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Found 3 results

  1. The Palmer Blocc Carson Crips (PBCC) are primarily an African-American street gang located on the West Side of Davis, San Andreas. Their neighborhood stretches from Roy Lowenstein Boulevard to Davis Avenue, between Carson Avenue and Macdonald Street. They share parts of their hood with S/S Playboys 13. Their cliques consist of the ABS, 300 Blocc (defunct), 900 Blocc, 1300 Blocc, and several smaller cliques. Carson Crips History The Carson Crips is a large umbrella made up of several gangs located along or in the area of Carson Avenue in Davis, San Andreas. The Carson Crips were founded by Mac Thomas in the 1960s and were allies of Westside Crips, which was led by Stanley Tookie Williams. Resentment of Raymond Washington and his Eastside Crips was felt by Mac Thomas' Carson Crips due to the establishment of an alliance between the Crips and the Piru Street Family. Nevertheless, the Piru-Crip alliance was short-lived and fell apart by the 1970s. In 1986, C.C. Riders (Carson Crips Riders), sometimes stylized as CC Ridaz, was formed as an alliance in Los Santos County Jail and consisted of all Crip gangs under the Carson Crips umbrella. The Carson Crips also shared a close alliance with sets in the Rancho area of South Los Santos. The alliance is known as the "Hub & Dub" and dates back to the 1980s, according to local law enforcement agencies. Gangs under the Hub & Dub alliance fought side-by-side against larger rival gangs in the Los Santos County Jail. Allies & Rivals Their allies include: W/S Rollin 90's Neighborhood Crips, S/S Playboys 13, Santana Blocc Carson Crips, and a few other Carson Crips. Rivals include: Tree Top Piru gang, South Side Carson Crips, Chamberlain Varrio Tortilla Flats, Stain Town Locotes 13, and Traviesos Gangsters 13. 5 COMMENTS How deep are these Carson Crip sets? by SanAngel83 December 8th, 2019, 9:12 pm 1. South Side Carson Crips 2. Santana Blocc Carson Crips 3. Palmer Blocc Carson Crips Re: How deep are these Carson Crip sets? by Lurk December 9th, 2019, 11:34 am All gang membership numbers are difficult to work out, but I do know these three are the three more "active" gangs in Carson. Palmer's numbers are a lot less today compared to how they once were during their peak during the crack epidemic, primarily because of their beef with Chamberlain Varrio Flats and Tree Top Piru gang. One or two of their cliques became defunct with a lot of their members either ending up dead or locked up. They're mostly active on Brouge Avenue where Almond Blocc Soldiers are fairly dominant, but other cliques are being overrun and pushed out by Piru gangs in the area. crips gang graffiti FRIDAY, MAY 31, 2013 Palmer block carson crip https://streamable.com/phwyb1
  2. E/S Clover Gang was originally formed by a group of Sureno's that had formed a small reputation within the street of Brouge Avenue, after both Front Street Watts Crips and the 103 Hard Time Hustler Crips were totally wiped from the local region, upon their dissipation one of the remaining jumped in set members had decided to reform the set on Brouge Avenue with the help of the local community, the rifa formed together through their life experiences and ultimately ended out forming as a gang of Sureno youths. East Side Pueblo Bishop Bloods are a predominately African-American street gang based in the Roy Lowstein region, Davis in a community known as the Low Bottoms. They have been active in that area since the early 1970s before the Blood identity was even forged. Prior to Black gang resurgence during the very early 1970s, there was a gang in the area called Pueblo Players that was active since the 1950s. Upon reaching out to one another, and establishing a deep bond, both the E/S Clover Gang and the East Side Pueblo Bishop Bloods had decided to effectively merge both of their sets together, the Pueblo Bishop Bloods control Roy Lowstein Boulevard whilst Eastside Clover Gang hold control over Brouge Avenue, both sets are currently defunct and are ultimately working together side by side flying green and red rags with one another. -- OOC Information -- This faction will follow the development of both the E/S Clover Gang & the East Side Pueblo Bishop Bloods, both sets currently operate on both Roy Lowstein Boulevard & Brouge Avenue, for anyone interested in learning more about the faction, you can find out more on our official discord https://discord.gg/4Scz2xTgKZ
  3. aldo


    Post screenshots of role play taken around the Davis area?
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