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Found 12 results

  1. This is a story of young, 16 years old half Tongan girl, where she goes all kinds of adventures with her homies from Davis and how she deals both her inner and outer self.
  2. This thread will serve the purpose of showcasing Juliana's struggle in Charleston.
  3. Askari 'MARLINk REDDBØY#1' Moore (Placeholder Image) Askari Moore is characterized by his profound desire to integrate himself into the narrative of his neighbourhood. Visibly he can be identified by his surprisingly short stature, standing at 5'5'' with double strand twists and a thin build. Audibly, you'll notice him from a mile away with his shrill voice, cracking whenever he gets too excited. Born into a family jammed up with gang affiliates, notably RonBrazy from Murder Park Families & OnSight from 74 Hoovers Criminals. Askari was guided into the gang life with ease, to the point some might say he is over-confident in his ability to control oneself in the ordinary stresses of the life. Despite this, he almost never takes himself seriously and is generally considered to be a non-factor. This doesn't stop him from yearning for the attention of the Murder Park Families big homies, going lengths only classified by crash dummy activities. His close family history is monotonous with a nuclear family facing similar pressures to most in the neighbourhood. Askari, deeply stimulated by the gang activity of his cousins and friends is pushing for his put on to Murder Park Families. Way before he expected anything to occur, Askari is met with a put-on as a result of tensions rising in South Central and his connection to RonBrazy, rather than the recognition of his devotion and stripes for the gang.
  4. *Users would stumble upon a low-budget hood film - HanleyTV Intro would appear before the movie intro..* USERNAME: COMMENT: -Comments Enabled-
  5. Procedurally updated story on the main post. Jeremie "Big Guala Bvby#1" Herron https://face.gta.world/guala127baby Alias: Guala Baby - More commonly referred to amongst peers as Guala, Guap and/or Baby guala [gwah-luh] WHAT DOES GUALA MEAN? It's used as slang for "money," often as guala guala. Story so far (pre-context): Jeremie Herron has spent his whole [19 year] life in a Brouge Ave. Housing Unit after being a product of home labour. He exists in a two bedroom household with his younger sister and his mother. Jeremie idolises the trap lifestyle, despite having no desire to jump off the porch into the rap game, he moulds his personality around famous names like Lil Baby, Young Thug & Lil Keed. Living a life with little option, Jeremie put on for the Darkside Neighborhood Bloods from a young age; with selfish ideals to get his own money up, leaving the brotherhood as close second. A natural born hustler like Jeremie is often seen to be flexing to his peers, his neighbours & most recklessly his opps. Jeremie is conceited, despite not being as ready to die for the hood as others, he still exudes levels of ignorance only hoodrats would reach. He sees himself as a top-tier money maker with grade A steelo (style). Don’t get it twisted, most might look at his style and question why he’s wearing such clothes. He thinks his future in the hills within grasp. Back to the flexing, Jeremie is as vain as they get, he is the definition of a walking lick despite not wearing any particularly expensive clothing. He is materialistic, and sees his only motivator as money. Jeremie's only real loyalties lie with his mother and his little sister, he tries to avoid the line of fire so he can always come home to them. In-depth In Character Story:
  6. Instead, have the courage to change it the way you want it to be.
  7. Treyvon "Y.G. Trey Dolo" Townsend Alias: Trey Dolo - More commonly referred to amongst peers as Trey, Dolo, Dee/D etc. dolo or solo-dolo [ doh-loh ] or [ soh-loh doh-loh ] WHAT DOES DOLO MEAN? You rolling dolo? If you are, that means that you're doing it alone. It often appears as solo dolo. Story so far (pre-context): Treyvon Townsend was born and bred in the Bully Block reign of Brouge Ave. With close family ties to OG BUCK BEEZIE, Treyvon was indoctrinated from a young age to put on for the gang. Known for his rash and thoughtless exploits, he picked up the Dolo tag owing to his tendency to put in work solo, this psyche got him put in prison after a home invasion gone wrong, serving almost two years for his actions. After serving time for Aggravated Battery, Manslaughter & Home Invasion, Treyvon dropped back into the hood to a new archetype of the Dark Side gang. The seemingly sudden emphasis on hustling isn't Treyvon's MO; despite just being released from state prison, he is destined to re-offend. Most common folk in Brouge and Carson would know of Treyvon's reputation, and comparisons have been made between him and the more aggressive gang affiliates of Dark Side NHB. In Character story: More to come.
  8. This thread will show and follow the character development of a young Cambodian teen.
  9. Interior: Location: Market Price: 95k Open to all offers! ((Both sheds are scripted and can be entered They have the single garage interior))
  10. aldo


    Post screenshots of role play taken around the Davis area?
  11. South Davis Killa Mob, also know as Killaz, eighters, are a gang based in Davis, Los Santos. The gang is primarily made up of african-americans, though not exclusively. They're known to occupy the streets of Covenant Avenue and Grove St. The gang is known for commiting crimes spanning robberies, burglary, auto-theft to more sinister such as drug trafficking and murder. Members of the gang dress themselves in green clothing, a colour they use to signify youth and wealth. The gang was founded in 2018 by a group of young black males who took control when Davis was left in a power vacuum as old key gangsters had either been incarcerated or vanished. OOC Information: We strive to portray an african-american street gang as realistic as possible. Therefore we expect every member of the gang and every player interested in joining to be capable of developing and performing a credible individual. We strongly disapprove flat characters with no initiative that just stand on the sidewalk waiting for some action to happen. Before roleplaying a gang member, you must have in mind that you're a person with hobbies, fears, addictions, routine, etc. If you want to be a part of this faction you should roleplay a poverty-stricken youth from the ghetto. We are not being exclusive though, but as we try to stick to realism, it's usually young people who live in poverty and lack a sense of belonging that makes them join street gangs. Before posting your first screenshots in this thread, ask permission from @Gangstafary via Forum PM. If you are interested in roleplaying around Davis, just ask for an invite to our Discord server through a private message to me or Gangstafary. By joining South Davis Killa Mob you agree to a character kill approved by the faction leadership. You also agree to that if you break any OOC server or gang rules you can receive an OOC character death.
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