was driving his bus along Route 4, which ran from the terminal down to the Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala in the southern part of the city. As he passed through Zone 6, two men flagged down the bus. They boarded it without paying and shot the driver in the head killing him instantly. 1100 Projects - Home of the Most Hated Gangsters clique. The 1100th Housing Projects are a known stronghold for the 18th Street clique, Most Hated Gangsters. Throughout the years the community has become tighter and tighter as the property value in the area would increase at a fast rate, forcing low-income households to subject to other means of paying the bills. Most of the younger generation in the area became drug dealers and gang bangers overnight, rapidly increasing the gang’s numbers as they slowly start expanding, ending up having over 150 members. As more and more members joined, one of their main rivals, MS-13 started increasing in size at an alarming size, proposing a real challenge for 18th Street. Soon to come, an all-out war on the streets of Los Santos for power started, making the area one of the most dangerous areas to live in. LSPD started to crack down on the beef as they started to pick up on multiple signs of the power-motivated bloodshed. They started to learn more and more about their culture, making it one of their main priorities to find out as much as possible about both gangs. Graffiti, tattoos, and firearms with multiple homicides linked to them started to fill the streets as they would make more and more arrests, somehow cracking down on what started the feud in the first place and how to gain deeper access into their mentality. March 13th, 2015. The beef would slowly die down as both sides would start to move smarter and faster, making tricking the police one of their biggest priorities. On the day of the bloodshed, a respected member of the 18th Street gang was buried and tensions between the two rival gangs were high that day as the beloved member of the Most Hated Gangsters clique was gunned down by a rival MS-13 member over a fistfight with one of the youngins in the area, as the 16-year-old pulled a semi-automatic handgun out, gunning the male down. At 7:21 PM an automatic machine gun goes off, gunning down multiple at an MS-13 party. This event made all hell break loose as the war was at its peak, with multiple shootings per day. The casualties were so high, the LSPD had to move quickly as they opened up multiple youth programs to try and keep the kids off the streets. Currently, there are 17 murders reported in the last nine months between these two groups.
  6. Fernando grew up in Alta Place mainly around the criminals and gangbangers of Most Hated 18th Street Gangsters, being exposed from a young age to a lot of crime. His dad immigrated to America at the age of 2 when he got older he started to become a drug dealer and Fernando saw multiple people coming to the house to buy drugs on a regular basis, becoming something normal to him. Until the age of 14 his mother was very focused on giving her son a better life than gang-banging and drug dealing but she didn't know that their life soon will change. As Fernando turned 15, his dad had a stroke, leaving him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. As his dad couldn't work anymore, his mom started to go under, as the bills kept stacking and a normal life grew further and further apart. Fernando started noticing a lot of changes in his house as some of the household items started disappearing. He decided to confront his mom about the issue as he walks into her room, he catches her injecting Heroin into her vein. From that day on Fernando realized that he is alone in this world and that he has to do whatever he can to support himself, starting to sell snacks at school and doing small drug deals after, starting to make some money and some connections. Fernando decided to start interacting with the 18th Street clique in his neighborhood, starting to get closer and closer to the gang with the intention of getting put on in order for him to grow his business to bigger scales. Alongside that he kept selling packs as he kept getting connects for better prices and better strains, stacking more and more money up. • Attributes: • Stoner ( smokes most of the day, at least twice every day. very nonchalant when high. Because of them being around weed a lot, they may sell a few bags here and re-up and smoke some more weed. ) • Trapstar ( focuses on the sale of illegal narcotics, probably knows someone who they can get drugs from for cheap, and distributes the drugs to smaller dealers or customers. ) • Robber ( breaking into homes or robbing others at gunpoint. You can recruit others to help you with your schemes, or do these missions solo. The items are probably sold online, or to others in the neighborhood or elsewhere. ) • Tattoo Artist ( this character knows how to do tattoos or is starting to learn how to do them, he/she could work in a shop, or work out of their home. They schedule appointments and find clients. This could lead them to eventually running their own tattoo business in the future. )
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